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Darome Rikael
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Rog-Nod-Torr's comment on 2006-12-02 08:52 PM
no one wants to take time to read Go to Comment
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Rog-Nod-Torr's comment on 2006-06-02 11:07 AM
Telekinesis because the bearer is able to manipulate objects using the dense Vapor Field.

I agree, I did not accurately describe all of the powers in the weapon's history. Go to Comment
Locirpiker's Lociubiceu
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Rog-Nod-Torr's comment on 2006-06-01 08:20 AM
That was exactly the point... power.
If this relieves you in any way, it was my little brother's idea. He just told me to elaborate a little. Go to Comment
Twin Blades of the Deep Sea
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Rog-Nod-Torr's comment on 2006-05-30 06:59 PM
Do the blades get to choose their bearer or it who ever picks up the blades?

The blades have only chosen their bearer in that they can refuse to pass on the link to the next bearer. This will rarely happen because the blades must be given up willfully. Usually the only way this will happen is if the bearer deems the reciever worthy and has consulted the blades about this. The blades have also never been drawn from the sands up to this point. The knowledge of the telepathic link comes from only the previous merfolk bearers. If they were ever drawn, the blades may not reveal the telepathic link if they do not approve of their bearer.

If the can choose and that person is not around, can they come to him or do they just sit there stuck?

The blades cannot "choose" someone unless they come into direct contact with them. They will gradually scry into the bearer's mind and determine if they will allow the bearer into the triangular link. They cannot fly out of their stone. They are simply stuck in the sandstone.

And why would they leave a previous bearer who was still alive (few adventurers really retire, despite what Tolkien and Bilbo imply), so they could revert back to them?

The blades will only leave a bearer if the bearer does something terrible and despicably evil for the blades are quite holy and valiant within themselves. As I said before, the blades may be given willingly let us say hypothetically: an heir of the throne or a high clanseat on his or her deathbed may give the blades up to an heir or one may give it to another to complete a quest. When this person dies, the blades will most likely travel back to the lender.

Can these things float around when NOT bonded to a bearer? Can they go anywhere?

This is probably the most complex question to answer. The blades are NOT able to fly around on their own. However, when a bearer dies, the link automatically switches back to the previous owner (if he or she is alive). Because the swords are able to sense location through the link and the bearer is aware that they have been "re-linked", the blades are now able to travel on their own straight back to the wearer. They cannot be controlled at this distance unless some crteria have been met (I will discuss this later.) If they are trapped in some way like inside a cave, they may not be able to return to the bearer and he or she may have to come and retrieve them.

What power would knowing the two's true names grant? Is there not a myth about those two warriors that has survivied? Wouldn't somebody guess it?

The power granted when a bearer knows the true names are basically just amplified versions of every power. This includes control over the blades at a distance. With the knowledge of the true names, the bearer and the blades really become conscious extentions of themselves giving the bearer complete and willing control over the blades at any distance and through any and every non-antimagic material.
As to the second part of this question. Yes. There is a myth, but it has been so twisted that the names have been completely changed and lost and the two swords simply become "an item of great power". This myth is only known by a tribe of merfolk more than three hundred thousand leagues away from the actual site of the great fortress of Relaganali (now on the peak of Mount Ragdadli). They also know only the general direction of the mountain. The cliffs of the peak are also so sheer that the peak can only be reached by a series of dangerous tunnels making their way to the top of the mountain where a fierce ancient red dragon (whose name is Ragdali'an'shmitasta if you care to know) resides. Maybe someone has guessed this off of some random whim, but they probably have never had any intention of actually climbing the mountain or braving the tunnels.

They can be used as normal blade or float around and fight on their own. (can be flown through the air awkward) Okay, when thrown they can exceed the 8 foot radius? And they can come back to the owner? So why can't they go farther than that normally?

The blades are not thrown. Because the blades are scimitars, this would be quite awkward. They are controlled in the air via the link. But yes, they may also use their experience and fight on their own. They can also be projected OUTSIDE of the "control radius" but cannot be controlled outside of it. When called back, they travel as straight as possible back to the control radius. They are not able to be controlled outside the control radius because the bearer does not have the perfect "oneness of mind" with the blades as he or she does when the blades' true names are revealed.

The skills section should be near the top... you added it here as an afterthought why?

I simply don't have the format of the site down.

The Twin Blades have no weight when wielded because the blades sense what the wielder is trying to do and move in that direction. Along these lines, it is impossible for the blades to cut the bearer no matter how hard he or she tries unless he or she does something truly evil and unnecessary, the blades will turn on the bearer and kill him or her.
Okay, entire section awkward. weapons without weight do little to no damage unless the blades have magical cutting power (mass = power, which modified by edge determines damage). The unable to injure bearer section should be seperate and explained

The blades have weight. They just don't SEEM to have weight when wielded because the blades know where to go and move mostly on their own. The bearer simply guides them where he or she wants them to go.

The blade cannot injure the bearer. This cannot be explained in any conventional sense. The blades refuse to. They will not participate in this whether accidental or purposeful. They are fully sentient objects that have a sense of moral and their own separate consciences and consciousnesses.

So how often can they emit the destroy all Evil field? And if you are surrouned by Evil, why ever seperate your blades? You could walk through the horde and destroy them all. Does it last for a short time and take some recharge time?

The first question is true. The second I don't really understand, but if you think the ability only acts when the blades are together this is true. The ability also only works when the blades are in hand. NOT floating through the air. Also, most creatures, denizens of planes of existence, etc. are not purely evil. Instead, the blades may simply act as though normal blades when striking these "neutral aggressive" monsters. Also your question brings in a whole new dimension. What about possession by an evil being? The evil will simply be destroyed while the being remains. A being does not have to be obliterated or cut to tiny bits for the Celestial Cleansing to have effect, it simply has to be struck.
As to your last question: no, there is no recharge time Celestial Cleansing kicks in whenever the blades come in contact with evil. Go to Comment
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