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Zsaelia Tsianu
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Zsaelia's comment on 2003-03-19 06:21 PM
Aw shucks, I was so close! Yup, you're right. I'm on to reading the third book in the Riftwar Series and Valheru was fresh on my mind. Had to use it! ;o) Go to Comment
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       By: Strolen

Herbalist in the group mistakes one plant for another and mistakenly poisons the group. Not to death, but pretty darn ill with recurring symptoms until the cause and cure are realized. (Local people may be able to help rather easily. "You ate Dragon's Rot you fool, looks and smells just like mint except it has these small thistles on the root. Only grow in the Hornwood Forest, that must be where ya got them. Eat this and you will feel better in 4 hours."

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