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My First Character
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Rhaycen's comment on 2006-04-24 08:54 PM
My first character, was not too long ago ... only four years at most. (Yes, I'm relatively new to D&D)

It was a Gnome Barbarian, named, Four. He was about 3 ft tell and about 3ft wide, as he had inmense strength. Though Four had amazing strength for a gnome (or an Orc, or anyone else for that a matter), he wasn't the best equiped in the brains departments. Four was as high as he could count, and that was what ended up being his name.

The little guy had a warhammer, wonderfully dubbed, Thor's Hammer as had a sonic boom and lightning on it. There is still a giant out there that only has 9 toes because of his encounter with Four. Go to Comment
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