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Eye Of Enhancing Degeneration
Items  (Other)   (Magical)
Silveressa's comment on 2008-05-19 06:23 PM
Perhaps placing this back into your "in work" area and giving it an over haul grammar/wording wise would be good. (btw is English not your primary language? if not that explains some of the problem)

It has promise but needs a serious over haul. Nice try so far though, give it an edit and I'll happily re-vote Go to Comment
The Leviathan Pool
Locations  (Area)   (Water)
Silveressa's comment on 2011-07-20 08:38 PM

A much more somber and thoughtful piece then I was expecting, and certainly memorable. I'm not sure it's a place most typical greedy/ goal driven PC's would be satisfied with finally finding. (given there's no treasure or other tangible rewards to be gained from the place and no great "villain" to overcome.)  

Nonetheless, for those looking for a memorable legend, and a equally memorable location, they would be hard pressed to find one more so.

A bit more detail about the rumor of "You will not live to see the New Moon after witnessing its beauty." might be a worthy enhancement. I can feel there is potential for a surprising climax here with the PC's being attacked by whales, or some type of water elemental near the beginning of the new moon, seeking to return them to the watery grave as well.

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Buzzards Bay
Locations  (City)   (Any)
Silveressa's comment on 2011-01-31 03:23 PM

Wow, tons of info in the sub and all the links make this an easy plug and play addition to nearly any fantasy campaign. Snagged and in my GM folder for later use!

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Changing faces
Plots  (Coincidence)   (Side-Quest)
Silveressa's comment on 2011-07-12 10:40 PM

A nice effort put into the rewrite, and over all much improved from its original incarnation. (Read way back and never voted on it.) A few paragraph breaks in the initial  plot description would be a nice finishing touch and make the a touch piece easier to read ;)

Other then that it's an interesting sub plot, and worth tossing into an otherwise slow overland travel session.

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Lifeforms  (Constructed)   (Any)
Silveressa's comment on 2011-01-12 02:00 PM

A nice addition to any campaign needing a touch of shadow magic among the nobility.

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Torture Devices and Techniques
Articles  (Resource)   (Gaming - In General)
Silveressa's comment on 2008-10-01 06:01 PM
actually some species will most certainly eat living flesh, such as the blow fly larve Go to Comment
Torture Devices and Techniques
Articles  (Resource)   (Gaming - In General)
Silveressa's comment on 2008-05-11 02:40 PM
A minor Infestation

This one is relatively simple, one simply straps the patient to the operating table and drug the them into immobility then proceeds to take "creative liberties" with a scalpel upon the more fleshy parts of the body. (or if one wishes fore horrific shock factor the genitals)

The key here is to carve shallow wounds the size and diameter of a nickel (about 1/2" across), then place your preferred strain of flesh eating maggot eggs in to the wound.

As long as you set up a mirror to provide the victim with a decent view of the afflicted area, (Cutting off the eye lids may be necessary at this point.) they will likely tell you anything and everything you want to know as soon as they realize what will happen when the eggs hatch into larvae and go to work on their vulnerable body parts. Go to Comment
Torture Devices and Techniques
Articles  (Resource)   (Gaming - In General)
Silveressa's comment on 2008-05-11 02:47 PM
Friction Burn

After the victim is suitably restrained one applies a sand paper covered belaying pin to various parts of the body with a brisk rubbing motion. The damage caused from this abrasion will be relatively minor (at first) but the pain would be excruciating. (Topical application of salt/alcohol to the wounds will speed the interrogation process without causing excessive harm to the victim.

For variation one can change the grade of sand paper to more or less coarse as they desire or substitute a cheese grater or metal/wood file. Go to Comment
Torture Devices and Techniques
Articles  (Resource)   (Gaming - In General)
Silveressa's comment on 2008-05-11 02:53 PM
Nasty and sick stuff, good things to threat the pc's with, or have them rescue people from. Go to Comment
Torture Devices and Techniques
Articles  (Resource)   (Gaming - In General)
Silveressa's comment on 2008-05-11 02:54 PM
Slow Roasting

Using a heating element attached inside a hollow metal spike of desired length and thickness one then inserts this probe into the subjects delicate bodily orifice of their choice and slowly turns up the heat. Depending on the amount of heat applied the tissue surrounding the probe will cook over a manner of minutes, hours, or perhaps longer inflicting horrible agony and eventual sterility. (providing the victim with a proper view of the process will help speed interrogation along of course along with the scent of their own body slow roasting)

For variety one can also apply electric shock therapy through this probe instead of, or during the cooking process, although this will hasten the heat build up and onset of sterility. Go to Comment
Torture Devices and Techniques
Articles  (Resource)   (Gaming - In General)
Silveressa's comment on 2008-05-11 03:10 PM
Fake Out

This one can be applied with minimal difficulty after the subject has been subjected to any number of other interrogation techniques. (It works especially well on spies, and other covert operatives)

The subject after being rendered unconsciouses then has their head bandaged (providing their eyes are still intact) and brought into a room made up to be a mockery of a hospital. (A small speaker connecting to a device that beeps regularly and another one that "hisses" for the hospital sounds and a pan of disinfectant on the floor for that "hospital smell." Providing someone to feel their wrist as if checking their pulse adds to this deception.

The subject is then awoken by someone impersonating a doctor and fed the simple story their body was "dumped" in a river or whatever and then found by an innocent passer by who called an ambulance.

From there the victim (if a spy or covert operative) can be "be briefed" by someone posing as a superior and the unwitting person will usually divulge their mission, what they found out, and what, if anything, they told their captors while under the strain of torture.

