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Silverfox Mill - Part II
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PoisonAlchemist's comment on 2013-05-28 10:42 PM
Those are very valid reservations.

I began this before I thought of joining the citadel (two years ago?), and I really have no idea what I even looked at anymore. It's all the things like Fetz's language barrier and the name "Black Anna" that I know aren't mine and are buried somewhere. If there is anything that strikes you as "Hey, that belongs to so-and-so" please tell me; that notice is a plea not a statement.

My opinion on stats is that they are an addition to and not a replacement for an idea. If I were to edit them out whomever was playing a d20 system (Pathfinder, 3.5, 3.0 etc.) and wanted to use this as a grab-and-go module would have lost something, and you as a more casual reader would have gained nothing but 100 characters of unread text. It is my personal opinion that when I am reading submissions if I can ignore the stats and have it be the same article, than they are irrelevant to the scoring. If not, then there is a problem.

I'm glad you appreciate my work, and am tickled pink you think so highly of it despite its flaws. Go to Comment
Silverfox Mill - Part II
Plots  (Discovery)   (Multi-Storyline)
PoisonAlchemist's comment on 2013-03-24 10:38 PM

This is the second part of Silverfox Mill, the portion regarding characters and setting is detailed in part I and can be found under the Locations section of the citadel.

Silverfox Mill is part of the Etzem Campaign and as such is unfinished, lacking links and context for a number of things. Statistics are given with the pathfinder system in mind. 

Some ideas have been taken from Tales of Terror and others have been taken from Strolen submissions. If you wish to link or receive credit simply comment below and I will create a link compilation at the end of this submission. 

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The Threat of Sugar
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PoisonAlchemist's comment on 2014-10-16 06:22 PM
Hey guys I just found this forum thread, it’s got the latest track.

Uugh, I’ll be honest I’ve wasted way too much time reading through threads on Sugar trying to come up with something but I think L1v3tehB347 is right. The best I’ve got is that this all started with the twins Pali mentioned. There was a lot of death in the Futura project so I wouldn’t be surprised if one of them lost their body and the two tried to live in the same morph and ended up merging egos. It would explain why they refer to themselves in the plural and the gender fluidity. They did what the Lost generation was meant to do: they thrived. They started making their music which attracted their async brothers and sisters to them. Spread asyncs throughout a crowd like at a rave and they can amplify the psychic waves Sugar is laying down and turn it into sort of an anarchist hive mind. They’re not dumb though, like lovelylemonlimes pointed out being so high profile is super dangerous for an async which is why they are so interested in giving this persona its own life as a symbol of anarchist freedom. That way if they get caught they can either deny it or have someone else take up the mantle.

Who do you think Sugar is, if you even think Sugar is real and not a collective delusion? Go to Comment
The Threat of Sugar
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PoisonAlchemist's comment on 2014-10-17 05:13 PM
I know, the links are sort of cheating. As I told MM in chat, I had a fantasy version of this character that just wasn't coming together so I scrapped it and put it in EP. It has worked out much better.

Yes the errors were intentional. I actually had to go back and add some more in to make certain people seem more consistent in style.

I'm glad people are actually getting the whole forum-post thing. I feel like it's appropriate for the setting. A lot of the fluff in EP is actually delivered in e-mails between people all of whom have a distinct voice. Go to Comment
The Threat of Sugar
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PoisonAlchemist's comment on 2014-10-20 02:38 PM
Eclipse Phase, it's both a setting and a system. It's all OGL so most of the links go to the wiki which explain some things. Go to Comment
Cool Fight Location/encounter #1
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PoisonAlchemist's comment on 2014-10-16 08:50 PM
Should be turned into an idea seed rather than a submission. Neat combat though. Go to Comment
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PoisonAlchemist's comment on 2014-10-16 08:52 PM
Cool idea. Neat missions. Sub could use a little polish (capitalization, etc.) Go to Comment
Items  (Melee Weapons)   (Combat)
PoisonAlchemist's comment on 2014-10-16 08:54 PM
Oh, forgot, very important, please put the long from of the acronym and a bit about it in the description next to "100 word challenge" to give someone a vague idea of whether or not they might find the sub useful. Go to Comment
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PoisonAlchemist's comment on 2014-08-28 02:54 PM
This is the file a particular person keeps on all of her 'associates'; the people she frequently calls on for favors and who call on her for favors. They fall into a nebulous area between NPC and cohort.

Minor elements of this sub are based on the eclipse phase setting. Here are some phrases that may not be understood from in-line context:

Muse - An AI assistant which develops a personality modeld after what methods are most effective at influencing you to make the best possible decisions.

Uplift - An animal or AI which has been given sapience through modern technology.

