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Arwin Lightfoot
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Teaspoon's comment on 2004-05-12 11:40 PM
I thoght elves were shorter than that. Go to Comment
Arwin Lightfoot
NPCs  (Minor)   (Natural)
Teaspoon's comment on 2007-10-09 01:35 PM
I have thought for three years about how dumb my comment was, and I am sorry.:-( Go to Comment
Cauldron of Hatred
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Teaspoon's comment on 2004-05-27 06:38 PM
At first I did not like it, but then I needed something "One Ringy", and it fit perfictly, so now I love it. Go to Comment
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       By: MoonHunter

Carnival revelers wear masks and concealing clothes. (Wearing of masks in Venice was first documented in the late 1200s) It allows for the social classes to mix, easing social tensions.

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