(one can also interpose a "qualified psychiatrist" during the debriefing to speak the person about their captivity and the effect it had upon them. Provided one can find a actual psychiatrist to conduct these sessions all manner of mental problems can be caused and/or taken advantage of.)

For added deception one can provide the victim with a secure untraceable line to the outside and allow them to call their "family" and let them know their okay and recovering in whatever out of the way medical area the interrogators have provided. (Usually in a third world country to prevent them from readily paying them a visit)

After this technique has been used whether effective or not, and the victim has recovered a modicum of health. The psychological impact of having the bandages removed or otherwise finding out they are still in the confinement of their torturers will usually break all but the strongest willed victims. Go to Comment
The Black Feathers
Society/ Organizations  (Combative)   (Regional)
Silveressa's comment on 2012-03-03 04:04 AM

A fun bunch of rag tag mercs, and certainly a memorable addition to any battlefield. I can easily see most PC's dismissing them as worthless low lifers, only to revaluate when the group winds up holding their friend/target for rescue hostage for ransom.

Gritty and simple, perfect for Warhammer Fantasy!

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Wolf Totem of Rhalves
Items  (Jewelry)   (Cursed)
Silveressa's comment on 2011-07-26 08:45 PM

A thought provoking cursed artifact that could lead to several side adventures involving the location and subsequencet freeing of the trapped spirit within and perhaps seeking to find and restore the cursed individuals to their natural state.

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Qacha's Neck
Locations  (City)   (Plains)
Silveressa's comment on 2008-12-24 12:03 AM
It's difficult to add anything beyond what's already been said, great sub!

The title alone made me want to read it, just to see what's so special about the "oldest cat." Go to Comment
Flesh Stalker
Lifeforms  (Third Kingdom)   (Any)
Silveressa's comment on 2011-07-24 03:09 PM

An interesting creature, I especially like the concept of their venom being addictive, it opens up some nasty adventure possibilities. I do get the feeling this sub is only partially finished however and leaves me with a fewquestions.

-"If a Flesh Stalker is not expected, then nothing can stop it from entering an area unnoticed to seek out its mission." 

How exactly does it go unnoticed? Does it have some sort of magical invisibility, teleporting, or a chameleon ability that lets it slip through the ranks? (Or can it perhaps use the protrusions to burrow through the ground and erupt under the enemies feet?)

Some more details into these creatures origins, (were they human slaves or lesser demons?) and covering how they earn such a loyalty would perhaps round out this piece and give a sense of completeness. (A few plot hooks could be nice as well)

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Lifeforms  (Third Kingdom)   (Other)
Silveressa's comment on 2011-01-10 07:53 PM

An interesting variation on the medusa/naga theme, although I would like to see some plot hooks surrounding them and a bit about their initial creation. (Is it deliberate creation by a more powerful evil deity's cross breeding of other species, or an accidental occurrence from some demonic orgy?)

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Articles  (Resource)   (Gaming - In General)
Silveressa's comment on 2008-05-06 11:42 AM
Curse of Rags

The victim of this curse has all articles of clothing in their possession deteriorate to the state of little more than rags within a few days to a week. Metal armors will rust and corrode, Leather ones becoming rancid and foul smelling before falling apart.

This curse is often inflicted upon those that are vain about their appearance to teach them a lesson in humility. Go to Comment
Articles  (Resource)   (Gaming - In General)
Silveressa's comment on 2008-05-06 11:59 AM
Curse of Natures Call

This recipient of this curse tends to suffer from the "call of nature" frequently and at the most inopportune times. (such as while giving a important speech, or kneeling before the king, and even during the middle of combat and romantic intimacies)

These urges present themselves suddenly and without warning, causing the poor person to have an embarrassing (and sometimes messy) accident in front of everyone present.

Those who have been suffering from this lack of bladder and bowel control for more than a few days often learn to wear absorbent undergarments, or long dresses, (or baggy pants for the men) to help lessen the obviousness of the repeated public "performances" that they unwillingly provide throughout the day.

Due to it's ultimately disgracing and publicly amusing side effects this curse is often cast upon nobles and other influential people with the sole purpose of damaging their reputation. In some circumstances this curse has terminated arranged marriages and even brought war between formerly allied kingdoms. Go to Comment
Articles  (Resource)   (Gaming - In General)
Silveressa's comment on 2008-05-06 12:03 PM
This is a useful article and gives some great optional properties to add to magical artifacts and temporary afflictions to spice up a PC's otherwise dull adventuring life. (or teach them a lesson for desecrating that last shine of darkness!) Go to Comment
Articles  (Resource)   (Gaming - In General)
Silveressa's comment on 2008-05-06 12:20 PM
Curse of Uncontrolled Strength

While at first a great increase in physical strength may seem like a blessing, the receiver of this curse will soon learn to regret the "benefits" this curse provides. Although easily as strong as a dozen full grown men, the recipient lacks the ability to control this strength, continually damaging delicate objects such as drinking glasses, flimsy door latches and snapping bowstrings. Attempting to dress themselves and fasten delicate buttons or pull bootlaces tight is all but impossible without help, to say nothing of the thin leather straps that holds their armor on.

The true dangers of this curse only come to light when the afflicted attempts to touch another person or even themselves. To their horror they find their lack of control turns a simple handshake into a bone crushing grip, and swatting a fly upon their cheek can leave them with missing teeth and even a broken jaw.

Those with this curse often find themselves unable to bathe or scratch their own itches without leaving bloody furrows along their skin, and even wiping themselves after using the bathroom can be an experience too painful for words. (This goes double for ladies.)

This curse is usually cast upon those who are obsessed with being stronger, or enjoy lording their strength over others in a cruel manner. (Such as the bullies in the local town guard.) Go to Comment
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