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Wolf Knights of Falkwrath
Society/ Organizations  (Combative)   (Regional)
Scrasamax's comment on 2017-08-03 04:34 PM
A nice debut submission, thank you Gourls Go to Comment
30 Knives
Items  (Melee Weapons)   (Combat)
Scrasamax's comment on 2017-07-28 03:23 PM
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The Well Lock
Dungeons  (Any)   (Puzzles)
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30 Inn/Hotel Problems
Locations  (Establishment)   (Plains)
Scrasamax's comment on 2017-06-22 06:56 AM
There are some seriously good plot hooks here, especially for midrange or higher level PCs. While a bit tedious in places, overall good. I would like to see a bit of fluff bring some of these scenes to life. Go to Comment
7 Types of Nanobots
Items  (Computers)   (Non-Magical)
Scrasamax's comment on 2017-05-31 03:21 PM
There are some interesting ideas here, some that need to be fleshed out. I do apologize about taking so long to respond. This is something that could feasibly fit into the Cosmic Era (albeit in a controlled environment, like a nanobot lab, with the patient resting in a medical pod, rather than a shoot in the arm and rock on with it)

I liked the Cure Itch Nanos, especially in the context of hacking them into 'Cause Itch' nanobots, so that dozens or hundreds of ceremonial soldiers could be reduced to rolling around like dogs halfway through a formal military parade for a dictator, sending the tin pot tyrant into a rage, and kicking off the rebellion.

I think several others missed their potential, because unless the PCs have a debilitating blood or heart disorder, or are paraplegic the blood and nerve nanos are useless. You can swing them around and have the blood nanobots make the blood more efficient, giving them more athletic stamina, or having enhanced clotting abilities keeping even lethal wounds from killing them. Go to Comment
Raketenhaus Ader-Wissenshaft
Locations  (Fortification)   (Space)
Scrasamax's comment on 2017-05-04 11:42 AM
Translates roughly to Smooth or Supple Armor/shell Go to Comment
7 Things About Beauty and the Beast
Articles  (Humor/ Editorial)   (Gaming - In General)
Scrasamax's comment on 2017-04-10 09:15 AM
They are planning to live action Mulan, but removing the songs and humor Go to Comment
The Confession of the Meena Ascendant, Mateus
Articles  (Setting Building)   (Gaming - Genre)
Scrasamax's comment on 2017-04-03 04:58 PM
Had this idea to run something like the entire background of the Annunaki and the inner mysteries of the Cosmic Era through the initiation of a new member of the secret society, and basically lost the momentum of the piece. Also, the Meena Ascendant was just too weird to work as a character, but the interaction and visuals were too entertaining, and ghoulish to let go. Go to Comment
Phase Categories
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Scrasamax's comment on 2017-03-18 03:45 PM

Dimensional Science

The study of natural phases and other dimensions is classified as Dimensional Science. Within this field, the people who study it refer to themselves as Exologists, or add the exo- prefix to whatever their field of expertise happens to be. Many of these are easily laughed off as being as serious as cryptozoolists, conspiracy theorists, or ancient astronaut researchers. The truth of the matter is that once someone has reached the point in their studies that they can consider themselves an exobotanist, they are very likely a leading or cutting edge figure in the non-exo application of their field of study. There are certainly loons to be found, but they generally lack the internal connections and funding to be anything other than comic figures, or counter-culture celebrities.


The study of other dimensions leads to the exploration of other dimensions. Those men and women who attempt to physically travel to the hypothetical realms are named Exonauts. The mortality rate of Exonauts is astronomically high, and the few that have returned alive almost never return sane. To those who pursue the field, they draw comparisons to the first peoples who tried to build boats, lots of them failed, lots of them died, and they were probably also mocked and ridiculed, at least until they figured out the business of crossing oceans.

