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Cool Fight Scenes
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Roth's comment on 2010-11-10 12:41 AM

408 - In a temple while a horrible ritual is being performed.


409 - In a graveyard while hordes of undead are pulling themselves out of the ground. The longer you stay, the more there will be.


410 - A chamber that's slowly flooding, possibly with acid or lava.


411 - Against a clearly superior opponent who is chasing you through a maze.


412 - Onboard an airship that's about to make a crash-landing.


413 - Against a swarm of identical looking opponents, one of which is the mastermind behind the whole thing.


414 - On a battlefield while arrows, cannon-fire or meteors are raining down around you.


415 - In a special zone that absorbs any magic used in the area, putting the energy to some other use.

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What Has It Got in Its Pocketses?
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Roth's comment on 2008-10-24 08:33 PM
231. A small wooden box that when opened, is full of angry baby spiders.

232. A magic ring that makes the wearer seem extremely attractive and approachable to members of the same sex (or whatever sex the wearer is NOT attracted to).

233. A short sword that glows, but only when hit by sunlight.

234. A crudely made voodoo doll of one of the PCs. It doesn't do anything, but should make them paranoid for a while.

235. A really bad joke written on a small piece of parchment.

236. A live fish, still wriggling about.

237. An amulet with a pretty red gem set in the middle. If the gem is pressed, the amulet dissolves.

238. A bunch of severed fingers, each with a finger puppet over it.

239. What appears to be a treasure map. If the PCs follow it and dig at the X, they uncover a box full of teeth.

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