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Scrasamax's comment on 2017-02-07 08:51 AM
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Cosmetic Tropes of the Cosmic Era
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Scrasamax's comment on 2018-04-15 10:33 AM

Cosmic Era Fashion

Military Chic - this is an increasingly popular stylistic choice, and is marked through the use of semi-tactical looking clothing, synthetic tattoos, and using the body to express a certain personal stance. This is generally marked by camo pants, military style vests with pockets, equipment belts, mesh shirts, and hats that emulate the appearance of helmets.

The biggest downside of Military Chic is that it is being done by people with zero military experience, so it is fashion emulating entertainment feed military programming filtered through the arts and fashion community. This fashion is intended to be hand in hand with the Daily Discourse and provocative. Someone who is willing to don the fashion week version of a Tropic Thunder cosplay with a Blood Tat on their chest screaming NO LOVE FOR SYNTHCO on their chest is deliberately being aggressive

AtomPunk Chic - also known as MadMaxPunk, MMP embraces the percieved fashion and nature of the people who live in the Wastelands, who are wild, dangerous, and exotic to the denizens of the arcos. MMP fashion uses lots of 'scavenged' materials, and is designed to show off the wearer's physique, but add elements of danger by frequently hiding the face under a skull or other violently themed mask.

Wanna be badbois will adopt MMP to make themselves look aggressive and edgy. They will also want to indulge in things like going slumming outside of the arco, especially into places where the police and bioscanners dont work so that they can do light criminal stuff like hang out in dive bars, hurt people, do questionable drugs, and so forth, without getting too far away from the protections they are trying to edge out from underneath.

Sedan-bots - Many people can afford synthetics now, and the more well off can have than one. This gives the upper income arco resident the option of having themselves carried in a sedan chair, like Victorian London. Two robots carry an enclosed box, with their owner/passenger inside. The sedan itself can have ventilation, entertainment options, and even allow a completely naked occupant to be carried through a busy pedestrian area while they are having a number two or are indulging in some technomasturbation on their way to work/office/party/wherever. The use of a Sedan chair is allowed in most places as it is carried human style and uses public space like any other group of people. There is a tax/fee for using a sedan chair, but it is modest.

- Safe Sedans have armor protection and security encryption to protect the occupant, as well as armored carriers. This is very low key. These are often used to move VIPs from secure areas, or by administrators and officers of an arco. Celebrities, and other well heeled users also like these are they are less troublesome than using mass transit systems or dealing with a larger vehicle.

Li-Pfohl Bra - The Li-Pfohl bra is a style of garment that sets the breasts to the highest level of notice, and will encapsulate the breast in a zeppelin like blast cone, or cover it in a synthetic material that matches the wearer's skin tone. These are typically worn in by women who wish to express their Feminine Power.

History records Madonna's silver cone bra as the proto-Li-Pfohl bra, and going into the Cosmic Era, the designs have become increasingly absurd and bombastic. The only limit is the imagination, and almost every euphemism for the breast has been turned into some sort of LP-bra. Headlights - a large bra that is equipped with commercial style LED lamps for high illumination. Sweater Puppies or Kittens - the bra is mostly transparent and hollow, with a holofed of a puppy or kitten living in each cup.

Demi-Head - The Demi-Head is just a robotic head, almost always modeled after the owner, and linked to their own cathex and gesund auf. Thus, the demi-head is active, looks around, occasionally talks, and interacts with the user and those around them. The main function is that the demi-head will engage in it's own subtext conversations, or will burp up observations. Thus a casual dinner between a woman with her demi-head accessory and her date could have the demi-head yawning visibly if she is bored, or making faces if the food isn't good.

While a small community, people who have demi-heads find it quite rude and a faux pas to actively talk to someone's demi-head, or to acknowledge something it has said. Thus there are situations where a group of people with these will be talking politely and about topical things while their demi-heads rattle out their rude thoughts, or what they are emotionally feeling.

Vicktor-Rolfe Industries Model W Personal Drone - This mouthful is a light and breeze drone that hovers above a user by a few feet and makes sure that they are always in good lighting for pictures and captures. The use of fans keeps the hair blown in the proper direction, and is intended to make sure that the worst impromptu selfie or paparazzi pictures show the user looking great.

