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The War Campaign
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Vortrey's comment on 2011-08-06 04:24 PM

Looks very good. I've often put players in the front lines, as inspirational figures. After all, after about 10 levels they are nationally-known heroes. Soldiers will look to them if they are fighting for the same cause.

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       By: Scrasamax

Expansion from the Horse Brass item: Specific Armor charms.

Cooling Touch Charm: protects horse against extreme heat, and fire, magical and mundane

Jove's Favor: tin charm shaped by a lightning bolt that protects a horse primarily from natural lightning, but also potentially from lightning based attacks. In real life, lightning kills quite a few horses and cattle a year.

Hermes' Blessing: gold charm that grants the horse magic resistance, and perhaps immunity to cantrip level magics.

Vulcan's Steed: This large iron charm in epic fashion renders the steed invulnerable to iron weapons. Such things clatter off of the animal's hide like twigs.

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