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Star of Rage
Lifeforms  (Fauna)   (Swamp)
axlerowes's comment on 2013-04-06 04:05 PM
Well lets hope the super villians or worse the super heros don't start wearing these. Worst of all there could be a queen bee starfish that can use these starfish to enslave those wearing starfish into some hive mind collective. Go to Comment
Salvorathan - A Sci-Fi Take On Dwarves.
Lifeforms  (Intelligent Species)   (Space)
axlerowes's comment on 2013-03-17 12:40 PM
Concise, clear and written in fashion that suggests more than it gives, such that for me at least , seeds a desire to explore the characters further through gaming. Nicely done.
They are a lot like dwarves. Maybe they are dwarves.... Go to Comment
Asrok (New Take on Yeti)
Lifeforms  (Fauna)   (Mountains)
axlerowes's comment on 2014-04-05 02:20 PM
First of all I have group called the Theosians in one of my campaign worlds. There home is Theosia not Theos. It wasn't very digital campaign so not a lot gets posted here but still I guess some words just sound the part.

Second, this is excellent, I love the story of the naturalist, the uneaten, everything
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Denizens of the Swamps, Bogs, and Fens
Lifeforms  (Fauna)   (Swamp)
axlerowes's comment on 2013-01-08 01:58 PM
I feel like a swamp is an unloved moor. Go to Comment
Vox Piscis
Locations  (Regional)   (Swamp)
axlerowes's comment on 2014-03-08 01:02 PM
Giant Foxglove
Lifeforms  (Flora)   (Forest/ Jungle)
axlerowes's comment on 2014-04-07 11:16 AM
Nice one, concise and interesting.

You could add a picture... Go to Comment
The Undertown Killer
Plots  (Crisis)   (Single-Storyline)
axlerowes's comment on 2012-01-21 07:52 PM

This has some very nice flair to it for Jack the off.  




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Ice Giants
Lifeforms  (Fauna)   (Tundra/ Arctic)
axlerowes's comment on 2010-12-31 03:33 PM

Hungry Siberian Hippos, fun and well fleshed out.....


for every extraplanar uber beast we should have ten of these quasi-mundane but developed creatures that suggests to the characters that the fantasy world is more than just string of encounters, singular forces (light, darkness, evil, nothingness etc) and quest items, but a deep and complex world.     

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The Generator
Plots  (Crisis)   (Campaign)
axlerowes's comment on 2012-02-23 04:03 PM

A nice enough straight forward plot, nothing really wrong with it, but nothing to really draw you in.  A reasonable honest group of PCs could get through this whole adventure with two roll playing encounters and a spot/search check.  Getting the item out could prove a challenge, but an experinced group of gamers should move straight through that.  

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Items  (Materials)   (Non-Magical)
axlerowes's comment on 2013-03-19 06:06 AM
Nice item, seems dangerous...., could have placed all these facts into a narrative structure but I understand it may have been a challenge just to get all this information covered and communicated effectively. Go to Comment
Piash Nildar
NPCs  (Major)   (Combative)
axlerowes's comment on 2010-10-06 12:51 PM
This is interesting, cause I know Moonhunter does attack other people's posts out of spite. Go to Comment
Piash Nildar
NPCs  (Major)   (Combative)
axlerowes's comment on 2010-10-06 01:23 PM
I just didn't dig the story all that much, but I find that that the take on half-elf as interesting. Often I find that people don't play or write the demi-humans as alien enough. And this half-elf Pon-Farr the kid was going through could really help a character get into his character and add depth to a roleplaying scene.

But I cannot stand the over use of the rape of another in a character's backstory and means justifying his behavior. It would be nice to imagine a world in which the hero did not have to fight for sexual possession of his woman. If authors are going to deal with sexual violence then perhaps they should deal more with the victims response otherwise it just seems flippant. In this story the girl is left behind in the Hero's story and his response to her attack. Go to Comment
Grafton Johnlouis, Bookbinder
NPCs  (Minor)   (Domestic/ Craft)
axlerowes's comment on 2009-04-09 04:24 PM
How deep does the Citadel go? Go to Comment
The Dead Dragon
Locations  (Establishment)   (Any)
axlerowes's comment on 2012-12-27 11:57 PM
Summary: The first three paragraphs give us a nice summary of a how bar that serves to match bounty hunters and targets could have form organically. Then we get the modern reputation, the real meat of the sub and then some plot hooks.

