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The Mirr of the Mirror-Folk
Lifeforms  (Third Kingdom)   (Other)
Pieh's comment on 2010-09-29 05:26 PM
Update: Another Update, just for you Outrider. Go to Comment
Augment Trees
Lifeforms  (Flora)   (Any)
Pieh's comment on 2010-08-27 10:15 PM
The thorns as weapon would be a rare sight. But, I imagine rare enough that it couldn't hurt to make them permanent until discharged. Go to Comment
Spies of Lindor
Society/ Organizations  (Criminal/Espionage)   (World Wide)
Pieh's comment on 2010-07-31 09:56 PM
I'm not sure why this one was challenged. It is a great ground piece to launch your own spy-battle campaign from. You would need to fill in the blanks mentioned in previous comments and after that I think it would be usable. Sure, names would need to change, but I really see no good reason for challenging this one. Go to Comment
Death And Resurrection
Systems  (Divine/ Spirit)   (Defining)
Pieh's comment on 2010-08-27 10:55 PM
Very nice. It is refreshing to read a solid and detailed view on death and resurrection in a game setting. Sadly, the most often case I see is that the magic is too detailed in core materials. Speaking from a D&D player's point of view, I think too many people take core material for granted and don't ask "What if?" often enough. Thank you for giving a thorough account of this phenomenon in Hewdamia. Go to Comment
Crossbow Door Trap
Dungeons  (Any)   (Traps)
Pieh's comment on 2010-08-26 07:15 PM
I've been teetering between 2.5 and 3s for your submission. I want to like them, but they lack meat. If you made them into a list of 30 Simple Yet Effective Traps, then you would get a much higher vote. The only reason I'm going as high as a 3 is your coherency and the general ideas are not bad and well presented. Solid 3s. Go to Comment
Thunderstone Door Trap
Dungeons  (Any)   (Doors)
Pieh's comment on 2010-08-26 07:12 PM
Short, concise, complete. Not bad, but it feels rather bland. Maybe spice it up with specific examples of traps that use thunderstones and how the elements of the trap effect each other. You hint at ways it could be used, but that doesn't have the same feel as a detailed trap.

Welcome to The Citadel. Go to Comment
Rod of Duality
Items  (Melee Weapons)   (Combat)
Pieh's comment on 2010-08-16 11:05 AM
I don't think you understand how they work. They are two full-sized fighting staffs. They are magically bonded to each-other so that when you move one, the other moves in an opposite direction (relative to itself). They are not nunchucks. Go to Comment
Animated Doorknob
Dungeons  (Underground)   (Traps)
Pieh's comment on 2010-07-31 10:04 PM
I find that a fun way to spice up relatively "normal" items like this is to include a detailed account of the ritual process.
"You must gather the knob of magically hardened silver and place atop your composite armadillo shell pillar. Anoint it with the tears of a troubled youth then let it sit under the light of a full moon. When you are ready to apply the knob to a door you must ... blah blah blah"

Also, some quotes from adventurers, as heard by the guy on the other side of the door, would be fun.

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Animated Doorknob
Dungeons  (Underground)   (Traps)
Pieh's comment on 2010-08-26 07:07 PM
Not bad, a solid fun submission. If I use this I will need to add that it has an annoying laugh and thinks everything is funny. A nasally "Haehaehaehaehae" would fit perfectly. Go to Comment
Painted Minotaur Room
Dungeons  (Any)   (Puzzles)
Pieh's comment on 2010-08-10 12:54 AM
Very nice submission. Solid and usable, with a spark of "I Wish I Thought of That." I would like to use this one some day. Go to Comment
Lifeforms  (Intelligent Species)   (City/ Ruin)
Pieh's comment on 2010-07-31 12:12 AM
Very good, Bly. Very fun idea that I hope to use some day. Keep up the good work, I just wish there was a larger audience for you. Go to Comment
The Crystal Scholar
NPCs  (Minor)   (Knowledge/Lore)
Pieh's comment on 2010-08-01 07:48 PM
Thanks for picking that one up, Val. I was toying with various terms to describe what I wanted. Looks like I didn't make a choice. :P

