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An much more extreme modification, the Morzh mod demonstrates the extent to which the Neo-Soviets have mastered genertic engineering. The morzh phenoclade from the waist up is predominantly human, even if the features are blunt and crude looking. From the waist down, the morzh has more in common with marine mammals than with humans. The legs are fused together into a tail, and the feet are spread out into a tail fin, giving them strength and control moving around underwater. Unlike the rusalka, the morzh mod is designed for deep sea operations, and spending extended amounts of time underwater. Where the Rusalka cannot go much further than 200 meters, a morzh can free dive as deep as 1000 meters, and can do so in freezing temperature water.

There are several hundred Eurasian morzh, but they are all located in arctic seacologies or deep sea operations. In these locations they operate and inspect underwater listening and snooping equipment, spy on ACPS and Coalition underwater facilities, and salvage/loot underwater wrecks.

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Please do, because Google isn't the best for translation services, and I would be quite happy to give you co-author credit if you tidy up my mangled Russian names Go to Comment
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In the greater scheme of things, the Atlantic Federation is winning, because they have achieved a high level of space dominance. No one has as many spaceships as they do, and no one else has ships as big either. It's sort of like the US and carriers. The ACPS has largely won the war for Mars, having established a large ground force and regional dominance. Their power is divided between China and Mars, which somewhat limits what they can do. The Eurasian Alliance, aka the Neo-Soviet Union has fallen behind in both the space race, and the war for Mars, leaving them somewhat stranded on Earth. Of course no one has major dominance on Earth. The Atlantic Federation is contested on all three continents it claims land on. The ACPS is surrounded by hostiles, most notably the Pacific Rim coalition (which despite high tech, has been a regional loser) the Free Indian State, Nippon, etc.

Be strong where your enemy is weak. The Neo-Soviets are almost completely uncontested in the world oceans. The only places where they aren't in charge is the Caribbean, where aerial warships, shallow waters, and the Federation's Caribbean League/Atlantis state prevent dominance.

What could be fun and a game changer? Space Submarines. Submersible spaceships. Go to Comment
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Update: Morepolozhinye has since been replaced with podvadom, as per recommendation of Murometz and co Go to Comment
The Cursed Cup of Immortality
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Update: Not going to finish this one, but the basic premise was that the cup was actually a cursed relic that was found and used by villains and such as a trap. Those who drink from the cup are granted immortality, but only so long as they regularly use the cup, and while they cling to life, they lose their will to live, are overcome by ennui, melancholy, or otherwise eventually chose to end their own lives, but generally not before causing a good deal of carnage along the way. Go to Comment
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It's not going to be finished, which it why it's been kicked out. Go to Comment
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Comment, vote, doesn't matter. There was too much with the two entries to delete it, and I was basically cleaning house on my in work box. Go to Comment
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I'm open to suggestions because I'm not happy with the name, it is clunky, doesn't abbreviate well, and feels like something Apple would use to describe the design philosophy behind a light switch. Go to Comment
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In the Cosmic Era I can see there being a blurry line between what is acceptable genetic modification, such as genefixing, or the outlandish but rather harmless stuff like making yourself look like a cat, elf, or dranaei? and what is making a weaponized human.

Most nations and organizations capable of genetic modification kinda crap all over the no supersoldiers edict from the Tycho convention, mostly because the conventions are kinda like the League of Nations, looks good on paper, but has no clout, no teeth, to enforce it's rulings. Go to Comment
Identity Theft in the Cosmic Era
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Scrasamax's comment on 2015-12-28 04:00 PM
What was the movie where the old guy was murdered, and the only thing they could talk to was a hologram of him, and if they asked the wrong question, it could only say 'my responses are limited'? Same basic concept, and totally. Go to Comment
Gesund Auf
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There is a security firm in place, and it largely originates from the machine intelligences that networked the CogNet together. I do need to elaborate on them, but they are basically the 'gods' behind the network, and are one of the reasons that the same network is available regardless of what country you are in. There are private security firms, there are national and international security firms, and like a living organism, there are AISC generated security systems. For the most part, hacking someone's gesund is as likely as someone having their pacemaker hacked. Another layer is that everyone who has a gesund also has a Muse, and to hack into the gesund, any hacker would have to get through that first, without it being able to alert anyone or anything.