Nothing says high maintenance and self important quite like having a drone buzzing above your head to make sure that you look good for other people's pictures.

Namilia Apparatus - the Namilia apparatus is a synthetic vulva that can be attached to almost anything. This device cannot be penetrated, it is just a visual facsimile, but it is a smart device and it can transmit what someone has done to it to a biofeedback system. These were originally used as handheld devices for women to use for discrete masturbation, or as ways to better express foreplay to their mates, but they quickly found their way into art and fashion circles. A Namilia apparatus can connect to a user's gesund auf, for full biometric response.

Art - Namilias were turned into art exhibits, with a display of dozens of Namilia 'flowers' that people could touch and smell, all linked to a single person, or to whoever stood in one certain spot. Performance artists would take these and leave them places to see what people would do to them.

Fashion - attaching minimalist namilias to clothings and furniture, designers tried to say a lot of things about feminism and female power, but the message was confused and muddled, and while no one really understood what they were trying to say, it was popular.

Personal Drape - the Personal Drape is carried by a drone similar to the Vicktor-Rolf W, but it is not much more than a semi-sheer piece of large fabric that floats above the user and hangs down to their feet. The Drape is typically made of a photoreflective material so that attempts to take their picture or capture their image will cause the material to become digitally opaque. These are most commonly used by people of influence who are in mourning, dont wish to have their pictures taken, or are attending a personal event.

A popular variant of the drape is for the user to be almost completely nude under it. While see through, they are visible, but as they are covered it is considered descent. The material allows them to be naked, without being photographed while doing it, the only people who get to see are the people who are actually there.

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The Wastelands
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Scrasamax's comment on 2016-08-26 05:06 PM
Sexy Borg Queen, a wasteland seraphim, created by DFE. Fusion of human and machine, connected to the minds of her followers in a massively centralized vingian array.

Sil, the Slag, a type of wasteland mutant, designated a breeder. Copulates, typically kills mate and consumes their body for biofuel, lays eggs that hatch into new sil. Pheromone pumps, adrenal glands, zerglings with sexiness.

Serleena the Magistrix, wasteland archon, parapsychic dominatrix, sex avatar, breeder queen

Eccentrica Gallumbits

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The Wastelands
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Scrasamax's comment on 2016-09-01 03:30 PM
Depends on the city and what nation it is in. Most people 'shake out' rather than hop on a helocraft and fly away. Shaking out is typically falling out of the heart of the city, the arco, and down into the geofront. Down there, you are closer to the ground and the security isn't as tight. Go to Comment
The Wastelands
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Scrasamax's comment on 2016-09-05 02:47 PM
The Utopia Initiative now has it's own submission, thank you for asking Go to Comment
Options for expanded character backgrounds
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Scrasamax's comment on 2016-08-30 04:32 PM
Enjoyable read, could easy blossom in lists of potential triggers, complications, black marks, etc Go to Comment
Austerhagen Device
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Scrasamax's comment on 2016-08-27 08:15 AM
Schwartzchild - the most common yield austerhagen warhead. The Schwartzchild is a 'static' detonation and has no angular momentum. This is the smallest, and most controlled version of the weapon and creates an event horizon approximately 50 meters wide. Everything within this diameter is simply gone. Outside of the diameter, there is gravitational sheer, stress fractures, and secondary damage.

Reissner-Nordstrom - similar to the Schwartzchild, the Reisnner-Nordstrom (RN, or the 'Black Nurse') is a static event, but energetic. The horizon of a Black Nurse is 100-120 meters, and there is significant disruption to EM fields after it's collapse. Reissner-Nordstrom warheads are uncommon due to this. They are more likely to be used as noise generators than in actual targeted combat.

Kerr - the Kerr is a large austerhagen warhead, typically deploying in the self destruct feature of secure offworld facilities. The Kerr is simply a much larger version of a Schwartzchild, static and uncharged. The horizon of a Kerr can be as large as 300 meters, more than adequate to consume an entire space station or large space ship, or to turn an asteroid base into a hollow sphere. There are anti-ship Kerr warheads, but these are highly classified weapons.

