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Oin Bloodblade
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Trakien's comment on 2004-07-17 08:17 PM
Yea your right...never even considered that...he does seem more druid like powers...hmm Go to Comment
Child-Eyed Fluffy
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Trakien's comment on 2004-06-14 09:40 PM
Wow...that was very descriptive. Well done. Go to Comment
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Trakien's comment on 2004-06-13 09:09 PM
About the vote thing...that was an accident I didn't even know I did it...and the name came from a friend I didn't know. Sorry I'm still clueless about some things. Go to Comment
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Trakien's comment on 2004-06-26 09:49 PM
Hows that? Perhaps, alittle better? i changed the name and added alittle more depth. Go to Comment
The Hellcoat
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Trakien's comment on 2004-07-20 06:27 PM
Makes me wonder who was smart enough to lock it up and put in a chest Go to Comment
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Join Now!!

       By: Strolen

Young kid from last town has been following the PCs and doing a rather good job at it. PCs weren't expecting to be followed so weren't worried and the boy/girl was careful. Notice the follower a couple days out of town, kid ran out of food and started getting careless. Followed the 'mighty adventurers' to see if he could join them. Father is a wealthy merchant. Bring him home, bring him with, send him off? What do you do with an unwelcomed guest.

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