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Campfire Fuzz
Lifeforms  (Ethereal)   (Any)
Strolen's comment on 2011-02-22 04:53 PM

SImple and interesting. Not everything needs to eat the PCs I suppose!

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Guild of Anawaith
Society/ Organizations  (Natural)   (Regional)
Strolen's comment on 2012-05-13 01:30 PM
I think it is a diamond in the rough. I like the core idea and do wish there was more. I would definitely enjoy reading more about this guild and what they have done in the world. The age alone would make them almost a mystical society that would have much aura around it. Go to Comment
The Shocking Pattern
Dungeons  (Any)   (Puzzles)
Strolen's comment on 2008-04-27 09:44 PM
The evil Mathematician's castle! Beware the next room of Soduku.

Classic dungeon crawl puzzle and I love it just for that! Go to Comment
Choke Horror
Lifeforms  (Fauna)   (Other)
Strolen's comment on 2006-09-23 08:53 PM
That idea of looking and smelling like a corpse is a great idea to draw in their food source, especially since they don't seem too picky about what they eat. Typical adventurers may stumble upon them by their insatiable curiosity.

"What's that smell?"
"Smells like death."
Looking at each other and nodding emphatically, "Lets go check it out...." Go to Comment
Societies, Guilds, and Groups
Society/ Organizations  (Knowledge/Lore)   (Trans World)
Strolen's comment on 2005-10-28 04:34 PM
The Seekers: Holy order that is devoted to the truth. Experts in interrogation and problem solving. Sought after to make deals, approve contracts between kingdoms, solve high profile crimes.

The Wicked Brew: Subcult of the assassins clan. Specialize in the creation and brewing of poisons. Expert chemists on the dark side. Go to Comment
Blood Spiders
Lifeforms  (Fauna)   (Any)
Strolen's comment on 2007-02-11 09:45 AM
That is a huge spider! Can it make any kind of web? THAT would be interesting! Go to Comment
Maternity Blossom
Lifeforms  (Flora)   (Forest/ Jungle)
Strolen's comment on 2005-10-28 02:55 PM
I LOVE the idea. I would change a couple things to make it more useable in an actual game instead of just a wonderful idea.

I would change the gestation period to a shorter so that the effects could be better appreciated during an game. Some game last 9 months+ in character time, but a shorter time would make it more useable.

I love the idea of drinking at the wedding. I would say that there is a chance of the blossom not causing the expected affect. So perhaps the blossom doesn't take and he feels no ill effects. If this happens then the husband will be required to take the drink again when it is proven that the wife is pregnant.

No doubt that the female would have a very respected role in this society! Go to Comment
Necromancy: The Three Paths of Undeath
Systems  (Mystical)   (General)
Strolen's comment on 2012-09-30 02:13 PM
Necromancers, they are everywhere lately! Go to Comment
Of Angels
Systems  (Divine/ Spirit)   (Specific)
Strolen's comment on 2006-01-09 07:57 PM
The availability of temptresses and other pleasures seems to be the only chink in the God's plan of keeping them occupied.

I guess I don't understand the entire play and how the Angels, Gods, Demons, and Dragons play together, but if the Angels only purpose is to upkeep order and the balance is shifting towards the Gods...would the Demons and/or Dragons find a need to get the Angels back? Are they behind the Chainbreaker? Have they found a way to enter their own temptress' or foods or whatever that might disrupt the Angels blinded state?

It is a very powerful idea that can be the catalyst for much...I just can't grasp the interconnection of those mentioned and their motivations. If I had that key it would all come together I think. Go to Comment
The Murdered Young
Lifeforms  (Ethereal)   (Any)
Strolen's comment on 2005-11-07 01:30 PM
Goog gosh AG. Footprints of amniotic fluid. :)

A good idea for an unusual ghost! Go to Comment
Lifeforms  (Fauna)   (Any)
Strolen's comment on 2005-11-07 11:41 AM
I want to know what kind of sound it makes. You could use that to mess with the players!

Domestication: what are they used for? Being eight feet tall might not be the easiest thing to farm with. Like elephants, can they use their horn to manipulate things? Drag stuff? Used to pull wagons... Go to Comment
Ochre Door
Dungeons  (Any)   (Style)
Strolen's comment on 2006-01-09 08:13 PM
Gauntlet, I love it!

