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Dungeon Anemone
Lifeforms  (Fauna)   (Underground)
Silveressa's comment on 2008-09-11 05:20 AM
My guess is it feeds off of the dead/dying victims, preferring to feed off of not hostile targets. Go to Comment
Dungeon Anemone
Lifeforms  (Fauna)   (Underground)
Silveressa's comment on 2008-09-11 05:34 AM
Interesting piece of the over all dungeon ecology, nice for fleshing out the mechanics behind "dungeon life" for gms and players alike, Go to Comment
Silly Items
Items  (Other)   (Cursed)
Silveressa's comment on 2014-04-09 12:48 AM
Old but still fun, I can see a stack of these making their way into an talismonger antique shop in my Shadowrun game Go to Comment
Oaken Shambler
Lifeforms  (Flora)   (Forest/ Jungle)
Silveressa's comment on 2011-07-20 11:57 AM
The sub link and one you posted in your above comment are broke for me, is the sub set to "private" by chance? Go to Comment
Shark Island
Locations  (Area)   (Water)
Silveressa's comment on 2008-12-29 10:52 AM
Nice location, the adventure hooks make it especially easy to drop into any campaign. It woudl be nice to have a little back story exactly why the sharks congregate around the island, and what brought about the tradition against killing them. (Something most pc's would ask as soon as they heard of the tradition)

Also replacing "country x" with a fictional name would help make the piece feel more flowing and less rigid. Go to Comment
Articles  (Resource)   (Game Mastering)
Silveressa's comment on 2011-01-27 09:33 PM

This sub seems to be little more then a reformatting of a wikipedia phobia listing with a paragraph stuck on the front of it to give it credence.

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The Rotten Bastard
Locations  (Establishment)   (Other)
Silveressa's comment on 2011-08-05 02:55 PM

Nasty and creepy, perfect place to meet an underworld contact for some shady business.

(The user submitted ideas coudl use a clean up however with some line breaks to split up the wall of text, will vote afterward on the complete piece)

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The Rotten Bastard
Locations  (Establishment)   (Other)
Silveressa's comment on 2011-08-06 10:03 AM

Thanks for the clean up, and the extra additions make the sub even more memorable and interesting.

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Raid on Tantalus IV
Plots  (Hired)   (Single-Storyline)
Silveressa's comment on 2011-07-16 11:24 AM

Despite the space faring premise, this piece screams "Shadowrun scenario" to me, with the majority fo the details easily alter to fit the setting. (Rather then another planet placing this in a suitable wasteland far from civilization, adjusting a few bits to include the magical ambience and races of Shadorwun setting etc..)

Very well put together and added to my favorites list for later use. 

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The Princesses Nemithia
NPCs  (Major)   (Political)
Silveressa's comment on 2008-10-03 04:39 AM
Very impressive sub, and one I;d nominate for a golden sub if I could.

An interesting twist would be to do a campaign with the char being a "Nemithia" whose mother fled with her from the kingdom soon after she was born, thus making her a unknowing pawn of forced beyond her comprehension. (struggling to resist possession by the evil spirit while finding the reason behind this strange creeping possession/haunting and how to put a stop to it would make for a fun campaign.

5/5 Go to Comment
The Terrible Terrible Sack
Items  (Other)   (Villanous)
Silveressa's comment on 2008-12-07 01:56 AM
Excellent, twisted, and over all perfect for any campaign magic is present in. (I've got plans to use this in a shadow run adventure in the near future. Replace the sack with a spell and mag locked briefcase and it's the perfect bit of extra "loot" they'll eagerly run off with from the next corporation.) Go to Comment
Daughters of the Slug
Society/ Organizations  (Mystical)   (Area)
Silveressa's comment on 2014-11-07 12:12 PM
Disturbingly awesome, and kept me hooked to the end, the additional sword idea added nicely to the piece, over all a memorable read and well worth a HoH. Go to Comment
Blade of the Redeemer
Items  (Melee Weapons)   (Heroic)
Silveressa's comment on 2011-07-20 06:01 PM

A handy weapon, with a unique secondary ability over the undead. It does raise an interesting small question though. What of the long dead that were resurrected by necromantic magic? (Those who died days or weeks earlier and been laid to rest in the proper ceremonies before their corpses were raised as undead.)

Since they're spirits had likely "moved on" could the sword some how drag the spirit back to it's body one last time? Or in those cases would the strikes merely be severely damaging?

