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Undead Economy
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Saemond's comment on 2007-03-15 01:23 PM
I think it feasible that skeletons and the like could have in effect "simulated" flesh. ie a suit of padding made of leather, and padded wool, cotton or whatever available, it could have straw fabric or hemp as well, it need not be comfortable, it just needs to serve its purpose of protecting the skeletons. In addition it would give them the weight to carry out tasks such as serious field work.

In my campaign undead are many times easier to animate than golems or other constructs, as that aspect of life/death magic is sympathetic, things that were once alive can be made life-like again. Necromancers do not so much as animate the skeleton or zombie but command the remaining residue of the life-force that inhabited the body.

As far as wear and maintenance, I am sure a skeleton could be mended with minor magic, its bones could be glued or plastered together, and you could protect it with varnish or oils and waxes.

I like the suits idea for the smelly dead too, you could proably back the suit with pouporri or whatever as well, but you might as well drop a skelton in there, and pack it full of hay and then put the suit on top. I think the eyes would at least have to have holes so they could see. I think I would probably put a wood or steel mask with eyeholes. Then a full body padded jumpsuit. Go to Comment
Trotter's Wand of Unfair Trade
Items  (Wand/Staff/ Arcane)   (Villanous)
Saemond's comment on 2004-10-01 07:41 PM
Hahahah!!! I love the additions Checka!

It turned out most excellent. Your rhyming is great, and matches the tempo.

As far as trading museams, castles and the like, the GM should use some discretion, although it is doubtful 2 castles would in a 20 pace hike. I see your direction, and I don't think trotter's wand can trade items or animals like elephants, nor could its majick be made to remove ones underwear underneath ones pants. Similarly items held tight, those that are protected or other items intentionally kept from sight, are as immune as objections said. As far as matters of weight or size, the wand was meant not for swapping real-estate, rather pies.
It is reasonable to say that the trade grows in power with barter or contract. Verbal or written deals made result in the magical pact. Likewise the power of the wand should be proportional to the contract. Go to Comment
The Eye of Riches
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Saemond's comment on 2004-09-19 12:59 AM
4/5 for the item, but the story is really quite good, and the items creation definitely explains it's power. So 5/5 overall.

Definite improvement over the Lantern, nice job! Go to Comment
the Upheld Lantern
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Saemond's comment on 2004-09-15 06:39 PM
Seems kinda an Uber-item. Basically an apocalyptic weapon, not even a nuclear bomb would incinerate everyone in a 10 mile radius (maybe an Uber-powerful nuke).
I just don't see where this would be of any use in a practical campaign except as an infallible PC trap that could kill power-gamers.
Any uses by evil forces or even creatively used to kill the baddies is just too powerful. Kill all of Mordor's soldiers in one attack, reduce NYC or Los Angeles to ash. This isn't the sort of item that'd polish off the museum you are talking about removing a whole civilization, burnign a hole in the troposphere, and raising all fauna.
even if Mirror Serpent died, that sort of holocust even in a remote area would be discovered by outsiders and would soon be exploited.

Personally not my kind of campaign. Go to Comment
the Upheld Lantern
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Saemond's comment on 2004-09-16 04:28 AM
I've never had a problem of killing a PC if I wanted to; however, I try not to place PCs in such positions where they become "power gamers" if I do my bad, of course there are only 2 ways to deal w/ that... retirement, or ....

As a correction above "museum" should be "mauseleum" Go to Comment
Winter's Cap
Items  (Home/ Personal)   (Magical)
Saemond's comment on 2004-09-14 11:44 PM
Thanx, I think it is probably a good addition that anyone could squeeze into a campaign, whether or not they get the extra special variety of mugs, or even the not-as-amazing mundane crystal and stone bretheren.
In the least maybe I have made you think.. hmmn a nice chilled ale would be good right now. Go to Comment
Redgar the Valiant
NPCs  (Minor)   (Combative)
Saemond's comment on 2004-09-17 04:50 PM
I think another nice addition would be that the PCs hear of this Redgar claiming to have done deed X and saved Village Y or whatever, of course the events in the rumors accreditted to Redgar are the very same actions that the PCs have just done, furthermore it seems that Redgar's entourage is taking credit for all the goodly deeds that the PCs have done over the years.

Obviously the PCs will be a little unhappy, and will go looking for Redgar to settle this issue. Go to Comment
Ring of the Arch-Duke
Items  (Jewelry)   (Campaign Defining)
Saemond's comment on 2004-09-13 01:59 AM
Good item, will fit beautifullyinto my the plotline.... Go to Comment
Lenses of Llorn
Items  (Other)   (Magical)
Saemond's comment on 2004-09-13 12:00 AM
Correct, the wearer will only see what they are capable of seeing. Fortunately for the woodsman, the Grandma gave a pretty good description of here cute little cloak wearing grand-daughter.
The magic of the eyeglasses are quite powerful though, so they may make the wearer see things stright from the figments of thier imagination to fill any unknown gaps in the illusion.

