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axlerowes's comment on 2013-06-09 03:35 PM
Well I really enjoy your stories, the one about the smart sword, the serial killer and such all good stuff. I think that stuff, more than listing facts helps to crystalize ideas. Perhaps Bob had a crisis of faith, perhaps Bob is torn between God and Country....whatever. The overall question for everything on this site that is not a story is - Do these ideas revolving around ( in the this case the tri-faith) help you to tell stories? Go to Comment
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axlerowes's comment on 2013-06-09 11:06 PM
"axelrowes (might have) suggested"

are my comments unclear? If so I am sincerely disappointed in myself. I will try and make them more pointed and direct in the future.
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axlerowes's comment on 2013-06-09 11:07 PM
I believe in the power and merits of voting and competition Go to Comment
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axlerowes's comment on 2013-06-10 04:23 PM
Leaving rambling nonsensical comments is a trap I fall into all too often. I am wary of it.

I like the new story thread. Yeah beaver don't technically eat wood, but they must swallow some wood during all their gnawing, can we really say that the beavers don't eat wood? It adds real hands on feel to the religion and more importantly implies a depth with regard to inner faith conflicts and mores. Shoes forged from nickel and tin.

So let me know if the comments are just nonsense or hard to follow. Go to Comment
My Voting Practices
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axlerowes's comment on 2013-06-09 08:38 AM
the how but not the why Go to Comment
My Voting Practices
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axlerowes's comment on 2013-06-10 02:21 PM
Why do you vote?  I am all for the voting and ranking systems, but without your perspective on the nature of site in general and your perceived place in the community we don't get a full picture.  Go to Comment
My Voting Practices
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axlerowes's comment on 2013-06-10 04:27 PM
so what does a 2.5 mean? Go to Comment
My Voting Practices
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axlerowes's comment on 2014-03-29 08:48 AM
It does not say why you vote. Even you conclusion say this is how you vote.

Does the voting system contribute positively to the Citadel? Does system of stick and carrots improve the content? What value do you put on the votes that you get?

Could voting system contribute to biased system that excludes certain types of content? Is that a good a thing?

Thanks for playing.

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A Spell Called Catherine
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axlerowes's comment on 2013-06-09 08:59 AM
This is great, let me follow that up with a self indulgent story. I had a similar situation a couple of campaigns ago.One race was summoning humans. So a human could be just minding his or her business and then poof they were summoned to distant land and given instructions by an unknown elf which they felt compelled to obey. The result,  in game, was that the priest character (played by a gamer with no meta-sensisabities...bless him) started to by very concerned for the well being of his summoned creatures. It climaxed when during the final battle of the campaign the priest healed the summoned creature and dismissed him-two things that near gave my meta gamers a stroke. 

I have also always thought that focus of magic on combat to the lack of domestic magic was a little extreme. In a world like the one you present here, in which magic can be sold and has a wholesale, almost mundane, property I would say that once the flood gate of domestic magic is open society's strategies for dealing with problems would change exponentially. Imagine what the psychiatric community could do with charm magics (depression? ZAP!-gone), and would theater even require actors if you had good illusions and summoning spells. Might all of Mendalusus learn that they are all summoned beings!?!?! 

 Ah well excellent stuff...

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Onyx Guardians
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axlerowes's comment on 2014-04-01 11:10 AM
For a 100 word challenge you wasted your first sentence.

There is an idea here that I would like to see expanded upon; spelling and grammar are passable. Go to Comment
30 Symbols for Various Societies or Shop Signs
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axlerowes's comment on 2013-05-15 10:02 AM
This is great idea, really enriches a world. Perhaps deciding on a voice and a theme would give this a little more focus. I am assuming that these exist in a fantasy/iron age type setting. Are you writing this with an in-world voice or meta-voice?

I think a title such as these below would be fun.