Thoughts and opinions: There is very little information here aside from the "sometimes you want to go", everything prior justifies the existence of that section (which is fine). The plot hooks don't really expand upon the central idea, but they do look at it from several angles. It hints at a larger world though and offers many possibilities for new stories. Go to Comment
Society/ Organizations  (Mystical)   (Country/ State)
axlerowes's comment on 2012-09-23 04:40 PM
This was a large undertaking, writing up a culture. While I feel you covered a lot of material, you did not provide us with a picture of what it is like to interact with the people. These people have narrative to them and ascendancy and collapses. We don't learn what it is like to a be Alun or what they were really like. We have bunch of facts but not a real pictures. A good effort and an interesting one. Go to Comment
Items  (Melee Weapons)   (Non-Magical)
axlerowes's comment on 2013-04-01 06:49 PM
If you are going to discuss real world facts, toss in some references. Go to Comment
All Flesh Must Be Eaten
Society/ Organizations  (Natural)   (Area)
axlerowes's comment on 2009-03-16 06:40 PM
No vote or suggestions with this comment. I was just wondering if you knew there was an RPG titled All Flesh Must Be Eaten? Go to Comment
The Shrew-Haters
Plots  (Mystical)   (Mini-Campaign)
axlerowes's comment on 2014-03-02 08:08 PM
Well organized, well written and fun. It got a chuckle out of me more than once.

I thought it also had nice tone and the prose was really strong. Go to Comment
Intrigue in the Hebra IX Cluster
Plots  (Crisis)   (Multi-Storyline)
axlerowes's comment on 2012-02-23 04:12 PM

I like this one, nice lead in, fun plot-going to planet with that kind of write up will certainly get the PCs interested-classic drama, not a lot of character details but that just makes things more flexable and there is actually a lot detail here. 

The only I would ask for would be a little more description of the Sneel themselves and what their home world might look and feel like. 

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League of Fox
Society/ Organizations  (Criminal/Espionage)   (Regional)
axlerowes's comment on 2009-04-14 10:52 PM
I know you have changed a lot of this since people 1st voted, but I think this a jumbled mess. So perhaps this has been over edited.
The overall post conveys very little, you would give us just as much information if you had said "What if Robin Hood died a martyr and lived on as a legend" This is devoid of any detail, the details it does provide are unclear and thus distracting and it lacks surprise or novelty.

I have listed some sections and followed those up with questions.

1)-Learning a mastery of archery under Red Fox the five applied their skill against any target pointed out by his discerning eye quickly becoming a thorn in the side of the territorial armies and the men who owned them.-

You don't introduce the five prior this sentence. This I believe is important, as you discuss later the children of the original five, the uniforms they wore must have been distinctive, and that those uniforms are some how passed one so that with the addition of 10 uniforms you have 15 members. Additionally, and this is less important, we don't know if the League are assassins , robbers or warriors trying to carve out territory. It may be enough to know that they were hated by the nobles, but if you had a larger vision of the League's tactics and methods it is not coming through.

2 (three parter) -As the age passed Red Fox continued to speak out against the ruling class and teach others his skill and techniques as the League grew in size, but the world had changed.-

A) What did Red Fox have to say besides he ruling class was bad? He obviously wanted a ruling class that put the people first but did he have specific model in mind?

B) -the League grew is size- Does the League consist of more than the 5-15 warriors?

C)The world changing suggests that there was a paradigm shift in the types of institutions and values of society. All you say in this paragraph is that the nobles were getting more ruthless in their pursuit of him. Considering his original beef with the Nobles that seems par for the course.

3)-construction of 10 additional uniforms -

Again is there something special about these uniforms?

4)-was slain before he would ever see his plans come to fruition.-
What was his plan? Had the League been destroyed and he been acting alone? Was he going to start an open rebellion? By promising the fighters places for their children in his organization was he laying the ground work for a herditary feudal system?

5)-One of the Fifteen was approached by the general of the Lords private guard with the intent to turn him against his leader and perhaps spare his own life in the process but the message was passed directly to Red Fox,-
5-A) It is 15 including Red right?

5-B) So Red walks knowingly into the trap so that the Lord will think his plan worked and he won't punish the member of the 15 who warned Red?

6)-League had not scattered as he commanded. As his body was taken by troops to burn, the Fourteen came down upon them attacking from the trees and bushes circling the remaining force.-
They watched him die and waited until after he was dead to act?

7) What were Red Fox's last words? I am going to guess they were something like
"This is the big one! You hear that, Elizabeth? I'm coming to join ya, honey!"

8) Again what is the deal with his armor?

9) This post has a fairly high score. Is this a really good post and I am just a fool? Go to Comment
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