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ameli_h's comment on 2010-03-20 08:25 AM
This is useful! Hahaha.... I´m gonna use some of these in my "wizards keep" (no enemies or monsters, just traps...) #13 could be even more funnier if everything/coins he/she touches turns to copper, and especially if the effect doesn't start immediately. Just think what problems it could cause when the PC goes to town to by some new fancy sword he/she has been saving gold for and when he/she open the pouch and take some goldcoins and they turn into copper... Haha! Lovely Go to Comment
Silly traps
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ameli_h's comment on 2010-03-09 07:06 AM
Great for my Wizards Keep (like the one in Terry Goodkinds books). The keep will be a long forgotten "school" for wizards with studyhalls and rooms for the young wizards. Sort of like collage. Some of the wizards might have put some silly traps on their doors, like the knock-first-trap... The keep will also have traps that stops people of a certain level. (If you´re not level 15, you can´t come to this part och the keep) Nothing that will kill them, just hurt them a little. =) Or maybe invisible walls... The keep has been empty for many, many, many years. But because of all the traps and spells no creatures has invaded the place so there´s no enemies.... (Feel free to use my idea!) Go to Comment
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Ten powerful magic rings created by an Archmage have scattered to ten random people (suggest only one is PC). This happened when he died in battle. Whoever gets all ten rings inherites all the power the Archmage invested to them over his 200 year life.

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