"A Traveller's guide to to obscure picto-graphs"

"A catalog of peasant heraldry"

"Commercial Heraldry"

If it is in game/in world voice why is somebody writing this piece?
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Flowers Of Innocence And The Killer Of Undertown
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axlerowes's comment on 2013-05-07 05:51 AM
fixed some typos, no new content Go to Comment
Flowers Of Innocence
Lifeforms  (Flora)   (City/ Ruin)
axlerowes's comment on 2013-05-06 09:26 PM
I like the opening line. People can deal with the facts, but there is a lot more to this...what is innocence, what is a monster, the flowers seem to have tapped into this oversoul of morality...and I am inspired by it. Wrote an Oekaki based on this Go to Comment
Spouse Generator
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axlerowes's comment on 2013-05-07 06:42 PM
I think Forganthus had the right of this. There a lot of NPC generators out there. This one lacks anything that makes it a true spouse generator in as much as it does not delve into the relationship of the couple. I see from your comment that you disagree with this, but perhaps you could reconsider his suggestions.  But as NPC generators go this is just as good as any other. What does your wife or significant other think of this chart? Go to Comment
Spouse Generator
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axlerowes's comment on 2013-05-07 06:43 PM
Only voted Go to Comment
Chemical Augmentation System
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axlerowes's comment on 2013-06-02 03:47 PM
I suppose this is primarily about the chemical delivery system with some asides regarding the role it plays in scras's world. Juicers wear a harness that deliver drugs. The author didn't think very highly of the system or the people that use it. Go to Comment
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axlerowes's comment on 2013-04-19 08:58 AM
These were/are character concepts for my friends one shot All Flesh Must Be Eaten Game, it takes place in a prison. I haven't seen walking dead (which I have learned through cultural osmosis takes place in a prison), and I only played AFMBE once. All I know about his plot set up is A: Takes place in a prison B: There are zombies.

Dozus: Please look at the post again, and let me know if it is still not clear why the Priests are in the prison. I Go to Comment
Npc Generator Pirates
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axlerowes's comment on 2013-04-18 11:47 PM

Table 1: Courtiers and Courtesans:

Gain One Social Skill and Gain 5% standing for every chapter

0) Your pirate gets accused of stealing from the Lord and spends the rest of this chapter in the dungeon: (Minus 5% physical attributes, Minus 50% Wealth, Minus 50% Standing, Gain 5% reputation): Next Roll CC-3, SD, SS or LL+3 

1) Wrong side of the Coup, your pirate back the wrong horse in courtly power struggle and is forced out of court (Minus 50% standing, Minus 75% Wealth, 

2) Pirate is implicated in a plot against the King and is forced to flee the court (Minus 100% Standing): Next Roll SD or SW 

3) Your pirate gets a position as a man servant to a member of court, spend time pouring wine and moving chamber pots about: Next Roll CC or LL 

4) Your Pirate’s doomed affair with the spouse of powerful member of court is exposed (Gain one Enemy from courtier’s list, Minus 10% Standing): Next Roll CC-2, SD, SS or LL+3 

5) Your pirate gets involved in courtly rivalry and is forced to take sides (Minus 5% standing, Gain One Contact from Courtier table, Gain Two enemies from Coutrier’s table) 

6) Insult a peer get a challenged to duel: 1d12+1 for every combat skill
a. 1-8 loss duel received grevious injury: (Minus 10% reputation, Minus 5% physical attributes): Next Roll CC, SD or SS
b. 9: Draw: Next Roll CC
c. 10-12: Win the Duel (Gain 10 Reputation, Gain one combat skill, Gain One Enemy from Courtiers): Next Roll CC 

7) Get wrapped up in the court’s culture of gambling: Roll 1d12
a. 1-9: Lose 100% Wealth: Next Roll LL or SD
b. 10-11: Lose 50% Wealth: Next Roll CC, SS, or LL
c. 12: Gain 150% Wealth: Next Roll CC 

8) Work the Season at Court (Gain One Contact from Coutiers List, Gain an additional 5% Standing): Next Roll CC 

9) Your pirate has passionate but secret love affair with a member of the court (Gain one social skill, Gain only ally among Courtiers): Next Roll CC 

