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Prowler's comment on 2008-08-04 09:24 AM
I'm a newbie and found this extremely useful, thank you very much. Go to Comment
Prowler's comment on 2008-05-31 07:43 AM
Good stuff. 'aboriginese' should be 'aboriginal' though. ^^ Go to Comment
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       By: Strolen

Small tavern in an out of the way town. Serve a wonderful delicacy that is simply outstanding. It is a creamy white consistancy, sweet, good to eat alone or a sweetener on any dessert. If the explore or ask they are shown where they get it. They breed a group of large catipillars or some other type of insect that basically spit the product onto a setup that they created for that particular reason. Or maybe the delicacy is the byproduct of feeding them something. Instead of city can be a traveller offering the food.

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