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Undead Economy
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Shadow1973's comment on 2007-03-15 01:19 PM
One of the things that you are not considering is that back in the old times, slaves/serfs were nothing more than laborors. If there was an injury or many deaths the lords would think "thats what serfs are for." True the undead work longer with less requirements, but look at the magik that would be needed to sustain the undead. What necromancer would want to put himself under any lord? Unless he was using it as a guise and pulling the lords strings. The main point of being a necromancer is to have power, and once you have a force that large who cares about the living, he just need to take care of himself, and once he has enough power he would probably turn himself into a LITCH. great fun thoose. It is a good idea, but maybe you could try stone or wood golems. just as easy to maintain and could really take care of business without the STINK! Go to Comment
Oin Bloodblade
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Shadow1973's comment on 2004-07-17 08:09 PM
This is good back ground, maybe have him wander the local woods for a while, but its the spells that are not quite right. The minor pick lock can be a cantrip or something of that nature, easy enough for a low lvl critter. The globe of protection and the healing are another story. I have neverheard for a mage class casting heal. Now if he was out on his own long enough I would consider him as a mid lvl ranger with some druid like spells. Have him be like a local guide for adventures traveling through his part of the woods. Go to Comment
By the law they froze
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Shadow1973's comment on 2004-07-17 07:46 PM
Another plot twist is that you could have some dark arts practiced by the local Lord. Have some rumors of undead walking the lands. (chill touch and cold weather, NASTY) Go to Comment
The Hellcoat
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Shadow1973's comment on 2004-07-20 10:25 PM
I just read a novel that the main character had a tanned hellhound coat that could talk to people mentally if it chose to. and prefers coal to eat. could also breafth fire 3 times a day. cool concept. but you should have it give it a small benifit so that a character would like to keep it Go to Comment
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Shadow1973's comment on 2005-01-10 11:00 AM
The magical pathways is a plot all on their own.

Would this cart be heavly loaded with items all over or are the neatly packed away in trunks? If this person is seen quite often pulling large objects out of small containers, there just might be some other wizard out there trying to find out how this peddeler is traveling about the lands selling so quickely of just wanting to see what is inside all them trunks. Go to Comment
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       By: manfred

You find a patch of edible funghi. They taste well and all, no ill effects. UNLESS you consume some beverage, even 3 (three) days after eating it. Then you become really sick with pains, vomiting, all the fancy stuff. As a gift or good meal, it could be a cruel joke or to make sure the heroes spend their time focused on the mission. And the fine soup you had in the inn yesterday could have some in.
(Inspired through a real-world fungus. Was really used to cure alcoholism.)

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