As for Capn, Sorry, my story was so Blah... I guess you don't like Grimms brother tales? or mages making magic items.... I thought about that a bit, and I am all for items being made by the energy surrounding them, or a strong willed warrior imbuing his lifeforce intoa blade, but i think that would work on items of the simplest sort of powers and would not have the complexity needed for certain things... say spectacles, or books, or whatever. Go to Comment
Lenses of Llorn
Items  (Other)   (Magical)
Saemond's comment on 2004-09-13 01:24 PM
Hahah, yeah I wanted to have a little fun writing, this one up. More than anything the descriptions explain how the item works right?
I thought that i might as well add a little spice and weave a fairly tale campaign to boot. Of course it is all very loose and toungue and cheek. You don't think the grim brothers got the stories exactly right do you?
Not sure if anyone notinced but parts of the tale are in near-ryhme and meter... maybe I will tidy it up and make it more so... Go to Comment
Dracia Eldren
NPCs  (Major)   (Domestic/ Craft)
Saemond's comment on 2004-09-12 06:30 PM
I think it is a great idea, I am not sure if I would use the story about the queen being psycho and needing a replacement daughter, but it would be interesting if there was almost a whole academy devoted to raising doppelgangers to infiltrate other kingdoms. Maybe starting by replacing the help, spying, replacing a serf, spying, etc until you can reliably replace an heir or an advisor.

Perhaps the other kingdoms are aware of this measure and they have all sorts of efforts to counter it....

I'll post more later, all sorts of good ideas. Go to Comment
Dracia Eldren
NPCs  (Major)   (Domestic/ Craft)
Saemond's comment on 2004-09-12 06:34 PM
i think more interesting than Darcia is what organisation hired her, and what is thier motive other than keeping the queen content???

Are ther eother instances of this??? How far will this organisation go to meet their objectives. Go to Comment
Azriel Marquis
NPCs  (Extras)   (Travelers)
Saemond's comment on 2004-09-12 05:24 PM
I think there is room for assassins, and an occaisonal "dark elf" but strictly speaking drow are lame unless you are R.A. Salvatore.
I think a compelling Drow campaign could be done if you had it so that the Drow truly believed themselves to be good and doing the "right" thing, just that thier moral subset was radically skewed.
Salvatores new books look like they touch on this, as the Drow go search for thier spider queen who they think has abandoned them. (maybe I should read it) Go to Comment
Leger de Main-Gauche
Items  (Melee Weapons)   (Combat)
Saemond's comment on 2004-09-10 05:01 AM
Luckily for me as a GM , the player who recieved it is a fairly principled individual. And he earned it, this was no treasure item, but one that was won in combat.

Also, I suggest if a GM has invisible villans or weapons or whatever, I reccomend that mages, druids, etc have a sort of magic sixth sense or that they can see the threads of magic. Warriors may have a sort of sixth sense, or strictly in the realm of physical reality, it is likely the wielder will give other visual tells, such as body movement, proximity etc. An experienced warrior might sense somethign amiss even if he can't "see" exactly what is up.

Just a few thoughts. Go to Comment
Snads of Time
Items  (Other)   (Sentient)
Saemond's comment on 2004-09-08 06:38 PM
Hmmn Interesting,

i think it would be neat to expand on them a bit, and maybe allow them to reconfigure themselves into a variety of useful things. Moreso I would have it so that they are just minor spirits who occupy a collection of "junk" of some size, etc.
They are only interested in "neat" little pieces of metal and crystals ets. Pieces of glasses, jewelry, very small tools, shavings, springs, keys, small gears etc. These parts aren't really tehm persay, but they are the physical form they acquire, each Snad is different becasue they find different parts. The best Snads are probably found lurking about inventors shops tot he great dismay of the inventor as all of his small bits and doohickies of especial import are gone. The snad probably disposes and picks up new parts as they go, depending what they think is neat or attractive in thier twisted minds.
Lthough they are capable of movement, I think most of the time, they would just liek to find a nice bowl or jar and rest as a pile of parts.

Not sure if you like that contribution, but I think it'd be neat. Go to Comment
Snads of Time
Items  (Other)   (Sentient)
Saemond's comment on 2004-09-08 06:39 PM
As a side, note, I would prolly ditch the temporal magic, thing, but yeah that is me, doesn't fit well into my campaign, but I still like it, but you gave me a pretty good idea! Go to Comment
Snads of Time
Items  (Other)   (Sentient)
Saemond's comment on 2004-09-08 07:04 PM
Heheh, well maybe I will call my "things" Snads of Item... Go to Comment
NPCs  (Extras)   (Combative)
Saemond's comment on 2004-09-08 02:09 PM
I think he should wear a black tabard with a skull on it, and have hand crossbows in each hand.

Hahah, seriously anyone... original ideas? Go to Comment
NPCs  (Extras)   (Combative)
Saemond's comment on 2004-09-08 06:09 PM
I think the selling of his teeth thing is a figurative and not a literal reference to the selling of his canines and his mollars, but more like "selling his bite and ferocity" as much as some ppeople might describe thier weapons as thier fangs or claws. I'd take it further that it is a reference to him belonging to some sort of Pihranha clan???

if that is the case maybe expand on the pihrahna thing, and maybe include some of thier culture on how they view the world, thier morals etc. Maybe revenge is a big thing for them, do they attack in packs, and devoir everything. Live in muddy waer and salt water just as well? Attack anyone but other pihranhas???

Needs more depth, show not tell. Go to Comment
Items  (Melee Weapons)   (Cursed)
Saemond's comment on 2004-09-05 02:29 PM
Hahahah, yeah, except in my system, stones, don't weight that much.
But yeah, for the PCs to get a hold of the item they would have to kill the Hero, tar-Kathne (to follow), and then they'd be set apon by the Fief of kathne, and experience the wrath of a Sun God.
not to mention they would become an instant target of powerful beings such as elementals, gods, dragons, spirits etc. Go to Comment
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