10) Get Appointed Diplomat! (Gain One Contact form Courtiers with a different Nationality, Gain One Language): Next Roll CC 

11) Advantageous Family Marriage: You or a member of your family marries an established member of the court. (Plus an additional 20% Standing, Plus 10% Wealth): Next Roll CC 

12) Gain a title! The king has bestowed favor upon you (Plus and additional 50% Standing, Plus 10% Wealth, Next Roll: CC+3 and at least +1 on all subsequent rolls on all charts except SW 

13) Access to the inner circle, your proto-pirate becomes an advisor to the King and is given a title land and influence: (Gain an additional 100% Standing, Gain two Allies from Courtiers, Gain 100% Wealth, Gain two Social Skills): Next Roll CC+3 and at least +1 on all subsequent rolls on all charts except SW

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Npc Generator Pirates
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axlerowes's comment on 2013-04-18 11:49 PM

Table 2: Land Lubber:

Gain One General Skill per Chapter 


0) Get on the wrong side of local mystic, become cursed with mental illness, and get chased out of town (Roll on the Curse Table): Next Roll LL-3, SD-4 or SW 

1) Striken by the plague, lose all his wages and spend a whole year being cared for by family and/or charities (minus 5% to physical attributs): Next Roll LL 

2) Hard Scrabble times lost all his land and spend most this chapter in debtors prison, Gains a contact in the crimminal : Next Roll LL -2, SD-4 or SS -2 

3) "Takes the King's shilling" and the proto-pirate gets pressed into the life of a sailor: Must Make Next Roll SD-4 

4) A blight, locusts or plant disease, makes refugees of the pirate’s whole community: Next Roll LL -2 or SW 

5) Gets conned out his farm, his land or his wage by a bunch of high born lawyer types (Minus 50% Wealth): Next Roll LL -2, SD-4 or SW 

6) Apprenticeship, you pirate worked a trade for this chapter of is life. As result of his new found skills he gains more options. If this is a subsequent Apprenticeship, increase the same skill or add a new skill. (Gain one trade skill, Gain 5% wealth): Next Roll LL+2, SS or SD 

7) Ends of up owning a dirt farm, the money he gets from the sale gives this pirate more resources when takes to the seas (plus 5% to wealth): Next Roll LL 

8) Joins a group of rowdy migrant workers and sometimes highway men, learns a little about fighting and a little about crime (Gain one criminal contact and one combat skill) : Next Roll LL or SS 

9) Displaced by war, ends up living and working in a foreign country (shift nationality association, learn second language): Next Roll LL or SW 

10) Marries up! Your pirate finds a mate with greater social standing and privilege: Next Roll LL+2 or CC -4 

11) Successful Merchant: Your pirate learned to work smart not hard. (Gain one social skill, 20% Wealth, One Merchant Contact): Next Roll LL+3, SS+2, CC or SD+2 

12) End up owning a successful farm: The sale of this farm prior to joining a pirate crew will be advantageous: (Gain 25% Wealth, Gain two Peasant Contacts, Gain 5% Standing): Next Roll LL+3 or CC-4 

13) Gain a Title: For some reason the King has given your pirate a title and a land grant (Gain 50% wealth, Gain 100% Standing, One Courtly Contact): Next Roll LL+3 or CC +3, +1 on all subsequent rolls on all tables except SW

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Npc Generator Pirates
NPCs  (Extras)   (Mercantile)
axlerowes's comment on 2013-04-18 11:51 PM

Table 3: Master and Commander:

