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The PottyPortal
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Strolen's comment on 2012-10-14 04:31 AM
I think this is good enough to be a normal idea and get some votes! LOL Go to Comment
The PottyPortal
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Strolen's comment on 2012-10-17 12:21 PM
I'll bite.

Eww, gross! Go to Comment
Headlines from the Cosmic Era
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Strolen's comment on 2012-10-14 04:29 AM
You should split this up and add the second half as an idea above! Go to Comment
Headlines from the Cosmic Era
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Strolen's comment on 2012-10-14 04:30 AM
How much for a unicorn? Go to Comment
Corporate Riot Shield
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Strolen's comment on 2012-10-11 05:16 AM
I do like the advertising idea and the commercialism of security as another facet of the company. Cool. Go to Comment
51 Minor Mysteries
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Strolen's comment on 2012-10-11 02:54 AM
Lots of these are pure gold, what an awesome list!! Go to Comment
Plains Elves
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Strolen's comment on 2012-10-11 02:49 AM
Is it bad that all I could think of is the elves creating some kind of land boat on wheels like land sailing in the desert? Windmills? I just see them using some kind of technology.

I like the idea of the split in the elves and provides a good reason they are there. I would think they accept their punishment as a sign of honor and stay in the plains, otherwise why not just move farther in another direction and find some new woods that they are used to surviving in? Go to Comment
The Attempted Assassination of Jaspar Zane
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Strolen's comment on 2012-10-11 02:33 AM
Might be easier to have the PCs use Morano to identify an item or used as a source of information earlier in the campaign so that they already know them. Once they know them, know the bare minimums about them (they are "good") then when they see them being chased through the town there is motivation to get involved.

Once involved the guards could lump them in with the Morano's for damage/clean-up fees in the town and such which would make them (me anyway) more motivated to find who did it for paybacks for the loss of my coin as well as safety of Morano.

You had me at the title of the sub, love it! Go to Comment
Dwarven Pets
Lifeforms  (Fauna)   (Underground)
Strolen's comment on 2012-10-11 01:22 AM
Tunnel-hound grooming service would be a bustling business. Also liked the beetles a lot. Some great ones in there! Go to Comment
The Bank
Lifeforms  (Constructed)   (Cyberspace)
Strolen's comment on 2012-10-09 01:41 PM
I very much like this idea. There is a lot to expand on that I would love to see but overall I am content to accept it as is. Go to Comment
30 Dwarven Treasures
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Strolen's comment on 2012-10-09 12:55 PM
Awesome list!! Go to Comment
Slagger Tornfury
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Strolen's comment on 2012-10-01 02:05 PM
I haven't hit ore for a long time, you have to allow me some fool's gold before I give you the full battle axe. Go to Comment
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Strolen's comment on 2012-09-30 03:32 AM
I would probably categorize it as fiction but it also definitely earns the location requirement of the guild as well.

I enjoyed it and thought it was a great location. As a GM, it would be cool to understand the mechanics of the beast, the illusion and the attacks but for what it is, a nice piece of fiction, I liked it! Go to Comment
Lifeforms  (Unique)   (Any)
Strolen's comment on 2012-09-30 03:23 AM
The horror of this abomination brings tears of rage to my eyes. The glorious creature now turned by the selfish evils that care not a whit about life almost takes the breathe out of you. (Well, maybe it actually does do that.)

I honestly have many issues contemplating a place with some of these udead and then adding this monstrosity to the mix is only too much. We need a Paladin guild! :) Go to Comment
101 Useless or Trivial Super/Mutant Powers
Articles  (Character)   (Players)
Strolen's comment on 2012-09-30 03:13 AM
Fun list.

Many could be used as cantrips as well. Go to Comment
Citadel's Blaze
Locations  (Establishment)   (Any)
Strolen's comment on 2012-09-28 07:10 AM
-Multiple bookshelves contain hidden passages that connect to a series of caverns that run through the Citadel. Some are well known and well used while others cannot even be guessed at. The fire actually cancels out any scrying style magic that might search for openings or magic.
-Certain corners of the room have permanent cone of silence cast on them to hide the quietest whisper to the loudest yell. Doesn't protect anybody from lip reading though. Could be a spell or an item on the shell. The inability to search leaves it a mystery how it is done. Go to Comment
Citadel's Blaze
Locations  (Establishment)   (Any)
Strolen's comment on 2012-09-30 02:09 AM
I think there might be some confusion on what to do with this. It is a start, but doesn't go that deep into anything and is slightly vague.

You have creative license. Don't hold back. Go ahead and go crazy on it. I like the idea of fleshing out a physical Citadel. It could turn into a lot of fun!

(PS. There are some Citadel roleplaying threads in the forum where some groundwork may have slightly been laid out) Go to Comment
The Moira Chalice of Kormak
Items  (Wand/Staff/ Arcane)   (Cursed)
Strolen's comment on 2012-09-28 02:58 AM
Sanguis Isles
Locations  (Country/ State)   (Water)
Strolen's comment on 2012-09-28 02:54 AM
Read it but don't really want to vote on it in the current state. More of a stub in its current form, even though there is a lot of information it doesn't tell us anything. Even if we were running a pirate campaign or something. Not like we could get water from the place and the pull of turtles is the only thing a ship might find useful, but could say any island has turtles in fewer words. I would say maybe a 2.5 in its current state because, honestly (and I am sorry) there really isn't much to use. Like Dossta said, even if you disagree, each island needs a hook of some sort to make it useful to us. Yes, they all need to be PC orientated, that is our purpose here. We aren't wikipedia, we want stuff to use in our games.

That is why I suggest a stub. If that is your thought process for these, for it to be an island in the distance with nothing worth mentioning on it, it should probably be a stub to save you some low votes. Go to Comment
Undead Beard Fleas
Lifeforms  (Third Kingdom)   (Other)
Strolen's comment on 2012-09-26 02:17 PM
Man. Could only think how bad that would really suck.

And this only goes to prove that Mourn is a closet Dwarf lover that won't admit it. That is what it tells me axle. It could count as a Necro for the post and Dwarf Guild points for comments and upvotes. :) Go to Comment
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