That small inquiry aside I really do like the weapons origin and it's overall plain appearance that could allow it to go unnoticed for some time if recovered by a wandering adventurer off the corpse of the previous owner. (A holy blessing would unlikely radiate magic either.)

A fun variation on the otherwise over done "magic sword" I can see a use for this in my current Palladium Fantasy campaign. :)

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Lifeforms  (Fauna)   (Any)
Silveressa's comment on 2011-02-15 03:11 PM

A great article in the making, I hope to see it posted so I can give it a proper comment and vote.

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The Carcass House
Locations  (Establishment)   (Any)
Silveressa's comment on 2009-01-15 01:48 PM
Nice location, short simple and easy to plug in. I particularly like the dramatics addition, but would like to see maybe a little detail of the people who own the place.

Over all a nice piece, and can be pretty easily converted into a more modern setting with very little difficulty. (The place would look right at home in a western setting, or even modern day in a third world country.)

3.5 for the sub +.5 for it's compatibility with other genres outside fantasy. Nicely done. Go to Comment
A Cookbook of Gods!
Society/ Organizations  (Religious)   (World Wide)
Silveressa's comment on 2008-05-18 01:55 AM
Salsos God of salsas and chili

While in many circles this god of flavorful party enhancers is a welcome presence, others that have sampled his hellfire hot salsa, find him quite literally a pain in their rear.. The wide nearly endless variety of foods that have been produced with the most staple of his holy ingredients speaks volumes of his universal nature, almost every community having a "chili cook off" within his domains of influence, and many casual followers also throwing "salsa parties" in reverence to his wide spread bounty.

Alas there are some among his followers, that dare speak the blasphemy of their tolerance for his offerings, and consume dishes that are hot as molten lava, and rewarded for their efforts by a painful smiting in their backsides the following day. (Often accompanied by the grunting and rapid stuttering laughter of Salsos himself.) Go to Comment
A Cookbook of Gods!
Society/ Organizations  (Religious)   (World Wide)
Silveressa's comment on 2008-05-19 05:14 AM
A fun sub, and perfect gods to put in on a whim to remind the players some cultures may well have religious practices that are vastly different then the players beliefs. (Big Mac and Tw'inki are perfect for a light hearted post apocalypse game) Go to Comment
Items  (Equipment Listing)   (Combat)
Silveressa's comment on 2008-12-16 05:49 AM
Fun and imaginative. Some of these items are a little silly, but perfect for a little light hearted fun after a grueling adventure, or just for those off nights when the gm has little more planned then "a random bar scene." Go to Comment
Items  (Equipment Listing)   (Combat)
Silveressa's comment on 2008-12-16 06:13 AM
Beautiful Brew

Also nicknamed "one night brew," and "Maloney's makeover" after the original brew master.

Fist conceived by Maloney "Pock Mark" Mckay, a rather average overweight gentleman with bad facial scarring from a childhood sickness that had much trouble finding amicable companionship for the evenings. Before long like most men, he noticed how regular booze, when fed to gals in sufficient quantities would at times change their minds about going home with him for the evening.

Unfortunately for Maloney, the amount of booze often needed for an evening on Friday night would leave him nearly broke the rest of the following week thereafter. After some careful discussion with a local illusionist and alchemist the first of his wonderful drinks was brewed, in a specially enchanted cask.

Beautiful brew, much like the names implies, makes the imbiber appear much more handsome or beautiful then normal, the sweet fruity scent of the brew working on a subtle magical level to make them more appealing as well to both genders. (Something that can cause a fair amount of brawls and embarrassment to first time drinkers of the brew depending on their persuasions) Combined with the increased self confidence only 120 proof alcohol can provide, it helped Maloney, and in time many others, to find companionship without spending a fortune.

It has also found use among those that find their remaining options for nightly companionship dwindling in appearance, and wish to at least enjoy the illusion of a night with a girl or guy more beautiful/handsome than they can possibly imagine.

Another, less spoken of use, is by instigators of bar room brawls. A few drinks before hand and their appearance is such that no one can positively identify them later as the "one who started it." Go to Comment
The God of Small Things
Systems  (Divine/ Spirit)   (Defining)
Silveressa's comment on 2008-08-29 05:38 PM
Very nice addition to any pantheon. While subtle and at first glance relatively harmless, such a god can prove to me more devilishly powerful than even one of the more well known and feared deities of war.

I particularly love the intro, it present the sub quite nicely, one of your best subs yet Cheka. 5/5 Go to Comment
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