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Sabotage 2
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Strolen's comment on 2002-10-09 04:25 PM
You simply must write up this character!!!

With his background this scenerio will better fit into place as a small part of a larger picture, and perhaps be enough to spark an entire campaign!! Go to Comment
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Strolen's comment on 2002-10-02 05:23 PM
Ooooh. Very powerful. But still leaves the wielder completely at risk from common items. I would definitely give this to the enemy. Good one for a magic heavy group that may not even carry mundane items anymore. See how they deal with somebody immune to everything they have and make them run away for a change. If they can figure it out, they would have to then go restock with normal items which, depending on their location, could prove harder then one would think.

Would probably have to figure out a way to destroy it, I wouldn't want my players to have it, it is a little powerful for my tastes. Go to Comment
Nojgh Fangswarn
NPCs  (Major)   (Criminal/Espionage)
Strolen's comment on 2002-10-02 05:28 PM
I like the unlucky flaw in the character. Pretty interesting idea as well, having him start a cult to follow him. Found an obvious natural talent and combined with the ring made him a natural in controlling the snakes. The kind of folk he would be involved with would be natural followers. In time, they could cause a lot of trouble.

I can see using him as a side plot in a city adventure to liven up an otherwise normal restocking trip. Go to Comment
Lyrian Necklace
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Strolen's comment on 2002-10-09 04:43 PM
It sounds as if the "real" gems are magical and change with the wearer, whereas the fake ones then would actually have to be cut by the gem-cutters. So, you could presume this is known and perhaps, those that can afford it, could have 'alarm systems' at the entrances of their places that search for the proper aura to be projected by a true gem.

To take this thought further, thieves and secret cults could have the same, allowing only those that have certain gems to be able to enter their lairs.

Where do the gems come from initially then? At birth are their destinies intertwined with a gem in some elaborate ritual. Do they always have the same gem as their parents or, depending on the fate of the child, the gem may reveal a vague future? Baby born with a certain gem shows that it will be the future ruler perhaps, or this one is destined to be a tailore etc.

Can use it to introduce the fulfilling of a old legendary poem come to life, a royal embarrassment when the king's son is show to become a simple merchant. Could the worst of the destined thieves be destroyed at birth, or is that something that only happens in life to change the gem?

For destiny's that are unwanted, there could be an entire 'religion' that studies the ruby and has good success changing the future for those parents that can afford it for their offspring. So the future can be changed and the gem change with it, but what point in the person's life will it take to make the new reality come to pass. The cult claims to be able to find the point and use it to direct as the owner wishes.

What if this cult's ways are known by evil ones? What if the cult has their own agenda and kidnaps babies born with the gems and turns them to their own devious agenda? What if, what if, what if? Go to Comment
Secret Life of the Assassin
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Strolen's comment on 2002-09-27 05:03 PM
I think I would use this as a first adventure type thing. Pick one of my players that I can trust to pull it off, and give him the history of Nicco and let him play the part. Moral dilemma of telling his friends (in character and out of character), keeping it from them, lie, throw them off the trail, hide some evidence.

Everybody will know something is going on, or do they, but will they figure it out? A good one where any conversations about the game would be in characters since "Nicco" has to keep up his story and the others don't have a clue to what is going on exactly. Sounds like a lot of fun. Go to Comment
Lost children...
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Strolen's comment on 2002-09-19 03:16 PM

Ideas just explode for this one. Need to get the group together just for this!!

My guys may figure out the kids are the monsters not too far into it if the 'boiling cauldron' comes out too early. I would throw them in cells and really have a few of the children in cells around them to make it seem like they are all there. Have all the 'experiments' happening in another room where the characters can here the children's screams. Perhaps a dead body or two come out and/or then some of the deformed beasts or something.

Add this perhaps with a slave trader type plot where the characters are searching for some other kidnapped children and it leads them to this town. Then the fact that children dissappear from this town will all add up to a lot of children that will better justify the fact that there are a lot of these monster things.

I love it!!! Go to Comment
Gathering of Gypsies
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Strolen's comment on 2003-05-26 08:03 PM
Not really a boom town. The initial idea was a town slowly growing and at first not being a problem. The place the gypsies gather could simply be a good cross route to many different areas. If the gypsies have been using it forever for their gatherings logic would dictate that it is a good central spot for others as well. A town growing is simply logical because of the location. The magic part is inspiring as well though.

The town would slowly grow so at first it isn't even an issue, but when things happen, 5 years is a good amount of time for a village to outgrow its current barriers, especially if you add in one of your ideas...or maybe even a trade item that now finds itself readily flowing through the town now. Go to Comment
Evil mischief with gremlins
Locations  (City)   (Any)
Strolen's comment on 2002-09-12 05:45 AM
Could even make it a twisted part of your nemesis lair. Who says all evil overloards have to have torture dungeons?

