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The Nutty Professor
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Solagan's comment on 2005-07-28 11:34 PM
How did this end up with a 2/5? I love it, it has so many possible avenues of adventure, with plenty of room for the GM to add things in without lacking in details. It fit really well in my campaign, so I ran it not long after I read this post. Despite making my PC's rather angry at first :) it ended up being a lot of fun. They all enjoyed the challenge, as well as being randomly jumbled up in each other's bodies. Definately not your typical quest!

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Ultus Rannek Taemyr
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Solagan's comment on 2005-07-07 11:27 PM
Lengthy read, but well written and reads well. Interesting character, puts a more flavorful spin on an old idea--the orphaned character.

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Of Roses and Thorns
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Solagan's comment on 2005-06-23 01:58 AM
Ooh, I want to use this in my will keep those PC's busy awhile. Awesome job! You could make a whole campaign out of this, with all the sideplots and twists. Go to Comment
Demitri Elexial
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Solagan's comment on 2005-06-08 12:01 AM
Not a bad idea, but not too much is original here. He seems like yet another orphan who is misunderstood and rises against the odds to be a hero.
Also, what happened to his father? Is there potential plot hooks involving him?

Overall 2/5, could use editting and something to make it more unique. Go to Comment
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Solagan's comment on 2005-06-04 11:01 PM
Well at least this is more than 2 sentences. But, there is nothing original in here at all...

0/5, needs massive editing Go to Comment
Supply Run
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Solagan's comment on 2005-04-26 01:35 AM
I love your series of plots about Derry, keep up the awesome work! I plan to use them all in my games.

You should do an NPC write-up for Derry and Orin. Just a thought, since if you used all three plots they would appear quite a bit.

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Hucken Fyreb'lls
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Solagan's comment on 2005-03-15 11:40 PM
This is a little cliche, but not bad. If the gnome was played well, with a spunky personality, the PC's could have some fun with long as the GM doesn't overdo it with such characters. Perhaps he could be hired to build something for the PC's, or decide to follow their group around for awhile. Go to Comment
Legend of the Warrior-Horse
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Solagan's comment on 2005-09-27 02:34 AM
No feedback at all? :( Go to Comment
Dareth Norune
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Solagan's comment on 2005-03-10 02:39 AM
Thanks for the comments, this is my first post.
I tried not to make an uber character, more of an average person for the PC's to interact with, an unlikely person to lead them to other adventures and some skirmishes in cities. He made a fun companion for my group, leading them into a lengthy adventure with the Guild. I'll post it as a plot once I have a chance to type it all up.

The reason so many characters are wizards is that in my game world, magic is very common in the east, where Dareth is from. Some of the npc's can be switched to other classes to make things more compatiable. Go to Comment
Return To Me
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Solagan's comment on 2005-03-09 12:53 AM
Wow...I love how real the people in this story seem. Their history really draws you in, and I think it will give the PC's a new respect for the peasants they usually overlook...
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The Crystal City
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Solagan's comment on 2005-02-27 02:36 AM
I usually don't like settings much, but this one is awesome and unique. Adds good history to the region too, I definatly want to use this in my campaign.
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Solagan's comment on 2005-03-15 02:56 PM
Wow, finally someone else who plays palladium fantasy! Go to Comment
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