Might be worth making a couple of these doors allowing for some interesting travel. A certain color key will open this door.

Door is useable in so many ways from simple treasure gathering to some kind of required quest get the item sort of thing. Go to Comment
The Dangerous Aspects of Using Magic
Systems  (Mystical)   (General)
Strolen's comment on 2005-10-27 06:17 PM
This is a fun one. I am thinking of just things that can happen for a limited duration as a result of a spell.

White: for black, just think opposite of this stuff I guess
-Lucky streaks. Gambling is suddenly a winner's game as they have "the touch"
-Caster's footprints leave areas of sudden growth and life.
-Breathe is life giving for a little while. Blowing on plants accelerate's growth etc.

(I like the fire hair :) )
-Have a glow around them that they cannot remove.
-Scorch things they touch, if touch is extended can ignite. If they are an artist great opportunity for woodburning art.
-Can physically pick up flames and hold them.
-Smoke pours out of them. Standing still greats a sense of being in a forest fire.
-Scorched earth footprints

-They are constantly soggy or damp
-Touch will slowly create water at the contanct point.
-Can pick up and mold water in the same way others can mold snow.
-Can sense bodies of water and lead you to them.

-Feel variations easy. Feel riders, walkers in the land and tell the direction they are from him.
-Sense precious metals.
-Able to dig hand into stone and scoop/mold it as if it was snow.
-Slowly sink into ground if stand still for too long. (not through anything living so they are safe if they climb a tree)

-Are about half body weight with same strength. Easy to climb, jump, but if they punch or hit there is not much mass behind it.
-Cape or clothes constantly billowing.
-Sense wind currents in general (weather change)
-Can almost tell the surroundings just from the way the wind currents swirl around him. (sense invisible) Go to Comment
Kallio's Stilling of the Heart
Items  (Potion)   (Non-Magical)
Strolen's comment on 2006-01-09 07:42 PM
Very interesting results with even more interesting components. A good limiting factor to the entire thing making it spoil in a few days and the requirement of rotting fish. Makes you actually have to prepare to use instead of going through your potion inventory and simply picking one.

My only question is that if it is known and cheap enough to be used by mercenaries then wouldn't it be known by the armies the fight with/against? A battle would be fought, but then both armies would wait for the effects of the potion to wear off and then capture the 'fakers' or perhaps even regroup with them and have another battle? Seems that it would change some battle strategy at the very least. Go to Comment
Loot and Rewards
Articles  (Rules and Advice)   (Game Mastering)
Strolen's comment on 2005-10-27 03:36 PM
If I may just humbly add a quick link to add on to this great list and then we may get on with the Ideas!

Treasure, It Happens Go to Comment
Prestige class - the Dracoran
Articles  (Rules and Advice)   (Game Mastering)
Strolen's comment on 2005-10-26 11:20 PM
Ok, no offense. But how did this make the swap over?

There is no complete idea. No kind of tutorial. No final answer. And it is a Prestige Class which is game specific.

This is a question, not a submission. This belonged in the forum and should remain there.

I challenged it.

If nothing else it should be a "Help Me" and then deleted when he gets the answer because I don't see the value in promoting this kind of submission in the Citadel. I find it innappropriate when we have a forum for these kind of things. Go to Comment
Prestige class - the Dracoran
Articles  (Rules and Advice)   (Game Mastering)
Strolen's comment on 2005-10-27 09:16 AM
An educational process doeseth noteth maketh a submission.

An educational process iseth a forumeth topic.

I shall deleteth it out of The Citadel, not out of existance. It may remain in the forum as an educational process forevermore. Go to Comment
World Building 102: Environment building the MoonHunter way
Articles  (Setting Building)   (Game Mastering)
Strolen's comment on 2005-10-30 12:51 PM
Only voted Go to Comment
Articles  (Resource)   (Gaming - In General)
Strolen's comment on 2005-10-24 08:59 PM
What a horribly excellent idea. I have already pictured an entire guild or perhaps cult surrounding the use of this kind of an arrow. A signature, if you will, of the murder. A calling card. Need a catchy name though... Go to Comment
Articles  (Resource)   (Gaming - In General)
Strolen's comment on 2006-01-28 08:02 AM
You rock manfred, thanks! Go to Comment
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