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Constellation Myth
Systems  (Knowledge/Lore)   (Defining)
chilled's comment on 2012-06-11 08:12 AM
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Submission Respect
Articles  (Rules and Advice)   (Citadel Help)
chilled's comment on 2012-06-11 08:06 AM
This should be a front page sticky article.

But, we do not have that, so a HoH it is.

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The Glades
Locations  (Establishment)   (Forest/ Jungle)
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Lifeforms  (Fauna)   (Water)
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30 Quick NPC Personalities
NPCs  (Extras)   (Travelers)
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30 Divine Concepts
Systems  (Societal/ Cultural)   (Defining)
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The Brute Hammer
Items  (Melee Weapons)   (Non-Magical)
chilled's comment on 2008-07-28 11:55 AM
You really like your hammers don't you. Go to Comment
30 Hammers
Items  (Melee Weapons)   (Non-Magical)
chilled's comment on 2008-07-28 11:52 AM
Nice subs, ill see if i can come up with a few Go to Comment
Weapons to be Wary of
Items  (Melee Weapons)   (Cursed)
chilled's comment on 2008-07-29 07:40 AM
quite a few good subs there, the hammers are easily my favorite. Go to Comment
Tarrath the Betrayer
NPCs  (Mythic/ Historical)   (Political)
chilled's comment on 2008-07-28 11:56 AM
JUDAS is the first thing that sprang to mind when i read this. Go to Comment
Jahla the Light.
NPCs  (Minor)   (Criminal/Espionage)
chilled's comment on 2008-07-29 07:36 AM
Funny person, but alas no criminal. Go to Comment
Lord Miranor
NPCs  (Major)   (Political)
chilled's comment on 2008-07-28 11:57 AM
Not too shabby, good in fact just needs spicing up. Go to Comment
Warhammer of Flatality
Items  (Melee Weapons)   (Magical)
chilled's comment on 2008-07-29 07:37 AM
There's something about you and hammers. Go to Comment
Khraz, Last Hope of the Downtrodden
NPCs  (Major)   (Combative)
chilled's comment on 2008-07-14 08:08 AM
At last another freedom fighter doth join our ranks, hes no terrorist, ok he harbours an intense dislike towards humans but otherwise he's great. Go to Comment
No-Man's Land
Locations  (City)   (Any)
chilled's comment on 2008-07-14 08:11 AM
Not too shabby. Go to Comment
Kamira Senathe
NPCs  (Major)   (Combative)
chilled's comment on 2008-07-14 08:18 AM
not bad i realy like it, kinda evil though isnt she, i wouldn't be suprised if she was insane. Go to Comment
Salihas the Thief
NPCs  (Minor)   (Mercantile)
chilled's comment on 2008-07-12 09:30 AM
Very nicely done.

Why is he offering a substantial reward and why isn't he sending his men to do it.

Is there something that he perhaps doesn't want to be known? Go to Comment
Bracelet of Everdark
Items  (Jewelry)   (Magical)
chilled's comment on 2008-07-12 09:27 AM
Nice, wish my starting ones were as good as yours, haven't seen you here before, welcome. Go to Comment
Hiraken the Swordmaster
NPCs  (Major)   (Combative)
chilled's comment on 2008-08-06 06:54 AM
Wow, thanks for the HOH, i never thought this would gain it, let alone any of my stuff, oh well.

Thanks. Go to Comment
Hiraken the Swordmaster
NPCs  (Major)   (Combative)
chilled's comment on 2008-07-09 05:34 AM
Thanks Murometz, do you have any suggestions?, or anything more that you would like to know about this guy, anything that i could perhaps answer in the submission?

Thanks for the comment, i really wasn't sure what anyone would think, wether anyone would bother, considering my previous, goblin-slime standard of submissions.

I've decided to rewrite all of my submissions, and even though it will take quite some time i aim to have it done by the end of september(ish).

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A Zorse Of Course

       By: Murometz

Next time you're contemplating a horse variation, but don't want to get too dramatic, how about a Zorse? An offspring of a zebra stallion and horse mare. In nature they are infertile, but in a fantasy world, not necessarily. They are also known to be extremely cantankerous.

"It soon became apparent that zorses are not the most easiest of the equine family to get along with." -- Trainer Pat Parelli, on working with zorses

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