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Saemond's comment on 2004-09-06 02:18 PM
Good Point,

However.... in brittish imperial units a stone is actually 14 Lbs, and in Troy or Roman Units it is closer to 17, etc etc. there are several variations of "stone"
Regardless, i think it would be an error to assume "20 lbs" as that is not used on earth as far as I am aware???

I agree i should have been more specific, originally, but I have since revised it, I think people need to have some creative license in this regard, because what exactly corresponds to a league, or are your ounces, Troy, Alchemical, or Brittish imperial? I guess you could get even more confused if you didn' specify weight ounces vs. fluid ounces in certain cases. Yet that is hardly ever specified.

Maybe I will make a rules and measures link for my world. Go to Comment
Mermaid's Toe Ring
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Saemond's comment on 2004-09-16 03:41 AM
Awesome story Agar.. 5/5.

One of my new favs besides my own stuff and MoonHunters pretty boots. Go to Comment
Derry Pine
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Saemond's comment on 2004-08-24 11:08 PM
Was tired, will try to finish it up. (: Go to Comment
Burrito Benzanito
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Saemond's comment on 2004-08-22 05:47 PM
Hahahha, yah that point was actually to give him a littel of a mischievious name. When I threw him into my campaign the characters were hearing the people talk about the 'fabulous Burrito" or how "Burrito-style-hats were the rage among the nobility" and when they heard that "Burrito was at a local restaurant they couldn't wait to get there!"
Of course they were out-of-towners and hardly spoke the local language. So i kinda intended to have it go that way. He was originally meant as a humorous character, but soon enough he was a corner in several adventures, and is a good friend of the PCs to this day.
Still I think Burrito is a perfectly acceptable name in a non-spanish speaking world esp when it rolls off the tongue so well!!!!

Classic Burrito moments include fighting rapier wielding opponents with dish and silverwear, of course mocking them throughout the entire scenario.
Burrito ha sa sort of goot natured/back-handed wit about him. Go to Comment
Burrito Benzanito
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Saemond's comment on 2004-08-24 03:29 AM
Yeah, I hit refresh and it DP'd it, moreso, delete and modify post don't work. Lame. Go to Comment
Felice D'Wynn
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Saemond's comment on 2004-09-15 06:29 PM
Yeah I ave to vote this one down, sounds kinda über-character. Plus the story (more like a collection of fragments) is really discombobulated.

Its kinda fantasy power-puff girls or similar ilk... Yay more superpowered girls who look and seem normal but are über-beings! Go to Comment
A Bag of Beautiful Coyns
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Saemond's comment on 2004-09-08 06:10 PM
Yup I like it a lot, I use the coins on the eyes thing in my game for people who die etc. Could definitely be interesting. Go to Comment
Centipede Nails
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Saemond's comment on 2004-08-21 03:56 PM
All I have to say is... torture device. Go to Comment
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Saemond's comment on 2004-10-04 06:45 AM
I don't see why peple are bagging on him for naming his character Drizzt... as far as drow names go it could be bob, jeff or frank, or more realistically as Strolen pointed out, what else would humans name a drow child except after the famous drow, maybe it is because it is the only drow name they know, but also maybe it is an encouragment to be good and not evil.

As far as stats... ehh... i'd axe em all. no one here is impressed by off-the-shelf +1 etc items, add some flavor to them. Go to Comment
Winter of Discontent
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Saemond's comment on 2004-09-17 04:44 PM
Looks good (: I like it.
It'd even be better if you provided some details, about the "Winter of Discontent" like how is the actual winter effecting things, are supplies an issue, is there any support form the populous of other sources?

all around good foundation Go to Comment
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Order of the Moonbeard

       By: valadaar

Among the assortment of organized criminals who live in the great city, few command greater fear the Moonbeard Order.

They of course do not call themselves that, but have earned the moniker from their fashion of dying their large beards with lye to produce a distinctive crescent shape running from earlobe to earlobe. This is meant as a taunt for their enemies, for it clearly outlines their throats.

They also wear garb similar to the northern tribesman, carefully tooled leather and showing multiple, colourful glyphs.

They are feared due to the intense discipline that their group maintains, due to their origins as a warrior-sect.

They serve as paid thugs, enforcers and assassins within the city, with the client simply ordering a service from the organization, not hiring an individual. Apart from making the request and providing payment in full in advance, the order completes the assignment themselves.

Their order has many moles through the organizations of the city, and more than a couple of nobles. As such, no organized move has been made against them since their chief activity is directed against other members of the crime world. It is said that their services have been useful for those in power as well, further protecting them from persecution.

Their religion holds that their time in this world is vanishingly brief, and largely unimportant except as training for the Great Battle.

The order is very utilitarian with weapons choice - they simply use the tool needed for the occasion, though not without having trained extensively with it beforehand. Daggers, garrottes, swords, bows, battle axes, polearms, wagons, even siege engines have been used to carry out their contracts.

Encounter  ( City/ Ruin ) | January 24, 2014 | View | UpVote 5xp