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caesar193's comment on 2013-06-09 04:02 PM
I reworked that bit, axelrowes. Which might explain your ....... Go to Comment
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caesar193's comment on 2013-06-09 04:12 PM
Your objections/ideas/criticisms all have valid points. Your idea of renaming the Three to something different, to flee the connotative meanings of the names is a good one, and I'll get to it.

And people do combine all three, though some are, naturally, more one than another. You give a good example about yourself: " I selfishly care about myself, but I am altruistic towards my family, less so towards my friends, and a set of morals (honor?) dictate how I behave towards people otherwise." But I ask you: are you more one category than the other? Because its okay in Trianarianism to give a lot and be Altruistic if you follow the Ambition path, and so its more of a personal choice which one best suits you than the others.

And yes, I should probably put a "in practice" heading in there. Trianarianism was stagnating in my "in work" folder, so I was getting slightly anxious unleash it upon the citadel. Go to Comment
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caesar193's comment on 2013-06-09 04:27 PM
In Atheus, the gods are either nonexistent, or don't feel like doing anything with the peoples of Atheus. A discussion on all three is here (if it links):,6287.msg77310/topicseen.html#new

Yes, I'll go back and put in a "in practice" heading. It never really crossed my mind to do that. I'll get on it.

And what do you mean by your statement of "I think we really should to write this up as part of a narrative, put this through the crucible of story telling, and see what comes out." Just like turn this into a story of "Bob lives in this village, and is a Trianarianist. He decided to join that Way, and do that with his life. Blah blah Bob did this blah." ? Go to Comment
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caesar193's comment on 2013-06-09 09:55 PM
Evil Altruists could simply be people who are very team-oriented villains. Say that member of the Supervillain Team that opposes the PCs in that Superhero game you play (as in, marvel and DC comics) that always supports his fellow villains in their ideas, encourages them into far more evil, devious, and PC-bone-shattering plots, and will be the one to bring the coffee to the next round table discussion. And at the same time as that villain is encouraging his teammates and helping them with their plots with funds and such, he has his own private plots- one of which involves the genocidal killing of all the Africans because they "drain too much of our country's resources in peace-keeping efforts. Much easier just to send a couple of nukes there way and be done with the mess."

Of course, this concept could be easily adapted to the fantasy setting in which Atheus lies. Change the Supervillain Team to cabal of necromancers, or a cult that partakes in human sacrifices while trying to summon the evil, tentacled demon Alshakadalika'tey.

Is that evil enough? And team-player enough? Altruists don't have to give to everybody. If they don't give a lot of stuff to other people, they'd have to be team-players.

And yes, Altruism is a difficult one to have evil people be involved in. But there are some. Go to Comment
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caesar193's comment on 2013-06-09 11:05 PM
Update: Followed some suggestions. Added a narrative/example as axelrowes (might have) suggested. Changed the name of the Three as Forganthus suggested. Go to Comment
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caesar193's comment on 2013-06-10 03:27 PM
Your comments were/are clear. My mind must have been abducted by aliens when I put that in because I didn't know whether you were saying that I should change the whole piece into tale of the then Bob and the now Mortimor progressing through his Trianarianist life, or do what I did and have Mortimor be more of a background, or just a comment about my awesome writing style and how I should use something like the former for the future and not to change Trianarianism in that manner. Yeah, it was getting kind of late when I put that it, so my mind was clearly in an alien space ship being put through various tests. Go to Comment
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caesar193's comment on 2013-06-30 06:24 PM
Update: Finaly, Trianarianism is fixed up! Because of the Cataclysm, some of the edits I had made (such as the deities' names, and the story of WhateverHisNameIs) were lost to the void. Which is why I wrote up the Liber Tribus bit. Oh, and the Deific Antagonist bit is new, too. Go to Comment
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caesar193's comment on 2013-07-01 12:33 PM
1. They need to keep people worshiping them so that the whole world keeps reincarnating again and again. Which, depending on the Trianarianist you asked, might lead to no further innovations and changes with the people themselves. The same person might feel the artistic motivation to make a piece of art, for example, and find that they just plagiarized the work they did in a previous life. Of course, that belief is held only by a part of the faith.

The other answer would be that they felt abandoned. Like a friend just walked out on your life after you made a petty mistake. Like all their efforts keeping the angel's and the devil's war away from Atheus was not being recognized. Which brings us to question 2

2. I'll admit it, the two reasons I added that section was because the Liber Tribus needed three sections, and I wanted the last section to fall in the "in practice" heading, and that the Trirex needed something to say "Believe or DIE! and have a reason for that death. Which is why I mention the other two faiths of Atheus (if you ignore the cults). "If you don't convert from Lunism the scary angels will get you! And did I mention the devils?"

Your three opposing deities idea is good. I'd incorporate it, but I don't think it would actually work. If you took the opposites, you'd get the Lazy one, the Selfish one, and the Corrupt one, and they wouldn't be able to oppose anyone very well. The Lazy one would just laze, and the Selfish one wouldn't work with the Corrupt one to take down the Three. And if it came to a fight, the Selfish one would go down quickly (one versus three never works well) and the Corrupt one'd flee.