The Fall - The singularity, where technology becomes self-aware and destroys most of humanity.

Barsoomian - A person who lives on Mars, also a grass-roots movement against hypercorp opression on Mars.

Biochauvinist - Someone who believes people who inhait mechanical bodies are inferior to those in biological bodies.

Forking - The act of splitting a conciousness (ego). The conciousness may or may not be given a body (morph).

Cortical stack - A small computer placed in the spine which houses your ego in case of bodily death.

Gatecrasher - A modern interstellar explorer.

Async - Someone infected by a computer/boiological hybrid virus that has unlocked powers rather than killed/enslaved its host as is typical. Go to Comment
NPCs  (Extras)   (Travelers)
PoisonAlchemist's comment on 2014-08-28 03:03 PM
Zomg why is it messing up my pretty formatting! Go to Comment
NPCs  (Extras)   (Travelers)
PoisonAlchemist's comment on 2014-08-28 03:05 PM
Credit for some of the weaknesses to: a fantastic list. Go to Comment
NPCs  (Extras)   (Travelers)
PoisonAlchemist's comment on 2014-08-29 03:54 PM
Thanks! I'm a little sad Zeus didn't make the cut since his favor list read as follows:

+ Loaned 8,000 credits at 35% APY
+ Retrieved from Lavender Finch outpost
+ Hushed incident with Autonomist Genehacker
+ Played wingman at le Château
- Repaid loan and interest with added kneecap value
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7 More Reasons Why Not Everyone is a Magic User
Articles  (Resource)   (Gaming - Genre)
PoisonAlchemist's comment on 2014-10-18 02:21 AM
This can really help you flesh out a game world, thinking about why you don't want your magic to be all over the place and how that might effect other things. I really like this, and each of these options has interesting flavor. Go to Comment
Star Whale
Lifeforms  (Third Kingdom)   (Space)
PoisonAlchemist's comment on 2014-10-28 03:20 PM
For me the issue with Lovecraft in RP is that it breaks down when it comes to the players. The point of these things is that they are unknowable and so beyond the pale of understanding. So how is a star-whale supposed to be usable in a game other than background flavor?

That being said, the idea of the invisible food chain is an excellent one. What happens when a space whale dies? Are there decomposers? Scavengers?

Props to Aramax for the HoH, this was an enjoyable read I would have missed. Go to Comment
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PoisonAlchemist's comment on 2013-05-15 08:11 PM
Update: This city was created for a campaign based on a world shaped like a tetrahedron, with several moons, several suns, and each side named relative to the prevailing element. Hotside, Coldside, Pointyside, and Flatside for Fire, Water, Earth, and Air respectively. Go to Comment
Locations  (City)   (Desert)
PoisonAlchemist's comment on 2013-05-18 02:17 PM
What makes you say that? I'm not a huge fan of the series, so I don't remember anything from the movies nor have I read the books. I would have thought it would be more like Dune but then again I haven't read that either. Go to Comment
Locations  (City)   (Desert)
PoisonAlchemist's comment on 2013-05-28 01:28 AM
Thank you!

I had one or two thoughts on the sands. The first is that it could be an entirely natural process based upon the weather; in fact the idea of the expanding sands came from the Sahara growing by n square miles per year.

The other more interesting theory is that 'nature spirit' the rangers were sent to destroy is somehow related to the desertification. This explains how the fourth ranger was able to predict that the island would turn to sand and why the third ranger refused the coin - from guilt knowing that what he had done would eventually destroy the island ecosystem.

I say 'nature spirit' because it is never actually revealed what the rangers encountered or did while on the island. Xen'ari assumed it was a nature spirit and hired the people he thought would be best suited to the assumed task. Whatever it is might still be on the island, slowly and vengefully grinding the city of its imprisonment into dust. Go to Comment
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PoisonAlchemist's comment on 2014-10-18 11:28 AM
I like the term and the explanation for it. It's a depressing thing but not entirely unreasonable. Someone has really been studying what happens when we start to transition to a post-scarcity economy. Go to Comment
Ms. Carlyle
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PoisonAlchemist's comment on 2014-10-22 06:43 PM
Only voted Go to Comment
Winter's Gem
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PoisonAlchemist's comment on 2014-10-22 03:43 PM
I very much like this.

My one note is that I feel it is unnecessarily dark. The gem could have desired her company and drawn her to it without terrible things happening to the girl. How could someone who in their formative years experiences that trauma grow to have a functional healthy relationship with a nobleman?

I've just read a couple subs where women are violated and its a bit fatiguing and starts to feel trope-like. I've used it too, but here it just stuck out to me as unnecessary. Go to Comment
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