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Royal_Assassin's comment on 2003-09-25 09:07 PM
good question and I pick the first one you added he is the son and heir, he is just deeply changed (the option of being turned to evil is age-old, but it needs to be mentioned)
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Royal_Assassin's comment on 2003-09-26 02:46 PM
wow that is even better I like that one better than the first. But I don't know if I wanna use it. I will consider it though.
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Choas Warp Gate
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Royal_Assassin's comment on 2003-09-19 03:05 PM
Good questions and thank you for responding. This is my first entry so I didn't expect it to be great but just wanted to see what better stuff to do next time and what other aspects to add.
Answers: A shadow warrior is a type of Elven class of characters. A great on would be a character that has foughten many battles and lived. The reason they wanted to open the Chaos Gate up was to wipe the town away and level if you read closely it says they were disgusted by the peacefulness. They couldn't fight the battle by themselves and win so they need reinforcements to help win and conquer, and yes the Chaos realm is an evil place. Answer to your last question captain is that when the shaman Conjures the gate up he has full control of all mutants and abominations that walk through it (because it is his gate he opened). Manfred basically he does order them to attack and he will open the gate. What you are asking is that why doesn't he open it first well he will but it doesn't matter because they would see him conjuring he needs so much power to do so that is would change the weather and trees around him so basically he does start to open it first but he wants his beastman to attack to throw them off guard and distract them while he is conjuring. I hope that helped you 2 out and others that look at the plot. Thank you greatly because this will beneifet further projects of mine.

I am also sorry for not specifing enough I should of spent more time on this.
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Choas Warp Gate
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Royal_Assassin's comment on 2003-09-20 10:33 AM
LOL dude Agar you are so funny man that cracked me up. First off I would like to thank you guys for helping me out by putting up questions and ideas thank you. Yes I will put up shadow warriors in the character forum for you and everyone else. Chaos are a race that hate everything that is not evil and the peacefullness kills them to watch it kinda like it would a good christian person watching a crucifixion hopefully that will clear that up for you. They just scoped out a town they don't care if it is poor and defenseless and they are cheap like that. The reason is because their Chaos gods want them to kill not to worship. Ria Hawk answer to your question is yes and it also means unearthly being and mutants and abominations. Go to Comment
Choas Warp Gate
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Thank you Ephe and Manfred I will take that into consideration and altr some things thank you for posting guys keep em coming.
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The Traveling Wizard
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Royal_Assassin's comment on 2003-09-18 07:20 PM
That is a very brilliant Idea might I say. I am in awe and great story it kept me at the edge of my seat even though I make stories up all the time I am a DM. Anyhow that has to be the greatest char story I have ever heard and thank you greatly for I shall use it wisely. Go to Comment
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the dead mechent of death

       By: celticring

To Dougles Nye money is power, a powerful wizard only newly into lich-hood

Originally the son of servants to a noble family, yet he found that life humiliating. "How could anyone stand to serve another?" he often wondered. His father, was a greedy man who offered an explanation one day “It’s all for the coin, every demanding, humiliating thing. It’s for the coin, boy."

So when Dougles began developing the potential for magic, he found a way out of a life of servitude. Learning magic though stolen books, he made his escape. Taking the all the possessions of the lord’s vaults with him. He set out to gain as much money as possible.

His gifts for magic allowed him many advantages other merchants could only dream of. Capitalized on the use of deviation magic, allowing him to always having what the city he is in needs most, whether that is wheat or weapons, poison or drug doesn’t matter to him.

Some would say he follows war, disease, famine, and political strife like a vulture looking for a nice carcass to claim. What they don’t know is he has a hand in the conflict he supposedly follows. Assassinating ruler to incite wars, casting spells that decimating crops, acting as an information broker to both sides in a conflict. Dougles is known as a man who can get what you need to some, to other a monster who capitalizes on the suffering of others.

The lich know as Dougles Nye, prefers the title ”The Merchant of Death” for that shows just how much power money has earned him.

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