Gain One Seafaring Skill and One Social Skill Per Chapter 

0) Captain of a Merchant Scow. Incompetently lead his ship of course into strang waters, crew mutinied and threw him over board: (Lose 25% Reputation, Lose 90% Wealth) Next Role: SW 
1) Captain of Merchant Scow: Ship is captured by pirates and the character is taken prisoner: (Lose 20% Reputation, Lose 90% Wealth): Must start pirate career now 
2) First Mate on Merchant Brig: The Ship travels between several established locations and the character takes a share of the ship’s profits: (Gain 20% wealth, Gain 10% reputation, Gain 5% standing): Next Roll MC+1 or Start Pirate Career 
3) Captain of Merchant Scow: Ship make several cargo runs though enemy blockaides (Gain one rank seafaring skill, Gain 50% reputation, Gain 5% wealth): Next Roll MC+1 or CC-2 
4) Captain of Merchant Scow: The character successful crosses into enemy waters to smuggle out a defecting Nobleman: (Gain one ally from Coutiers, Gain One rank seafaring skills, Gain 10% reputation): Next Roll MC+1 
5) First Mate of Merchant Brig: Ship is attacked by pirates and the captain is killed: roll d12+one for every seafaring skill held before staring this chapter.
  • 1-3: Ship boarded and the character puts up solid fight before being captured by pirates: (Grevious injury, Minus 20% Physical Attributes, Minus 90% Wealth): Must Start Pirate Career Now
  • 4-5: Escape from pirates by throwing all cargo over board (Minus 10% Standing): Next Roll SD+3 or SS
  • 6-8: Escape Pirate Ship by out sailing them and out maneuvering them (Gain 10% Reputation, Gain one additional Seafarer Skill, Gain 5% wealth): Next Roll MC, SD+3 or SS
  • 9: Ship Sunk by pirates, the character ends up marooned alone: Next Roll SW
  • 10-11 Ship boarded but character and crew drive them off (Gain one combat skill, Gain 5% Repuation, Gain 5% Wealth): Next Roll MC+1
  • 12: Surrender Cargo: (Lose 30% Reputation, Lose 50% Wealth): Next Roll SD or MC-2
  • 13: Capture Attacking Pirate Ship: (Gain one Combat Skill, Gain 30% reputation, Gain one enemy form pirates, Gain 50% wealth): Next Roll MC+2 
6) Captain of Merchant Brig: Ship picks up castaway that turns out to be an evil demon in human form. The ship is destroyed and the crew lost. (Roll on Curse Table): Next Roll SW 
7) Captain of Merchant Brig: Ship gets blockaided in port by foreign navy (Lose 40% wealth): Next Roll MC or SS+2 
8) Captain of Merchant Brig: Make Lucrative trading deal (Gain 100% wealth, Gain 20% Reputation): Next Roll MC+2 
9) Midshipman on royal frigate! Working under harsh captain who demands perfection and dicispline Roll d12+1 for every sailing skill held at the start of this chapter:
a. >7 (Gain seafaring skill, next roll MC+2)
b. 7-2 (demoted to seaman, Next Roll SD+2)
c. 1 (Captain so furious with character’s performance he maroons them on a deserted island: Next Roll SW  
10) First Mate on Royal Schooner tasked with exploring and charting new oceanic passages. (Gain one additional seafaring skill): Next roll MC 
11) Captain of Royal Frigate engaged in major naval battle (Gain 50% Reputation, Gain 20% Standing), roll d12 
  • 1 Ship is Sunk during combat, but crew manages to get out alive: Next Roll MC-2
  • 2-3 Ship is heavily damaged and spends the rest of the chapter in port (Gain one seafaring Skill): Next MC+4
  • 4-5: Ship is boarded but repulses attacker (Gain one Combat Skill): Next Roll MC+2
  • 6-7: The Character is wounded by enemy sharp shooter (Suffer grevious injury, minus 20% attributes): Next Roll MC
  • 8-9: Ship is captured by enemy and the character handed over as part of a prisoner exhange. Next Roll MC-3 or SS
  • 10-12: Ship and Captain perform adequately: Next Roll MC 
12) Captain of Royal Privateer: Begin Pirate Career now as ship Captain: 
13) Captain of Royal Frigate: Captures foreign treasure galleon (Gain 200% wealth, Gain 100% Reputation, Gain 20% standing): Next Roll MC+2 or CC+2
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