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Heavy Gear: Cosmic Command and Conquer
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Scrasamax's comment on 2016-08-21 02:24 PM

Drone Tank

The Drone Tank is a high end weapon system deployed by the Atlantic Federation. It has an A-pod based suspension system (full hover, high speed) and an gyroscopic laser. The weapon is mounted in a robot turret, with a full 360 rotation and up to 45 degree elevation in the beam emitter. The tank is controlled via remote link, and does not have autonomous functionality. In combat, the vehicle is fast and accurate with its laser, but has only a moderate amount of armor and moderate staying power in a fight.

The strengths of the unit are it's relatively low cost, high speed, and accuracy. It can also be be outfitted with other gear, depending on the mission needed. This includes anti-air missiles, anti-personnel weaponry, ECM gear, or supplies as needed.

The weaknesses of the unit are it's reliance on remote control and vulnerability to hacking. The main laser has range but lacks stopping power, and at full power output, it only has a few minutes of endurance. The laser and drive system consume a large amount of the power it can contain in it's batteries.

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Heavy Gear: Cosmic Command and Conquer
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The Armored Personnel Carrier is a tried and true system, a fast moving vehicle that carries soldiers into battle.

The strengths of the APC are that they are cheap, and allow basic infantry to overcome their limited mobility and low speed.

The weaknesses of the APC are that they are typically very poorly armed, often depending on the soldiers inside to literally shoot out of holes in the side, have light armor, and are seen as expendable vehicles.

The Heavy APC attempts to face the armor challenge by increasing the armor of the vehicle, typically to the detriment of it's speed. Heavy APCs are uncommon.

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Heavy Gear: Cosmic Command and Conquer
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The Infantry Fighting Vehicle is very similar to an APC, but is much better armed, and might even have a turret on par with a light tank. IFVs are popular choices for advanced militaries that are loss adverse. Like the APC, they have the ability to carry infantry into battle, but can remain and fight as fire support for them, and once in place, act like light tanks instead of empty boxes with machine guns on them.

The strengths of the IFV are that they are much more combat capable than APCs, and are safer for the crews that man them.

The weaknesses of the IFV are that they are much more expensive and more likely to experience combat situations than drop and run APCs. In a stand up fight with heavy armor and combat vehicles, the IFV is still an inferior fighting machine. Go to Comment
Heavy Gear: Cosmic Command and Conquer
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Mobile Repair Vehicle

The MRV is a vital piece of any Cosmic Era army. The vehicle is functionally a self propelled polyforge factory. It can quickly and efficiently manufacture the parts and equipment needed by a force in the field, so long as it has the proper programs and raw materials to work with. Most MRVs have logistical support, and a scrapper force attached to them. These scrappers are able to sort out the materials needed, slag them down, and feed them into the MRV hoppers to keep the forges purring.

The strength of the MRV is that it provides rolling logistic support, printing out almost any piece of hardware needed, without resorting to logistic drops. While not the most efficient means, it is prompt, and it is in place.

The weakness of the MRV is that it is big, and expensive, and if stripped of escort or defenders, easily captured or destroyed. To counter some of this, MRVs are typically attached to carry-all groups, so that the vehicle can be airlifted out of a combat zone rather than risk it's loss. Go to Comment
Heavy Gear: Cosmic Command and Conquer
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Military Carry-All/Light

The MCA/L is a common logistic vehicle, typically used to quickly airlift and move materials and hardware. These vehicles have replaced helicopters, and can be equipped with ducted fans (helocraft), jump jet engines, or A-pods and wings. These are used for small scale operations or insertions where something as large as a mech drop capable carry-all would be excessive, or too easy of a target. MAC/Ls are very frequently used for infantry and power infantry operations. Mecha and other large vehicles use conventional carry-alls.

The strength of the MCA/L is it's versatility and cost. The vehicle has a very similar mission profile to that of helicopters in support and non-combat roles. They can lift heavy loads, don't require runways, and can hover in place as needed.

