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The Book of the Dead
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Remmy's comment on 2006-04-05 04:49 PM
I won't flame you on this one outright for obe reason:

1)Someone has already giving you a good chiding.

But one thing you may want to consider, if you are going to plagerise you may as well go with more than just one "Book of the dead" there are plenty myths floating around. The 'Evil Dead' series comes to mind.

Granted it's not plagerism for Cited content, but I could fish it up myself If I really wanted this info. Go to Comment
Outdoor Traps
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Remmy's comment on 2006-04-05 04:38 PM
Tripwire trap 1:

Between two large trees a trip wire is subtly strung; tripping this wire will cause a large log with metal or sharpened wooden spikes protruding from it to make contact with anyone dumb enough to walk between the unsuspecting looking trees.

Tripwire trap 2:

Similar to trap one, in that it's a tripwire trap --ideally strung between two large trees, but this one is far more versatile and the victim doesn't even need to know he's set off a trap depending upon it's setup. Tripping the wire on this trap will cause a set of hanging tin-cans to rattle above the victim's head with the result of alerting whomever might be in the area. Alternatively a set of tin cans might rattle elsewhere --a guards post for example-- alerting merely those who need to be alerted that someone is lurking about. Go to Comment
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Unbeknownest to the character, he is in the royal bllodline. Suddenly the majority of royals fall ill and die, and the hero is left with the crown, but no experience or idea of what to do.

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