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Fantasy Drinking
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Umbra03's comment on 2006-10-31 03:03 PM
Solifite: Semi-Potent close to beer liquid that is more like water than anything. It is so bubbley that one must be carful not to shake the glass or it goes all over. Made from the blood of Yorgs ( Cat like animals).

Nabok: Slighly more potent than Solifite only it is more like a thick suryp can be used in its purest form to heal wounds. Its source is un-known but the drink is sold everywhere.

Darnith: Very potent and highly addictive. The equal to cigaretts. Causes a Sensation of flying in high dosages. Is sold in little bottles and manufacured by the Ion co. Go to Comment
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Upside-down rank structure

       By: Cheka Man

An army and navy who work in the same way as others except their rank titles are upside-down. So people start as full generals and those with the rank of private command armies.

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