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and a ten foot pole.
Items  (Equipment Listing)   (Heroic)
Silveressa's comment on 2008-05-04 01:17 AM
Red ink is perfect for faking a fatal injury too, and black ink can be used to convince someone you're infected with the plague (and perhaps keep those street bandits from getting close enough to rough you up.) Go to Comment
and a ten foot pole.
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Silveressa's comment on 2008-04-29 06:31 PM
102) 4-5 pairs of socks & pantyhose

Extra pairs of ocks are invaluable in a jungle environment for helping prevent jungle rot to the feet.

Other uses are:

-Filling them with rocks or coins to create a makeshift cap or club

-Polishing Rag

-Emergency Gloves

-Bunching up and putting under your shirt sleeves for "muscles" or padding your bosom.

Pantyhose can be used in a similar method and also for the following.

-Make shift mosquito netting or to keep leeches from sticking on

-Pulled over the head as an emergency disguise

-Worn over a injured limb to keep the wound clean

-A make shift fishnet

-Replace a broken belt on a engine Go to Comment
and a ten foot pole.
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Silveressa's comment on 2008-04-29 06:46 PM
103 - Metal Coat Hangar

This wondrous device can be used for lots of things besides hanging clothes.

-Straightened out as a makeshift weapon or spear for fishing

-Wrapped around a broken muffler or car part to secure it

-Used to bind or tie up a prisoner

-Melted with a welder as make shift solder

-Cut into little bits as chaff or loaded into a shotgun shell as buckshot

-Bent into various shapes and heated up as a brand

-Wrapped around someones hands to add extra heft to hand to hand attacks. Go to Comment
101 Uses for an Iron Spike
Items  (Tools)   (Non-Magical)
Silveressa's comment on 2008-12-29 12:34 PM
Wrap a rag soaked in oil around the head and light for a quick torch. (It is advisable to drive the spike into a stone wall, floor, or companion you've got a grudge with first.

109. To satisfy the desire for male companionship. (Everyone was think'n it, I just said it! :P )

110. In place of wooden stakes to secure your tent for the evening.

111. For makeshift tapping a tree to get sap or syrup from it. (A bucket would come in handy here) Go to Comment
101 Uses for an Iron Spike
Items  (Tools)   (Non-Magical)
Silveressa's comment on 2008-12-29 12:36 PM
Fun Scroll, and full of handy concepts. Go to Comment
A Gasp of Glass
Dungeons  (Other)   (Style)
Silveressa's comment on 2011-02-01 03:39 PM

An incredible sub, truly epic and memorable, a real shame the author no longer frequents Strolens :(

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Society/ Organizations  (Ethnic/Cultural)   (Regional)
Silveressa's comment on 2011-01-24 02:41 AM

An interesting species that  can make for a memorable encounter. With a little adaptation they would work great as an alien species in some far off corner of the galaxy in sci-fi campaigns as well.

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Walking Through the Forest When...
Plots  (Travel)   (Encounter)
Silveressa's comment on 2008-12-26 02:00 AM
Great scroll, perfect for any trek through the wilds. Small reminder to update the table of contents with the new entries after the smelly ones. Go to Comment
Lifeforms  (Flora)   (Swamp)
Silveressa's comment on 2008-05-14 04:25 PM
Nasty stuff, I particularly like how it;s non lethal yet of a serious nuisance.

on a side note, other places on the human body are also of similar moist wet conditions as the mouth, so a surprised adventurer could well find this growing in unexpected places after a trek through some. (Between the toes or the groin area, which would be extremely unpleasant for females.) Go to Comment
Flawed Potions
Items  (Potion)   (Cursed)
Silveressa's comment on 2014-04-15 01:36 AM
Handy and I can see a few of these making an appearance int he next fantasy game I run, lovely, and well worth a golden vote! Go to Comment
30 People in a Tavern Crowd
NPCs  (Extras)   (Domestic/ Craft)
Silveressa's comment on 2011-01-10 09:46 PM

Handy for not just a bar, but festivals, or any large gathering of crowds, from the jousting tourney audience to the market you;re likely to find at least a few of these people/groups wandering around.

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30 Mages
NPCs  (Extras-Horde)   (Mystical)
Silveressa's comment on 2011-02-03 11:58 PM

An excellent resource for not only mages guilds and training academy's, but helpful for  mercenary companies and the hired magical muscle some groups need to acquire form time to time.

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Island of the Moon Hunter
Locations  (Area)   (Forest/ Jungle)
Silveressa's comment on 2008-12-13 03:12 AM
Interesting place, can make for a good location for the hard-to-find sage of the "all knowing" the pc's need to seek out to be told the location or answer to their current troubles. Go to Comment
Lifeforms  (Unique)   (Cyberspace)
Silveressa's comment on 2008-05-15 05:25 PM
Fun sub, and combined with Moonhunters post can make for a nice prelude to a System Failure campaign. Go to Comment
Markus the Black
NPCs  (Major)   (Mystical)
Silveressa's comment on 2011-04-29 12:52 AM

A great history behind an alchemist that could lead to some fun adventures as characters try to piece together the missing pieces of the mans past and what lead to his demise. (Either because they are his descendants or are hired by one of his colleagues to investigate the mans passing.)

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Space Combat - Armor
Items  (Armor)   (Non-Magical)
Silveressa's comment on 2012-05-09 10:45 PM

A nice compilation of armors that help flesh out the admittedly generic ones found in most sci-fi rpg's.

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Hellgate Prison
Dungeons  (Underground)   (Ecology)
Silveressa's comment on 2011-07-19 08:12 PM

An excellent and exhaustive underground area to replace the generic "dungeon" so many kingdoms have are of little interest to the residents, and characters simply scoff at being  thrown into.

I like the plot hooks at the end the second one in particular. Similar to "Escape from New York" except with a lot more excitement and a lot less familiar territory. 

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NPCs  (Scenario Based)   (Combative)
Silveressa's comment on 2011-07-11 12:44 PM

An interesting NPC, although she feels a little Mary-Sue to me. I like the over all story arch and premise, it has a fun appeal for those looking for a "future tech in modern day" game.

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The Swollen Shadow
Plots  (Mystical)   (Multi-Storyline)
Silveressa's comment on 2011-07-22 09:14 PM


Where is it? 


It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a grue.


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What's in a Vote?
Articles  (Humor/ Editorial)   (Citadel Help)
Silveressa's comment on 2008-04-28 10:15 PM
Useful stuff, although I admit to being mystified on why someone would try and manipulate their subs rating. (Really, a lousy 1 star sub that they manipulate to a higher rating will still be just as lousy as the day it was written so what's really the point?)

One suggestion I do have to improve this thread is to add in a bit of details about how one goes about voting and how many times per day one is allowed to vote.

Other than that pretty handy. Go to Comment
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