I would also posit that there is going to be something along the lines of biological encryption, in that you wouldn't be able to hack into something like someone's cyberware without having access to their genetic information. Go to Comment
Memetic Measurement
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Good questions, and it really depends on who is asking. If the corporate sponsor is asking, just the original meme in it's intended purpose. From a cultural or societal angle, all the variations would be valid. Go to Comment
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Most things are only going to be made of one material, and stuff like metal is going to be very fine powder suspended in a gel. The cartridges is accurate, but larger forges are likely to use holding tanks or material hoppers to feed them, but these are machines that aren't printing out pens and paperclips, but armor in pieces and other pre-fab construction materials. A liquid hauling vehicle could offload it's cargo, cement truck style, into an industrial hopper, which feeds the forge, and on the other side, construction mecha remove the extruded girders, because again like cement, it's all in the mix. Go to Comment
Archery in the Cosmic Era
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Scrasamax's comment on 2015-12-26 09:49 AM
The Atlantic Federation is very large, and while it might seem like a lot has gone into their archery program, it's a drop in the ocean compared to the funding that's gone into flying warships, space stations, supersoldier programs and so forth. Go to Comment
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If we can genetically engineer plants to be sterile and self-terminating, I see no reason for why in 350 years we can't make a flash drive that deletes itself the first time you use it, or a program that one of the core codes is deletion while it is running. You can't run it without deleting it, and it's not corps running this DRM, it's the hackers and other underground groups doing it, so there is every chance that if you did manage to get around the self-deletion, there is likely a nasty virus or hack waiting for you. Go to Comment
7 Futurists Predict the Cosmic Era
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Scrasamax's comment on 2015-12-28 12:52 PM
The Cosmic Era is how I sleep at night. When it's out on the Citadel, in a binder, or written in Evernote, It's out of my head. Go to Comment
Lifeforms  (Fauna)   (City/ Ruin)
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Fascinating critter, the only thing missing was the HD close ups of the spider while Morgan Freeman discussed the arachnid's pansexuality Go to Comment
Phantom Wood
Lifeforms  (Unique)   (Tundra/ Arctic)
Scrasamax's comment on 2015-12-12 11:49 PM
I quite imagine the Phantom Wood in the same manner as the Elementals from Chronicles of Riddick. When the air is still the trees are the most visible, but when it blows, they become increasingly hard to see as their visible form is seemingly blown away. I also like that you provide several explanations as to what the trees actually are, but leave enough room that people trying to use it can either pick the one they like, or use all of the answers presented as red herrings for the players to chase.

Finally, I enjoyed the old school vibe of the break down of the quasi-plant and it's uses in terms of wondrous materials and spell components. Go to Comment
7 Rings
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Scrasamax's comment on 2015-12-18 04:58 PM
Nicely done, I liked the Ring of Girl and the Ring of Bang Go to Comment
Lifeforms  (Fauna)   (Any)
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snake cats, eh? Strange critters, but still they seem very familiar.

Might be because I have owned a ferret or two. Go to Comment
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The creation of intelligent magical weapons is not an exact science and there are occasional failures, as such think of causing a little more stress to your players by "rewarding" them with an insane magical weapon

Agrophobic, refuses to come out of the scabbard without a strength check to draw it.

Haemaphobic: afraid of blood, fight at a penalty against any blooded creatures but really good against undead, elementals etc

Schizophrenic, not just one mind in your sword, lets have half a dozen minds in there, all different and bound to cause confusion

the possibilities are endless

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