Could take any one idea and use it seperately as well. Just the reverse gravity room with spikes on the ceiling/floor would be very bad for the players health.

The temptation of a lone ore cart just sitting at the entrance of long cave. Perhaps have a rope connected to it for a means of self propelling by a pulley system so the characters have the illusion of being in control. Throw in a hill and suddenly reaching the end of rope leaves them out of control and at the mercy of the track that can end up wherever. Go to Comment
The Vulture
NPCs  (Scenario Based)   (Natural)
Strolen's comment on 2002-09-10 09:06 AM
You could build a whole mythology around the bird. Could easily be used in any situation where a character is near death. Have to seperate him from his companions, but hey, how hard is that?

The Vulture could be the only link in solving what the players are searching for. A long lost city lost to war in ages past or the corpse of a long missing high mage or king. A character may meet the vulture on accident one time because of a near death experience and only once revived would they all realize that this bird may be the only one that can help them. Who is going to possibly sacrifice themselves so they can once again question the knowledge of the vulture and perhaps find what they have been searching for. Go to Comment
The Vulture
NPCs  (Scenario Based)   (Natural)
Strolen's comment on 2015-01-27 06:30 PM
I should probably use the uncommented feature in my profile because I keep stumbling on stuff that I already commented on it.

On old, but great idea. Great use of a common (or maybe not so common) bird and one that has the omen of death all about it. Imagine that it is just looking for intelligent conversation. Very fun! Go to Comment
Useless quest
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Strolen's comment on 2002-09-12 05:48 AM
If the players were able to deduce the charade, they may then find themselves with a good piece of property that would only require the cleaning as previously requested. Easy way for them to make a buck, and an enemy. These tricksters very well may have some friends in high places and didn't like their idea, and money, stolen from them. Go to Comment
Mea, Dea. Fea
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Strolen's comment on 2003-01-25 05:48 PM
Lilacor eh? Nope, haven't played it. I got this item from a game I played back in the 1994 era. We had a pretty talented DM that had a multiple personality kick that extended to twisting us players as well. We all had a character with three character sheets depending on the personality dominant at the time, and this weapon was a product of those gaming sessions. Go to Comment
Mea, Dea. Fea
Items  (Melee Weapons)   (Sentient)
Strolen's comment on 2003-01-26 07:36 AM
If it is in BG2 might have to contact my old DM and maybe make some money in a lawsuit :-). Just kidding. Multiple personality isn't that unique and it is a good idea. I keep meaning to post my three personality Shaman NPC that I had in that game too. Go to Comment
Mea, Dea. Fea
Items  (Melee Weapons)   (Sentient)
Strolen's comment on 2009-08-22 05:10 PM
Update: Updated status and also a test of the new comment update. Go to Comment
Bloody Vines
Lifeforms  (Fauna)   (Forest/ Jungle)
Strolen's comment on 2002-09-04 03:58 AM
There was something like this in Friedman's series "Black Sun Rising" as well but they worked different then this. I used my poor memory of that as a basis and *thought* I came up with something more original. Planescape, Friedman, that's ok ;) (Hey, not great, not horribly original, but an idea none-the-less.) Go to Comment
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Strolen's comment on 2002-08-29 11:36 AM
Hopefully at least some of the players will want to try and find a cure for it instead of beating you to death. But who knows what kind of players the group has. Go to Comment
The Sleeping Mines of Elathon
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Strolen's comment on 2011-07-01 02:06 PM

A dungeon with a purpose!!! I think this type of sub would make a good quest, justify the existence of a dungeon.

Go to Comment
Tower's Return
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Strolen's comment on 2006-10-09 10:23 PM
Looks like I decided halfway through that I didn't want anybody alive that was there during the destruction. Definately a oldy and moldy one. Thanks for digging it up, pretty much totally forgot about this one. :) Go to Comment
The Trial
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Strolen's comment on 2002-06-29 11:49 AM
If you are not up for the court cases, could have the PCs just coming through during this trial. They could stumble upon some real demons and destroy them proving the 'witches' innocent.

Or perhaps they see the demons and maybe tell some of the same stories that the 'witches' tell and then be accused themselves. The true demon hunt could begin then, or the PCs must escape and try and clear their name by getting rid of the real demons. In the meantime the 'witches' could convince the mob that the PCs are the true demons until they prove themselves innocent and throws it right back to the plot above with a twist. Go to Comment
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Strolen's comment on 2002-10-10 11:18 AM
Ahhh, yes. Consequences. Excellent point Ria. One always must look at the consequences of one's actions!!! If he is doing so well, then there will be many that support him, suppliers, merchants, those that love his work. And they may not be happy either by way to riches being taken. And who says the glassmaker is lawful. Go to Comment
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