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Advice for interstellar Travellers
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Scrasamax's comment on 2017-10-30 03:33 PM
Always keep up to date on your vaccines, you never know when you might encounter a bug on another station that might kill you in a few hours, but everyone there is already immune to it. Go to Comment
The Gromgrom Bush
Lifeforms  (Flora)   (Mountains)
Scrasamax's comment on 2017-10-24 12:18 PM
I like the mechanic, but I can see the bushes having certain limits, they can foresee their demise, but some things are vague, some things are bold. Storms, volcanoes, etc, they can see coming. More incidental things are harder for them to foresee. Go to Comment
Terraforming Megastructures
Locations  (Other)   (Any)
Scrasamax's comment on 2017-11-08 06:51 AM
One of the things discussed was injecting sulfer dioxide into the upper atmosphere, mimicking the cooling potential of large volcanic eruptions without the actual eruptions. This aerosol plan would conceivably cool the planet several degrees F but no one is seriously pursuing it because terraforming and geoengineering are somewhere between taboo and science fiction. Go to Comment
Kepler 11145123
NPCs  (Scenario Based)   (Knowledge/Lore)
Scrasamax's comment on 2017-10-10 07:35 PM
Find this big gold sphere, put it in the cargo hold. 6 hours later it's reactivated, hacked the ship computer, and has cobbled together a robo-zombie army Go to Comment
Dream Well
Items  (Unique)   (Any)
Scrasamax's comment on 2017-10-07 06:57 AM
Interesting gadget, I like it Go to Comment
30 Questions to ask your players
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Scrasamax's comment on 2017-10-08 07:08 AM
Back in the day! Go to Comment
Neon Bunny
NPCs  (Minor)   (Technical)
Scrasamax's comment on 2017-09-29 03:42 PM
That is an interesting notion. There are plenty of things that could be done, clone face, regenerative treatments, lifelike prosthetics, all I can think of is a psychological block? Go to Comment
The Plain of Taranis
Locations  (Area)   (Plains)
Scrasamax's comment on 2017-09-15 07:07 PM
I'd like to get back to just writing some stuff without stringing together elaborate backstories and settings. Go to Comment
30 Types of Fire
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Scrasamax's comment on 2017-09-14 03:05 PM
Certainly some interesting applications of magical fire, quite a few more than my seven fold flame Go to Comment
Broadhead Defensive Drone
Items  (Ranged Weapons)   (Combat)
Scrasamax's comment on 2017-09-13 05:56 AM
Nice drone Go to Comment
Projector Drone
Items  (Home/ Personal)   (Non-Magical)
Scrasamax's comment on 2017-09-13 06:00 PM
Only voted Go to Comment
Items  (Other)   (Villanous)
Scrasamax's comment on 2017-09-08 06:47 AM
1995 gold pieces and it can be yours Go to Comment
Lightning Elemental
Lifeforms  (Ethereal)   (Any)
Scrasamax's comment on 2017-09-05 04:04 PM
Update: Meh Go to Comment
Nartine the Stubborn, Avatar of Mathom
NPCs  (Minor)   (Mystical)
Scrasamax's comment on 2017-09-05 03:51 PM
What Strolen said! Go to Comment
Gigmucc the Frogman
NPCs  (Extras)   (Mercantile)
Scrasamax's comment on 2017-09-05 03:49 PM
Good use of linking, colorful, and a fun read, thank you! Go to Comment
30 Adventures
Articles  (Campaign)   (Gaming - In General)
Scrasamax's comment on 2017-08-28 08:39 AM
Not a bad list and there are some good ideas in here but it wanders through several different genres and rather lacks focus. I would have made a genre fantasy list and a modern list.

Or something like 30 Reasons the Village Elders are Hiring Adventurers Go to Comment
7 More Ships
Items  (Transports)   (Campaign Defining)
Scrasamax's comment on 2017-08-12 09:02 AM
I quite like some of these Cheka, and as Longspeak has mentioned, it would be great to see you pick one item from one of your lists and expand it out into it's submission
Go to Comment
Systems  (Ecological)   (Specific)
Scrasamax's comment on 2017-08-20 09:02 AM
Seeing as parapsy abilities are rooted in spiritual trauma, it could lead that the presence of EMS and its symptoms could aggravate the situation. The people in the towers are cleaner, more insulated, and more complacent, while the people in the sprawl and undercity are being irradiated as well oppressed. That works nicely. Go to Comment
Infinity Class
Items  (SpaceShips)   (Campaign Defining)
Scrasamax's comment on 2017-08-20 09:03 AM
There is more to Project Infinity, I just need more computer time to get it out. The Charlatan tag is there for a reason Go to Comment
30 More Prisons
Dungeons  (Any)   (Rooms/ Halls)
Scrasamax's comment on 2017-08-11 08:46 AM
Only voted Go to Comment
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       By: manfred

As the PCs travel the road, right after a bend they hear a sharp whistle and call: "Heeey, not so lazy, move your asses!" It is a large man that calls, and there are unwilling workers that listen. A small company, 10-15 men work on the road, push boulders aside, dig up roots from under the road, etc. The large man that shouted turns to you, smiles fast and mutters something under his breath, sounds like cursing some lazy worker. "Where does the road bring you from, travellers?" And does a little small-talk.

And what is really happening? A group of bandits is 'adapting' the road for shady purposes. The road will not be wider, but tighter, with enough cover around (and a few traps perhaps), and will become an ideal spot for ambushing travellers or entire caravans. The bandit leader wants them all to appear harmless. The 'lazy worker' he cursed was actually a guard that should give warning before any travellers come around (fallen asleep). Not surprisingly, the boss may decide for an ambush even now.

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