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11/30 Things to make Players Sweat
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Thanatox's comment on 2012-07-21 02:40 AM
12. Deadly Kobolds
Any good evil overlord knows that there is nothing like a horde of kobolds to make adventurers wade in with abandon. A tribe of kobolds worship an evil wizard or dragon or whoever the master of the dungeon is. This evil overlord knows better than to leave the kobolds to their own devices simply to be slaughtered by the first adventuring party to come along.
First the kobolds have been brainwashed to an extreme level of religious fanaticism. As such their moral is extremely high. There is no greater honor than to die in the service of their overlord.
Second they have been trained to take full advantage of defensive tactics. Well--defensive for the overlord anyway.
Example Tactics:
“Magic Armor” the overlord has given them “holy” weapons and armor that will see them to the afterlife. This holy armor is made from the tentacles of rust monsters any metal weapon striking these kobolds is subject to being destroyed (see rust monster), a similar tactic has been applied to some of their clubs (sticks wrapped in rust monster tentacles) a successful touch attack will damage metal armor being worn.
A few of the more elite kobolds carry “holy symbols” that have been enchanted with an anti magic field making spells and magic items useless. (Yeah that +2 sword of kobold beheading--not so much) (If you don’t want your players getting hold of such an item maybe just douse some strategic locations in antimagic.)
The area of the dungeon that the kobolds defend is riddled with passages to small for medium sized creatures to walk in (they could belly crawl) but comfortable for the kobolds. Trained teams use hit and run tactics to harry the adventurers.
A large kobold weighs maybe 40 pounds sopping wet. The dungeon has been designed with this in mind. All the trap pressure plates are set for 90 pounds so the kobolds can run over them with ease but that 190 pound fighter with 80 pounds of gear is going to have a rough day. Likewise there are numerous stairs, ladders and catwalks built to only handle around 70 -90 pounds. That ladder the kobold scampered up is going to crumble under the fighter’s weight.
The dungeon will be full of simple traps that the kobolds can easily maintain pits with spikes are a common favorite.
The kobolds will have been trained to use ranged weapons and height to their advantage. That trap that you have to disarm is goanna be a bit harder while under a barrage of crossbow bolts. Of course all the kobold archers have at least ¾ cover.
Also our overlord knows that wands of magic missile are cheap so he has trained some of the brighter kobolds as adepts and equipped them with wands of magic missile. These adepts join the archers and will of course keep behind cover and focus on the pc’s that their comrades have the most trouble hitting.
The kobolds also have several setups that are somewhere between a trap and an ambush. Hidden murder holes come to mind. The evil overlord could supply them with alchemist fire, poison, tar or any manner of nasty things to drop on the adventurers from above.
With a little creativity and forethought a devious GM should have a pack of cocky adventures running back to the village tails between their legs to lick their wounds. All from a warren of kobolds and they before the even get close to the big bad and his more powerful minions. Your players will never look at kobolds the same way again.
P.S. Don’t forget to have the kobolds cheer as the adventurers run away.
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Firearms & Artillery
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Thanatox's comment on 2012-07-20 07:51 PM
So I once had a source-book for a setting in an alternate 1980s (i think because it was written in the 1980's). Basically the idea was that magic is real and this is the way the world turned out different because of it.

Anyway all the technology was based on magic. you could get two kinds of bullets "air burst" (breaking the crystal at the back would cause an explosion of pressurized air.) or "telekinetic" breaking the crystal at the back would cause them to be telekinetic launched from the gun out to the range increment.

the air burst bullets were cheaper but the telekinetic bullets packed more of a wallop being effectively powered all the way to the target.

Sadly I lost this book some time ago. and I cannot now remember what the system or setting was called.

If anyone recognizes this I'd love to know what the book was called.

a few other highlights:
The republic of Texas is populated by Minotaurs.

The Incas had real magic so the Spaniards were unable to conquer them and now are a world power and drive stone golem mechs.

I think there were magic space ships too and Mars an Venus were populated. But now I may just be mixing it up with some other sci-fi thing. Go to Comment
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