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Venturers' Guild Hall
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RGTraynor's comment on 2009-05-21 08:04 PM
Probably the commander of the press would find himself as the port officer on a desert island far, far away. Merchantmen in most jurisdictions had certificates of protection against the press. Beyond that, the Venturers' Guild is *organized* - there'd be dire political repercussions.

The press'd have much better luck picking off random sailors on the streets than raiding the Guild Hall. Go to Comment
Venturers' Guild Hall
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RGTraynor's comment on 2009-05-23 11:46 PM
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RGTraynor's comment on 2009-05-21 07:58 PM
Because it's something of a truism in life that someone who presents himself with supreme self-confidence and arrogance will by that fact alone convince a lot of folks that he's something special. (Heck, isn't the advertising industry based on the premise that you'll think a product's great just because some paid actors tell you it is?)

Bringing it more to the point, what impresses people more? Those who are good fighters, or those who LOOK impressive? Trot out a guy who looks like The Rock, put him in a dapper uniform with lots of shiny medals, and folks would just assume he's a complete badass. Go to Comment
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RGTraynor's comment on 2009-05-22 03:37 PM
I'm fairly persnickety about language, which I see this site is as well. "Men" has been used as the neuter collective for "men and women" for centuries.

What other dimensions would you like to see? Other than these snippets of tendencies, the three races I posted have, by and large, assimilated into the dominant local cultures, and don't have a raft of unique cultural or psychological practices distinguishable from them. It would be like ascribing a set of detailed, specific practices to "humans." Go to Comment
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RGTraynor's comment on 2009-05-24 08:23 PM
Ah, but there you fall into the trap: humanity has huge differences, yes? Fair enough, I think we can all agree on that.

What are the religious practices of humanity? What are the dining customs? How do humans treat one another socially? Their mating customs? Child rearing habits? What political constructions do they put together? Are they warlike or peaceable? How do they do conflict resolution? Any particulars to mention about human language? What are the folk customs, holidays and traditions?

We could all come up with a great deal of info on each of those, and a great deal to directly contradict everything that's said. That's the problem here: people expect non-human races to be monolithically lockstepped into rigid traditions, customs and practices that humans in no particular whatsoever follow as one.

Now I accept that's the way of it in most RPG words: that ALL elves act like this, that ALL orcs act like that, that ALL dwarves are wondrous craftsmen, that ALL halflings are natural thieves. I just don't presume that a race *which explicitly assimilates into human cultures* will have a raft of distinctive cultural practices anyway, just because we've come to expect that RPG races must have them. Go to Comment
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RGTraynor's comment on 2009-05-27 04:47 AM
There's nothing invalid about the argument; that you don't LIKE the argument is another animal, but your disagreement doesn't make it "not admissible." (And I'm somewhat taken aback: is a personal attack such as telling me my response is reflexive lashing out usual on this site?)

But if you're claiming that there aren't a lot of defining characteristics separating this race from humans ... well, yes. You're right. There aren't.

What I'm doing here is presenting elements from my gameworld, as they exist within it; I'm quite literally cutting-and-pasting. I gather it would suit the amour propre of some for my world's races to have a lot of quirky, distinctive cultural practices that the vast majority of members embody. For most of them, there aren't and they don't, any more than humans do: humans don't follow the same religion, don't speak the same language, don't have the same festivals or holidays, don't have uniform marriage or mating practices, don't raise their children the same way, don't have uniform dining customs, don't maintain identical political structures, etc etc etc.

If it suits you to borrow any of the races, you can graft on whatever elements suit your own preferences or that of your campaign. If not, it's a moot point. I just don't believe in dressing things up with elements I neither use nor believe in just because people think they ought to be there. Go to Comment
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RGTraynor's comment on 2009-05-27 01:08 PM
That, or just delete them altogether.

There's still a conceptual thing I think's being missed. It's not that this submission is "incomplete" or that I "don't want to work up in full" - this is all there is to say on this race. It's as complete as it's going to be, short of the ability to post artwork. Fristles, Chuliks and Khibils are not minor races on my gameworld; no races other than humans and orcs outnumber them, and a "minor races" scroll would be misleading. (I don't get to designate stubs yet, as a new user, but that's a quibble.)

I'm sorry if they're not worthy of submission - especially given MoonHunter's inviting me to join the site stems from seeing those three posted in a thread about ideas for non-classic fantasy races. But if it's the case that race submissions to this site have to have a minimum page length, with at least five (or ten, or ...) quirky customs or traits that their every member shares above and beyond the ones I've already included, the only way these will ever pass muster is if I pick a half-dozen of the same out of a sociology or folklore text at random and bolt them on. My energies are better devoted to posting writeups people prefer to see, which already are of the proper length. Go to Comment
The Woflo Inn
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RGTraynor's comment on 2009-05-21 08:19 PM
Hm; I found one typo. What others are you seeing?

