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The Dylori
Lifeforms  (Intelligent Species)   (Any)
Roack's comment on 2007-09-02 06:10 PM
As always, Moon, you deliver a sub packed with every last bit of information you could want. Something I also found pleasing was the style in which you described them, physically, something to which I'm looking forward to in any upcoming posts you will produce. Go to Comment
The Uroghi
Lifeforms  (Third Kingdom)   (Underground)
Roack's comment on 2007-08-05 01:15 AM
Wow! That's a big sub!
You have a significant amount of typos and other spelling/grammatical errors, but otherwise, these are amazing beings. I'd also suggest condensing it a little, but that's not a terribly big deal.
The opening narrative
The physical description Go to Comment
The Court of a Thousand and Nine Sorrows
Systems  (Divine/ Spirit)   (General)
Roack's comment on 2007-06-03 12:20 AM
First off: I love the name, more so than I usually love names, and I love names.
Second off: I second Pariah, purpose and agenda are neccesary, especially in the realms of intra-court politics (after all, there has to be a Sorrow of Ambition lurking around, trying to climb is way to the top of the demonic hierarchy.)
Third off: I just have to ask, is there a Sorrow of Sorrow? Go to Comment
Hisa, the Sorrow of Vengeance
NPCs  (Minor)   (Criminal/Espionage)
Roack's comment on 2007-06-02 01:06 AM
Pretty name!
Nice concept, but I think her appearance and mannerisms are a little sterotypical, but it is easily overlooked when you nottcie her mutism (I like that!) Her choice of companions is interesting, anyone else besides Dr. Vincent we'd like to hear about? I sure hope so. Go to Comment
The Oracle Edros
NPCs  (Minor)   (Mystical)
Roack's comment on 2007-04-14 01:08 AM
Crazy is ALWAYS good, though the most valuable thing in here is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, is inability to distinguish now and then. That could also make for some great moments if the PCs (or atleast one of them) could temporarily perceive the world as he does. The mental scars would never leave! Go to Comment
Lifeforms  (Unique)   (Any)
Roack's comment on 2007-05-24 01:13 AM
What? The They Might Be Giants song? Go to Comment
Lifeforms  (Intelligent Species)   (Desert)
Roack's comment on 2007-03-31 04:33 PM
Wow, released after almost a year of procrastination... Go to Comment
Lifeforms  (Intelligent Species)   (Desert)
Roack's comment on 2007-03-31 05:14 PM
Great questions, I'll get working on 'em! Go to Comment
Lifeforms  (Intelligent Species)   (Desert)
Roack's comment on 2008-03-31 12:23 AM
Well, there were. I had them written down and what not, long with the names of those who helped them happen. But then I lost the document. And I started redoing the setting, anyway, and the Chimcherae, lovably hatable as they are, were slightly merged with the Egoyo, but mostly left for dead. Go to Comment
Dwarven War Chariot
Items  (Transports)   (Combat)
Roack's comment on 2007-03-31 05:23 PM
I like this. Dwarves actually moving, anbd with good reason too! I'd like to hear a little bit more about typical crews, though, and I'm with Echo on it needing a little more something unique. Go to Comment
The One-Eyed, Red-Eyed Crow
Lifeforms  (Unique)   (Swamp)
Roack's comment on 2007-04-05 11:29 PM
Oh the Poetry! Oh the Evil! Oh the Muruality!
This deserves many an HoH! Perhaps it will even acheive Golden sub status! Perhaps I will stop using exclamation points!
Highlight of the sub: The crow lives not by power, but fear. Go to Comment
The One-Eyed, Red-Eyed Crow
Lifeforms  (Unique)   (Swamp)
Roack's comment on 2007-04-05 11:29 PM
Oops, forgot to vote! Go to Comment
Holokrine Holy Monastery
Locations  (Establishment)   (Mountains)
Roack's comment on 2007-01-09 03:40 PM
I love the size of this post, just right for reading and still packed full of MoonHunter brand detail. Go to Comment
Items  (Melee Weapons)   (Heroic)
Roack's comment on 2006-09-17 12:35 AM
Love it! Especially the description.
You might want to put a link to the Ouzquin Dremorix, though. Go to Comment
Items  (Potion)   (Non-Magical)
Roack's comment on 2012-02-10 10:58 AM

Delayed alcohol? I like the idea that I could drink a few glasses before bed after a serious bender and wake up having already had some hair of the dog.

Go to Comment
Children of Glass
Society/ Organizations  (Ethnic/Cultural)   (Country/ State)
Roack's comment on 2006-09-17 12:26 AM
This is beautiful, especially the religion! Go to Comment
The Lingonberry Report
Items  (Books and Scrolls)   (Non-Magical)
Roack's comment on 2006-06-04 01:34 AM
You managed to take my most favorite of all foods and turn it into a way of mocking conspiracy theorists.... WELL DONE! :D Go to Comment
Urn Beast
Lifeforms  (Ethereal)   (City/ Ruin)
Roack's comment on 2006-07-08 10:33 AM
Only voted Go to Comment
Kissing toad
Lifeforms  (Unique)   (Underground)
Roack's comment on 2006-05-27 06:55 PM
I wan't thinking it would be, but I might expand on that later Go to Comment
Beggar's War or Year of the Blood Flag
Systems  (Knowledge/Lore)   (Historical)
Roack's comment on 2006-05-25 11:19 PM
Scary, rebellious, beautiful! Go to Comment
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