Kerr-Newman - the KN is the last word in destruction, opening a kilometer wide rotating black hole. The handful of these superweapons are insurance in case of something like the Seibertronians turning against humanity, an AISC going truly rogue, or encountering something that no reflex team can hope to stop. Only one KN warhead has even been detonated and it was a desperate attempt to close the expanding Weir Rift, a massive DFE that appeared after the failure of a prototype FTL engine test. The rift and the black hole canceled each other out, leaving gravity waves rippling out from the event, sending storms raging through Neptune's atmosphere. Go to Comment
Austerhagen Device
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Scrasamax's comment on 2016-08-27 08:24 AM
The Gates of Guf

The Gates of Guf are a Nipponese Austerhagen warhead of the Kerr-Newman yield, but is different from the Federation model in that the Guf warhead is a slow burn model, and the resulting event can last for several terrifying minutes. The weapon is part of the Nipponese reflex plan, should something like a teratomorph or Arhat level parapsychic overcome existing defense and response forces, the Guf would be delivered to the problem and 'opened'. The resultant event would unfurl, bathing everything in the brilliance of the the accretion zone, a glowing sphere of light brighter than the sun.

Such a weapon could potentially alter the magnetic field of the Earth, alter weather patterns, and otherwise disrupt the ecosphere. The nipponese government has several of these weapons. Go to Comment
Austerhagen Device
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Scrasamax's comment on 2016-08-27 08:47 AM

Accelerated Higgs Particle Cannon - colloquially known as a Super Higgs, or Super Graviton Cannon. The form of the AHPC is similar to a basic HPC, but it is much larger and has amplifiers. The prototype AHCP is mounted axially down the center line of a classified testbed warship nestled in at the Maw Installation. The AFS Kepler is listed as a science and research vessel, with emphasis on Higgs research and gravitronics as a whole. The 800 meter ship is a transport vehicle for the AHPC.

When powered up, the front end of Kepler decouples and opens like a mechanical flower, and the beam emitter is exposed. There are six 'amplifiers' that extend from the ship and are locked in place with a powerful magnetic field. These six flattened barrel shaped units, 20 meters wide and 5 meters thick, project and manipulate gravimetric forces in front of the ship and in the emitter. This decreases space-time resistance to the particle beam, allowing the super dense stream of energy to move above the speed of light.

The estimated yield of the Kepler AHPC is 100 gigatons. Should the weapon be pointed at the Earth, the damage would be very likely civilization ending. A European centered blast would set everything from Oslo to Sicily, France to Belurus on fire, with a 100 kilometer wide fireball over Vienna. A similar blast over the United States would stretch from New York to Denver, New Orleans to the top of Ontario, with the 100 kilometer wide fireball leaving nothing behind of Chicago.

Currently, there is not enough power available to the Kepler to charge the weapon up to that world breaking output. Work on the AHPC has been sidelined following the highly negative reviews of the leaked Obliteratix joke program.

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Austerhagen Device
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Scrasamax's comment on 2016-08-28 07:34 AM
Large scale war is almost completely unheard of, small brushfire wars are common, but there are also things like the random kaiju that pops up after a science experiment goes wrong. Plus, the leading world power, the Atlantic Federation, is very hawkish and pro-military. Go to Comment
Heavy Gear: Cosmic Command and Conquer
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Scrasamax's comment on 2016-08-21 02:24 PM

Drone Tank

The Drone Tank is a high end weapon system deployed by the Atlantic Federation. It has an A-pod based suspension system (full hover, high speed) and an gyroscopic laser. The weapon is mounted in a robot turret, with a full 360 rotation and up to 45 degree elevation in the beam emitter. The tank is controlled via remote link, and does not have autonomous functionality. In combat, the vehicle is fast and accurate with its laser, but has only a moderate amount of armor and moderate staying power in a fight.

The strengths of the unit are it's relatively low cost, high speed, and accuracy. It can also be be outfitted with other gear, depending on the mission needed. This includes anti-air missiles, anti-personnel weaponry, ECM gear, or supplies as needed.

The weaknesses of the unit are it's reliance on remote control and vulnerability to hacking. The main laser has range but lacks stopping power, and at full power output, it only has a few minutes of endurance. The laser and drive system consume a large amount of the power it can contain in it's batteries.

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Heavy Gear: Cosmic Command and Conquer
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Scrasamax's comment on 2016-08-21 02:31 PM


The Armored Personnel Carrier is a tried and true system, a fast moving vehicle that carries soldiers into battle.