As far as interior description, well ... talking about the interior of the common room of a tavern is something like describing the interior of a McDonalds' - seen one, seen most of them. Plain wooden benches, plain wooden plank floor, plain wooden tables, smoky beams, smoky hardwood walls; it's nothing unusual. Go to Comment
Anchor Spirits
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RGTraynor's comment on 2009-05-27 04:06 AM
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The Silesian Trireme
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RGTraynor's comment on 2009-05-24 01:29 AM
Caveat: I'm looking at this from what's realistically feasible for sailing ships.

That being said ... this wouldn't work. The detachable gambit's been tried, and anything other than a purpose-built, fixed linkage shears away. This would hold together in light winds in some manner of placid inner sea with next to nothing for wave action, and not otherwise.

Secondly, gunpowder technology dooms catapults; in real life, they died out damn quickly when workable naval culverins came into vogue, as did oared ships generally - the only galley survivors were in the Med where quick harbor defense despite winds was a virtue.

Finally, very few wooden vessels even in the Napoleonic era ever sunk outright from cannon fire; it's damn hard to sink a ship made of any kind of wood, holes beneath the waterline or not, and as Scrasamax says, if a ship's smashed to splinters, that the splinters are still floating isn't much of a bonus. Query: what causes the shells to explode? Is this a gunpowder thing or are they alchemical/arcane in nature? Go to Comment
The America Class
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RGTraynor's comment on 2009-05-30 05:59 AM
Nice writeup and I love the "interviews." A few too many typos for highest marks. Go to Comment
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RGTraynor's comment on 2011-05-26 07:52 AM

Oh, very nice ... I fancy I'm going to steal this for my campaign.

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Holding Back the Night
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RGTraynor's comment on 2009-10-10 08:27 AM
I like it. Go to Comment
Old Drozhenen
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RGTraynor's comment on 2011-03-24 11:04 PM
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RGTraynor's comment on 2010-06-01 12:20 PM
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101+ Scenes in the Modern Western City
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RGTraynor's comment on 2011-03-25 12:58 AM

I love this and have spent the last hour ganking and modifying it to suit!

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Gurkha Military Ranks
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RGTraynor's comment on 2011-04-09 07:19 AM

It's reasonably accurate, yes, but of limited utility to the great majority of campaigns, the more so in that the Indian Army followed British command structure ... so, in effect, this is just a list of the Hindi names for such ranks.  For a campaign set in colonial India or in the aftermath of the Raj, I'd want to see an outright article on the nature of John Company's military and its successors.

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30 Hammers
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RGTraynor's comment on 2012-10-13 06:15 AM
And right back at you for promptly going over and making retaliatory downvotes on two of mine. You just managed to reiterate to me why participating on this site was a mistake in the first place, and convinced me not to do so again. Go to Comment
30 Hammers
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RGTraynor's comment on 2012-06-17 02:40 AM
I'd be more impressed if more than a handful of the submissions were the work of the OP. Go to Comment
Kaisha the Driven
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RGTraynor's comment on 2011-04-01 04:30 PM

Yeah, I'm with Strolen.  Sure, it's a stereotype - and how many stereotypes do we routinely employ, anyway? - but this EXPLAINS the stereotype.  Too many people are far too ready to turn their noses up at subs that don't hit minimum (but undefined) levels of Quirky!, Flashy! or Unique!

Beyond which, c'mon, folks ... what's the psychology behind an adventurer, anyway?  Who goes off from living nice, safe, quiet lives to run off and deal with horrors on a regular basis, sleep on the ground in haunted ruins and pretty much be assured of an early, violent death unless you have at least a little crazy in you?

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       By: Alexia

A group of individuals* gather up and search for, "The rod of Lordly Might." Here's the catch, no just any individual is welcomed. There will be a meeting on sundown* in an old bar. As it is, a war is going on between the Eastern Front, and the Western Front. The bar/tavern is in the middle of both lands.
On the same night of the meeting, there's another meeting with the Red Rose (Eastern) and the Black rose (Western).

Once on the mission, there will be other individuals met and given information... there will not be an easy destiny, but nonetheless and adventure to remember.

I used INDIVIDUALS for the fact that you can be any species (just keep away from the elemental and supernatural creatures.). Here are some suggestions: Vampire/ress, Adhiel (Elf), Half-Adhiel (Half-Elf), Orc, Human, Half-Human...
Please do not be: Orc, Troll, Frost/Forest/Urban/Dessert Monsters, Giants, and Titans. Note that you can still be one, just preferably not one.

I used SUNDOWN for a realistic reason (Vamps, Giants, and others meet at night). You don't meet someone who works for the Eastern/Western Kings during the day. I expect some drunks, bar fights, and bloodshed in the story. Mild or no Language is acceptable (unless unexceptable by the MODS).

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