The weakness of the MCA/L is it's light armor and lack of weaponry. They are fragile and easily shot down if not protected. Go to Comment
The Houri
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30 Wastelander Warlords
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The Mwenye Junta

Dominating a large swath of eastern Africa, the Mwenye junta is a loose coalition of warlords. The Silver is the nominal leader of the Junta, being the most charismatic and experienced. The Silver is supported by The Halfcourt and the Doctor El, having historical ties to him. The Bebop and Rocksteady are also allies, but are not considered reliable to the Junta. Go to Comment
Rumpelstiltskin in the Cosmic Era
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Enjoyable read, and I especially liked the part about the Seibertronian name, and the emotional connection. Go to Comment
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The average strider is about the size of an automobile, or a transformer that is halkway through transformation, legs and arms out, but the chassis hasn't unfolded up into the torso, and is something like the Veritech version of a Camaro
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7 Things About Suicide Squad
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Scrasamax's comment on 2016-08-31 03:24 PM
To give a little depth to that being burnt out on supers movies, which second spiderman movie are you talking about, the 2nd Spiderman with Andrew Garfield, or the 2nd Spiderman with Tobey Mcguire?
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Landrace Mag-Rails are among the most common and important vehicles on the Silk Road and across the Wastelands. They are plentiful, easy to repair, and have the strength and endurance to carry an abundant amount of cargo. Fitting this:

7 Landraces

1. The Cargo Hauler - the fastest hunk of junk in the Wasteland. Cargo hauler landraces can carry up to 40 tons of cargo, an amount equivalent to a typical tractor trailer load. The vehicles are relatively fast, able to outpace anything bound to legs or wheels. These are the meat and potatoes of the Silk Road, and can be found hauling everything from water to illegal merchandise.

2. The People Mover - similar to the cargo hauler, the people mover is a wasteland bus, moving 20+ people at a time in varying degrees of discomfort. The imagry of the rural bus, carrying people, mail, and livestock is very fitting to the roll of the People Mover landrace. They are much more time sensitive, and thus are typically built for speed. They are frequently in head to head confrontations with cargo haulers.

3. The Pleasure Sled - not everything carried in a landrace is a good, some things are a service. The pleasure sled is a high speed brothel, moving from location to location, partly to avoid bandits, part to avoid dealing with permanent locations, and part because it can be important to move on after a landrace load of prostitutes pickpocket half the people in a village and give the other half STDs.

4. The Itinerant Merchant - similar to the cargo hauler, the IM is a dealer in goods and services, and his landrace is a junkshop with legs. The IM most commonly works with junkers and salvagers, trading parts in a seemingly mysterious system of trade. The merchant is a clocksmith or has the services of one, and a fixer for the wastelands, connecting people with the things they need.

5. The Family Camper - the landrace is an extended family domicile with mobility. These are typically older and in lower quality condition, as they have been passed down from family to family. The campers are the nomads of the Wastelands, moving to follow opportunities and greener pastures.

6. The Expedited - the personal vehicles of wasteland warlords, expedited are high speed landraces with investments in armor and firepower, ensuring that anything they can't outrun, they can outgun. These are the personal vehicles of these bosses. Most smugglers and high end runners have landraces that would fit into the expedited category. They have hidden compartments, concealed weaponry, and plenty of tricks, traps, and aces up their sleeves.

7. The Gunship - gunships are the landraces of mercenaries and they carry soldiers and their wargear as well as ample weapons and firepower. Gunships are relatively expensive and only the most successful mercenaries, townships, raiders, and bosses can afford to keep one of these in operation. The main users of Gunships are so called 'trade companies' that are little more than heavily armed gangs that control important sections of the Silk Road, or have dominated access to local resources. Go to Comment
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Scrasamax's comment on 2017-02-22 03:19 PM
There are vehicles around the south known as 'rail buggies' or 'sand rails' that you would superficially recognize as dune buggies. A rail is more akin to a grown up go-kart, with a larger engine and tend to be more road legal. The main thing is that they are home built from other things. We have an 11 hp power washer at the mill where I work, and one of the guys there has already called dibs on it if it to be discarded because he wants the motor for his rail project. Go to Comment
Interplanetary Cruiser Livingstone and the Sex Marines
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Should be a huge bar on the right side of the sub listing all of the other subs (200+) linked to the Cosmic Era region Go to Comment
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The Cepha-Droid was a proposed electronics warfare droid similar to the weaponoid. The Cepha-Droid would fly itself into a combat zone where it would literally replace the existing head of a mecha already on the scene. Contrary to popular thought, the mecha pilot doesn't actually sit in the head of the machine, it is already a cramped location, limited in armor capacity, and a natural target. Instead, most head units are used for housing sensors and electronics systems. Removing the head does damage a machine, but unlike humans with their central nervous systems, the machine can have sensors all over the body, not limited to the cranium. Removing the head just takes out the primary units. The Cepha-Droid would 'laser' the head off and using adaptive fittings, take it's place. Then it would deploy advanced targeting and information systems, superior communications, and specialized task equipment.

