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Sid's Bag of Treasures
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Teller's comment on 2007-04-25 06:37 AM
I like this item in that it tweaks some generally accepted stereotypes but overall I think the post and the story behind the bag need some work. My first complaint is the grammatical set up of the post, it reads as if I were listening to someone refer to them self in the third person; its choppy and honestly a little annoying. Secondly, assuming this item is mass produced it would quickly become known as defected or regarded as cursed when similar instances of theft began to take place among the holders of this brand of bag (assuming that the exquisite quality is a constant that consumers can identify the craftsman by). Next, Sid, if I presented this story to my party and omitted the bits about him stealing they would still instantly know, and moreover stage an assault on him to steal his bag. Sid is written as a character of vast fame, fortune, etc but he lack consequence, no one seems to have put two and two together. Why has he been able to pull this off so often and not be found out? Now I don't completely understand the chest, key, location, anchor, and attuning set up but I don't see why people don't reach through there bags into his chest, if it is a two way street it seems like the first thing I would do. And I know that if my party just spent X days/weeks/months questing down a distinctly important piece of gear just to have it stolen by this guy they would think I set it up just to keep this item just out of their reach. I really think it needs work. Go to Comment
Sid's Bag of Treasures
Items  (Equipment Listing)   (Cursed)
Teller's comment on 2007-04-26 02:50 AM
In regards to the grammatical portion it sounds like a conversation with someone talking about themselves in third-person. Sid is referred to rarely with pronouns, it makes the post choppy.

And one of my party members knew instantly how to track him down, and that would be to lay in wait in his own bag. I reread the post to see if this was not possible but the mouth of the bag does widen without limit so I could not deny them that liberty. Go to Comment
The Niwrad
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Teller's comment on 2007-04-19 02:26 AM
I really like the mechanics of this item, however I can't Imagine the chaos would ensue if it was damaged on the players person. As a GM I would like this Item, As a player I would LOVE it. Go to Comment
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A group that wished to be 'ever-living' instead was cursed with 'never-dying'. Thier flesh rotted and fell fromthier bones but still they lived on. Now as skeletons they continue thier quest to remove thier curse. As skeletons they differ in that they do not need controlled or summoned. They are fully fledged NPCs with drives or ideas of thier own. Stabbing and slashing weapons would not affect them.

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