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Random Villages
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RoryD's comment on 2005-12-12 12:07 AM
Village is, to no matter who comes to it (except locals), totally foreign. This could be random (travelers tell tales of "a strange nomad village" a few miles to the North... but wasn't that where you found that odd Amazon village?), or set for the party. They could additionally have strange meals or customs to eat- although this could just be to see what a foreigner will eat, before breaking out the sausages-and-mash (yes, that is sto- borrowed from the game "Let-us-see-what-the-infidel-will-eat" in Jingo). Go to Comment
The Tanglewood Box
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RoryD's comment on 2003-10-08 08:52 AM
I like the other boxes... have you read Sabriel? Go to Comment
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