The few test models made handled poorly, were demonstrated to be be easily intercepted by enemy fire, and were very poorly received by mecha pilots. The general sentiment towards the program was demonstrated when in a live fire test, a test pilot shot down his own cepha-droid rather than letting it decapitate his mech.

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Reactor Droid

The Reactor Droid never made it off of the drawing board, as the notion of having an additional power supply that was self mobile was considered laughable. The core idea was to have a power amplifier that could provide additional support for mecha using energy weapons. Rather than strain their own reactors and capacitors, the reactor droid would serve as a high power discharge unit, allowing for higher and more sustained fire from the mecha. Considering how poorly the cepha-droid performed, having a flying backpack reactor was considered stupid.

The solution was eventually realized in improving the power amplifiers already on energy weapon using mechs as well as better discharge and capacitor systems. Older units could be retrofitted with more robust internal reactors, and units operating in fixed and limited mobility locations could access local power supplies through industrial power umbilicals.

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They were all on drugs, I mean that's the only thing that can make sense. Dealing with mecha is already a pain in the ass. They are big and stompy, and they shake everything, and linkages, there are linkages everywhere. These guys come along like this is some sort of game and that you can send out a barely armed, half blind, underpowered war machine and then like a swarm of singing magical birds, all the giant robot parts it needs are going to come effing literally running to it?

That's begging for disaster. Pardon me while I strike the droids assemble pose. Don't shoot at me while this flying head tries to cut off my head and this weird ass backpack centipede tries to crawl up my shiny metal robot's ass because way cool it's 'MER POWR' for the pew pew pew. Oh hang on, my gun seems to have gotten lost, seems it came running through the bad part of the ruins and there is a gang of armor troopers mugging it. It might be a bit late, and probably missing all of it's ammo.

We ask for a better ejection system, better LAI interface, better armor, and what do the boffins try to sell us? Mecha handguns shaped like people.

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Exalted Mother
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Scrasamax's comment on 2016-08-14 07:33 AM
Synaptic Amplifier Clip
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Scrasamax's comment on 2016-08-05 08:23 PM
A10 is the designation the Atlantic Federation applied to the clips it issues to mecha pilot trainees.

A general equipment listing would probably look like

F550 (pilot's uniform)
PSA-2 (pistol)
F650 (dress uniform)
N22 (belt and boots)
KX-99 (military issue MUSE device) Go to Comment
Space Sickness
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Scrasamax's comment on 2016-07-28 04:13 PM
Just like people can travel across the ocean on a ship without getting scurvy, people in the Cosmic Era can travel through space with the same general lack of concern about SAS. Motion sickness is a minor discomfort because basically they've had 346 years (the majority of those with space flight capability) to iron out the details. For us it's been 113 years since the Wright Flyer, but 459 for the Cosmic Era, the same amount of time between 1557 and 2016. Most of our modern problems with spaceflight are very similar to the old worries about going to fast (going over 60 mph the force of would could remove your face, or so thought people a century ago) The same goes for muscle and bone mass loss, and other health concerns the stem from the radical change in environment. Space Sickness is just the generic name for a fairly easy to overlook illness that is in that era, most commonly contracted in space. It's not space flu or a space cold (those are still just influenza and the cold virus) because it's legionnaire's disease. I got the idea for this after reading about a D.C. hotel that had a contaminated water supply and guests of the hotel because very frequently sick with said disease.

Now look at popular grimdark space ships, they are dark, very often moist and dripping, and warm enough to be festering pools of bacterial growth. Go to Comment
Captain Will 'Deadshot' Hiller
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Scrasamax's comment on 2016-07-19 09:12 AM
Audie Murphy was an unassuming young man who became an incredibly accomplished soldier in WWII who after the war did war movies, but none were autobiographical as his actual accomplishments would be seen as absurd, aggrandized, or blatantly fictional. Go to Comment
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