So to summarize this, the Angels and Devils are the enemy on the Deity level, the Lunists and the Barbarian's Polytheists are the enemies on the everyday level. Go to Comment
Crawling Giants
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caesar193's comment on 2013-06-05 10:53 PM
This is genius. I love the idea of inter dimensional wanderers who have lived in conditions with very low or non-existent gravity.

If I ever run a campaign, the PCs are going to have to flee from a mangle worm. No, wait- a mangle worm in as discovered the city. Anywhere it pops up, it gets a tasty. And the king wants someone to reclaim this city.

I can see the formatting issues, yes, but the way you presented the info was great. This gets a 4.5/5 (I was leaning towards 5/5, and almost did), and a HoH when I can.

The idea of humanoids swimming through ground is bizarre, and weird, and will mess with heads. The fact that it is so bizarre is what makes it so awesome to begin with.

This most definitely earns the caesar193 seal of approval, and the caesar193 gold medal for awesomeness.

This is genius. Go to Comment
Crawling Giants
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caesar193's comment on 2013-06-05 10:55 PM
Two things. That's a 'a mangle worm HAS discovered a city'
Second: if I forget to HoH when I can HoH this work of art, PM me. Though this is so genius I'll probably remember Go to Comment
Valus Longflower
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caesar193's comment on 2013-06-02 06:54 PM
To me, Valus is Robin Hood with a name change. You've got the ex-miitary angle, like Robin Hood. You've got the banditry, like Robin Hood. You've got the kindly priest, like Robin Hood. If you do revise him in the future, I'd suggest adding some twist that makes him less like Robin Hood. But I'll try my hardest not to dock your points for this eerie similarity to Robin Hood.

I like, as Muro does, the evolution of character. But what I don't like is how... easily he got to be leader of the bandits after the old leader died. I'd imagine that some bandits would feel that the leader only promoted Valus all the way to second-in-command because they were old friends, and would have resisted his ascension to the top spot. And some would have taken advantage of their dislike to become the leader.

But other than that, good write-up and good job. Go to Comment
Onyx Guardians
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caesar193's comment on 2013-05-31 03:10 PM

Good sub. You tell everything, and hint at what is to come. Is telling the cause in the summary cheating? Go to Comment
Venettos Soup Spider
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caesar193's comment on 2013-05-31 03:01 PM
The idea is great, but how it is now isnt very useful. I think that the addition of plot hooks, at the very least, would contribute greatly to the sub. That being said, the mental image of spiders s***ing soup is great. Go to Comment
30 Members Of The Players Cult
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caesar193's comment on 2013-05-23 11:06 AM
This is a very complete 30. It is very useful for both, as you said, a gang member, or their actual purpose: being a Player. This does a very good job at fleshing out the Cult and its ambitions. I have a feeling that I should critique you on something in this, but I can't think of what.

Good job, Dossta. Go to Comment
Friars Weed
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caesar193's comment on 2013-05-20 10:02 AM
I was going to do that, but it would kind of be unfair to the PCs. They'd be trekking through some bog, and then suddenly they flee, raving about conspiracy theories and barbarians. And, naturally, there'd be a bunch of monsters in the swamp waiting to kill of lonely PCs. As well as Will o Wisps, that lure PCs to particularly dangerous areas because the PC thinks that light is his buddies' lantern. And all the other brilliant things a typical DM can do to make the PC's lives interesting.

Then again... I'll consider throwing in a mention of using either lethargy or fear. Maybe I'll change it to an increased interest in finding some Friar's Weed to spread the pollen around. Go to Comment
Friars Weed
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caesar193's comment on 2013-05-20 10:06 AM
Yeah, there's is probably a tons of speling and gramer error in they're. I fixes up. Son.

;) did you enjoy that? Go to Comment
Friars Weed
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caesar193's comment on 2013-05-20 11:29 AM
Update: Fixed the errors that were described in the comments to me. I'll get around to the other errors. Eventually. Go to Comment
Friars Weed
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caesar193's comment on 2013-05-21 11:25 AM
Update: There. I've edited it. Or should I say, for Gossamer's benefit, i've edeting its. Go to Comment
Helstone Treasures
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caesar193's comment on 2013-05-19 04:46 PM
A great expansion of Scrasamax's Gems. Very useful. I could easily see the typical servant of Hell sidling up to someone and saying something along the lines of "Havin' problems with the ladies, eh? Well, I've got this spear that might help you with that... it'll cost you, though..."

Overall, it was good. Good items, though I do agree with Dossta. You should probably keep you item's gemstone order the same as the way Scrasamax had his. Or convince Scrasamax to have the both of you go alphabetical order or something. Go to Comment
The Forgotten Brand
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caesar193's comment on 2013-05-19 04:50 PM
Instant idea starter. You have encapsulated everything you need or wanted in such a short space. Good job. Go to Comment
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