Exonauts and Exologists

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Phase Categories
Locations  (Other)   (Space)
Scrasamax's comment on 2017-05-08 11:48 AM
The heliopause is the edge of the Solar system, where the Sun's solar wind meets the stellar medium. It's is a huge distance from the Sun, the planets are very well and deep in it. Go to Comment
Phase Categories
Locations  (Other)   (Space)
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11 billion miles Go to Comment
JOSH-Annex 1
Locations  (Fortification)   (Space)
Scrasamax's comment on 2017-03-30 06:46 AM
To the naked eye, a dim day star. Brighter at night, and a good navigation reference. With binoculars or cybernetic vision, appears as a silvery ring with specks around it. Go to Comment
30 Arcology Modules
Items  (Home/ Personal)   (Campaign Defining)
Scrasamax's comment on 2017-03-30 06:48 AM
Probably something legal like no more than 3 days.

I should probably add on the top deck stuff, the 1 percenter loft suites, the corner suite, the luxury eatery, etc Go to Comment
La Nan: The Web of a Million Rice Fields
Locations  (Country/ State)   (Other)
Scrasamax's comment on 2017-03-26 07:25 AM
I love La Nan and Pali Go to Comment
Cosmic Era Bestiary
NPCs  (Extras-Horde)   (Combative)
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Scorpion Quad

A fairly conventional quaddie, the Scorpion combines the upper torso of a standard combat droid with a four legged chassis. The larger chassis houses a robust generator and other equipment, giving the machine a decent range and combat endurance. The arms of the droid are typically replaced with auto-rifle gun-arms. Scorpions are low end, low cost machines. They are used in underworld locations, and in slums where they are tended to by clocksmith tinkers.

Scorpions are old, you can find the wrecks of them out in the desert. Someone built them in the thousands decades ago, maybe even a couple of centuries ago. Guts are robust, easy to fix. Autocannon arms use conventional ammo, not hard to put them back to work.

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Scrasamax's comment on 2017-03-09 06:58 AM
The use of something like the agonizer is the hallmark of a brutal totalitarian dictatorship. Despite the things going on behind the scenes with the PRC and the AtFed, they are still the torchbearers of western civilization. Is there bad shizz going on, is there exploitation and horrors being inflicted on people, absolutely. But that is true of the US since before its inception.

But I feel that almost by default all governments are corrupt and to some extent, evil. Thus the good guy government is either the lesser of available evils, or the best at hiding it. Go to Comment
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Scrasamax's comment on 2017-03-09 07:02 AM
1. Slavery
2. Jim Crow Laws
3. The Tuskegee Experiments
4. Japanese internment camps
5. The Trail of Tears
6. Hiroshima and Nagasaki
7. The creation of the Mujahideen
8. Wars for Oil
10. Gay conversion therapy

And we're the good guys Go to Comment
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Scrasamax's comment on 2017-03-10 10:04 AM
Lots of story ideas being generated from this sub.

I'd call that a big success Go to Comment
Order of Ixium
Society/ Organizations  (Criminal/Espionage)   (Trans World)
Scrasamax's comment on 2017-04-10 09:14 AM
House of the Forsaken is just off the cuff, it is a stand in villainous organization for a CE based idea that doesnt use the Imbrian legacies and Anunnaki as villains. The resr you filled in fine, so I would call it a success. Go to Comment
Doppelganger Egg
Items  (Other)   (Magical)
Scrasamax's comment on 2017-03-01 04:43 PM
I love it, and I want to port it over into the Cosmic Era as a piece of Imbrian technology. In records, not an actual surviving egg. Go to Comment
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Racy Religion

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On a certain continent, nearly all kingdoms worship under the same pantheon. However, in the southern reaches the peoples take a much more...liberal stance on their Gods. Statues are nude, and very anatomically correct, and icons are often startlingly brazen. For instance, the icon of (insert name), the goddess of love, is an image of two nude twins embracing in a passionate kiss, signifying the love of both family and partner. This is a source of unending outrage and offense for the Northern churches, whose traditional and modest take on religion is constantly at odds with the near-blasphemous ideals of the Southerners. While this is not enough to provoke outright conflict, there is more than enough simmering discontent and long-held grudges between the two hemispheres.

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