The strengths of the APC are that they are cheap, and allow basic infantry to overcome their limited mobility and low speed.

The weaknesses of the APC are that they are typically very poorly armed, often depending on the soldiers inside to literally shoot out of holes in the side, have light armor, and are seen as expendable vehicles.

The Heavy APC attempts to face the armor challenge by increasing the armor of the vehicle, typically to the detriment of it's speed. Heavy APCs are uncommon.

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Heavy Gear: Cosmic Command and Conquer
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Scrasamax's comment on 2016-08-21 02:38 PM

The Infantry Fighting Vehicle is very similar to an APC, but is much better armed, and might even have a turret on par with a light tank. IFVs are popular choices for advanced militaries that are loss adverse. Like the APC, they have the ability to carry infantry into battle, but can remain and fight as fire support for them, and once in place, act like light tanks instead of empty boxes with machine guns on them.

The strengths of the IFV are that they are much more combat capable than APCs, and are safer for the crews that man them.

The weaknesses of the IFV are that they are much more expensive and more likely to experience combat situations than drop and run APCs. In a stand up fight with heavy armor and combat vehicles, the IFV is still an inferior fighting machine. Go to Comment
Heavy Gear: Cosmic Command and Conquer
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Mobile Repair Vehicle

The MRV is a vital piece of any Cosmic Era army. The vehicle is functionally a self propelled polyforge factory. It can quickly and efficiently manufacture the parts and equipment needed by a force in the field, so long as it has the proper programs and raw materials to work with. Most MRVs have logistical support, and a scrapper force attached to them. These scrappers are able to sort out the materials needed, slag them down, and feed them into the MRV hoppers to keep the forges purring.

The strength of the MRV is that it provides rolling logistic support, printing out almost any piece of hardware needed, without resorting to logistic drops. While not the most efficient means, it is prompt, and it is in place.

The weakness of the MRV is that it is big, and expensive, and if stripped of escort or defenders, easily captured or destroyed. To counter some of this, MRVs are typically attached to carry-all groups, so that the vehicle can be airlifted out of a combat zone rather than risk it's loss. Go to Comment
Heavy Gear: Cosmic Command and Conquer
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Scrasamax's comment on 2016-08-21 02:48 PM
Military Carry-All/Light

The MCA/L is a common logistic vehicle, typically used to quickly airlift and move materials and hardware. These vehicles have replaced helicopters, and can be equipped with ducted fans (helocraft), jump jet engines, or A-pods and wings. These are used for small scale operations or insertions where something as large as a mech drop capable carry-all would be excessive, or too easy of a target. MAC/Ls are very frequently used for infantry and power infantry operations. Mecha and other large vehicles use conventional carry-alls.

The strength of the MCA/L is it's versatility and cost. The vehicle has a very similar mission profile to that of helicopters in support and non-combat roles. They can lift heavy loads, don't require runways, and can hover in place as needed.

The weakness of the MCA/L is it's light armor and lack of weaponry. They are fragile and easily shot down if not protected. Go to Comment
The Houri
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Scrasamax's comment on 2016-08-21 01:00 PM

30 Wastelander Warlords
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Scrasamax's comment on 2016-08-18 04:44 PM
The Mwenye Junta

Dominating a large swath of eastern Africa, the Mwenye junta is a loose coalition of warlords. The Silver is the nominal leader of the Junta, being the most charismatic and experienced. The Silver is supported by The Halfcourt and the Doctor El, having historical ties to him. The Bebop and Rocksteady are also allies, but are not considered reliable to the Junta. Go to Comment
Rumpelstiltskin in the Cosmic Era
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Scrasamax's comment on 2016-08-20 01:35 PM
Enjoyable read, and I especially liked the part about the Seibertronian name, and the emotional connection. Go to Comment
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Scrasamax's comment on 2017-01-12 04:22 PM
The average strider is about the size of an automobile, or a transformer that is halkway through transformation, legs and arms out, but the chassis hasn't unfolded up into the torso, and is something like the Veritech version of a Camaro
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7 Things About Suicide Squad
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Scrasamax's comment on 2016-08-31 03:24 PM
To give a little depth to that being burnt out on supers movies, which second spiderman movie are you talking about, the 2nd Spiderman with Andrew Garfield, or the 2nd Spiderman with Tobey Mcguire?
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