Trench, is what I decided on. I considered trough, gouge, bore, and a few others. Just to give you an idea of what I mean. Sort of like an indented rift of purple gemstone. Go to Comment
Lifeforms  (Intelligent Species)   (Any)
Pieh's comment on 2010-07-29 09:12 PM
I really didn't contribute much to this, but I really like it and plan on making an NPC submission of one of these. I think it's a very solid first post with tons of potential. I hope to see more from you in the future, Bly. With less clinging to my shoulder in fear. :p I still think detailing a reproductive process (Or: How Quasi-Souls make more Quasi-Souls) would have been beneficial, even if they don't know where they came from. Go to Comment
Halls of Dancing Flutes
Dungeons  (Mountains)   (Rooms/ Halls)
Pieh's comment on 2010-07-23 05:53 PM
This is a fun submission. I always liked the faerie's gifts that seem great at first (Oh wow! This place has excellent acoustics and I sound great! Yes, dance to my music! Wow oh wow!) then turn horrendously tragic (I can't play anymore, thanks for dancing. Wait! Where are you going? Guys! No! NO!). I just wish it was more than a flavor piece, like there was an obstacle to overcome and a reward to be had. I don't see this dungeon ending well if encountered by players. Pretty much, a very creative party killer. You would have the flute player left alive. He could try to play some more and keep trying to pull people out, but it's so tedious and futile that I doubt this encounter would be enjoyable.

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Eustacius: the demiplane of twisted dreams
Dungeons  (Other)   (Rooms/ Halls)
Pieh's comment on 2010-07-18 04:42 PM
I really like this one. This one is more than just a novel idea, though it is that as well, it really sounds like a fun/slightly frustrating puzzle dimension that is extremely usable. I love the "map" you included, that is of huge benefit to the GM. I just wish my printer was working so I could print this one and run with it. Great stuff, this is. Go to Comment
The Madness of Avool
Society/ Organizations  (Knowledge/Lore)   (World Wide)
Pieh's comment on 2010-11-20 06:27 AM

Awesome! Next time I see a guy on a street corner preaching doom and hellfire, I'm going to give him a hug... In hopes of preventing this kind of disaster in our world. Imagine those giant purple bile-and-bone-spewing worm-beasts attacking busses and crawling through subway tunnels... What a mess that would be. Not to mention that only the most evil of people are safe from it, relatively anyway. This is a nasty thing to spring on a game world. I approve.

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The Last Zombie
Plots  (Duty)   (Single-Storyline)
Pieh's comment on 2010-01-23 11:08 PM
Very interesting. Keep up the good work. Go to Comment
Baked Adventurer Anyone?
Dungeons  (Any)   (Traps)
Pieh's comment on 2011-04-18 10:04 PM

I like it. Racing across gears has always been a favorite mental image of mine. I typically imagine a clock-tower-like setting, but this oven is a great place for it, too. Race up the gears and watch out for your back end, there's fire on the way. Very cool.

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Atissi Worms
Lifeforms  (Fauna)   (Any)
Pieh's comment on 2009-12-20 07:17 AM
Great way to kick off the Quest, Cheka. There were a few bits, especially in the second-to-last paragraph, that felt like unnecessary filler content, but overall: Very Good.

I think the best weakness for them would be to take the cure mentioned in the second paragraph, just taken to a bit of extreme; any healing magic or healing potions will kill off the worms. Simple as that. The Only way for them to survive would be for the subject to try to heal naturally, like an animal or non-adventurer would. This pretty much leaves the PCs unaffected in most games but still provides unsettling enemies.

But, if you just want an all-out apocalypse, this works well. Go to Comment
Wangadi Fruit
Lifeforms  (Flora)   (Desert)
Pieh's comment on 2009-12-18 09:05 AM
I really like this one Cheka! Exploding fruit? Hell yeah!

I could use some more details on how ro why exactly it explodes. Is it magical? If so, what is the history of the tree? Is it natural? How did the tree evolve like this? Would animals know not to eat it?

Also: How tall is the tree? Can a small desert-dwelling creature reach the fruit? With the iron-hard bark I imagine it would be hard for a claw-using creature to climb.

When it explodes what does the damage: Is it an explosion of fire? Or shrapnel? Something else?

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