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Arkath the Contractor
NPCs  (Minor)   (Mercantile)
Taurren's comment on 2006-02-02 08:50 AM
An excellent NPC.

The only thing that would enhance Arkath is the right setting. A town at the crossroads between Empires would be perfect. Or perhaps he's a member of a well known (and protected) caravan that travels along a pre-determined route? Go to Comment
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       By: Agar

A magician develops a new way to make scrolls and can sell more powerful spells for cheap. Problem is, whether the magician is aware of it or not, the spell's power comes from spirits trapped by the magic that makes the scroll. Once used to power the scroll, the spirit is driven mad by the forces that have ripped through it's being, and often develops a homicidal thirst to destroy the one who tormented it. The spell the spirit was used for may have left some residual power in the spirit to give it more abilities than it ever used to have.

Buyer beware!

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