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Organic Memory Core
Items  (Other)   (Cursed)
MysticMoon's comment on 2013-08-14 11:02 AM
This is just awesome and seems like a natural outgrowth of the kind of content caching that goes on today with a nicely disturbing twist. Akamai in the Cosmic Era indeed.

I have to say, if you ever put together your Cosmic Era content and produced a set of gaming books from it, I would buy the hell out of them. Go to Comment
Systems  (Divine/ Spirit)   (Specific)
MysticMoon's comment on 2013-08-24 11:17 PM

This is pretty cool in my book. A lunar religion? How could I not like it? :)

Since the waxing moon is associated with generally positive things and the waning moon with generally negative things, are there any associated beliefs regarding the evening and the morning? (Since the waxing moon is more visible in the early evening and the waning moon moreso in the late morning.)

Are there differences in how the moon phases are perceived during the different seasons? For instance, would the new moon in winter be seen as a strong time for Mortes since the harsh weather likely means more deaths?

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The Books of the Holders update
Locations  (Establishment)   (Other)
MysticMoon's comment on 2013-08-16 10:30 AM
You can always change it to "in progress" until it can be deleted. That way there won't be any confusion on where to vote. Go to Comment
The Books of the Holders
Locations  (Establishment)   (Other)
MysticMoon's comment on 2013-08-16 10:29 AM
So many ways to use this... I love it. Go to Comment
Raven Feather Wand
Items  (Wand/Staff/ Arcane)   (Magical)
MysticMoon's comment on 2013-08-14 04:15 PM
As others have said, the details are what make this work. I especially like the description of how the wand was formed.

This would make a good item for facing off with the Big Bad as the PCs would need to locate the wand and prep it for the final confrontation. Go to Comment
Dorgen's Hammer
Items  (Melee Weapons)   (Sentient)
MysticMoon's comment on 2013-09-21 04:25 PM

I don't have much to add beyond what others have said. I like the mushroom handle; it's a nice touch. Also the delayed buildup. The names are a nice departure from the usual.

The stats are fairly meaningless to me, although I can mostly extrapolate out their meaning. Some fluff text for description would have been a nice addition.

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The Crossroads
Locations  (Area)   (Any)
MysticMoon's comment on 2013-08-16 01:36 PM
I also like the mysterious aspect of it. It's the kind of thing that lets me smile knowingly (and a bit evilly) as my players try to discern what is going on. Go to Comment
Whitebone Book hunt
Plots  (Hired)   (Side-Quest)
MysticMoon's comment on 2013-09-02 10:21 AM
Ties in nicely with the others. Go to Comment
The Whitebone Tomes
Items  (Books and Scrolls)   (Sentient)
MysticMoon's comment on 2013-09-02 10:19 AM
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That Which is Forgotten
Articles  (Fiction)   (Gaming - In General)
MysticMoon's comment on 2010-12-28 08:55 AM


I agree with Silveressa about the professional level quality of the piece.

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An Ode To The Colour Red
Items  (Books and Scrolls)   (Magical)
MysticMoon's comment on 2013-09-07 09:22 AM

This is quite creative and cleverly done. Enough is hinted at (even if not outright stated) to add this type of magic to a world.

One thing that stands out for me is that, rather than stated openly and boringly, a picture is painted of the callousness required to be a practitioner of this art.

I see this as a potent school of magic with very few practitioners. Learning this blood magic, it seems to me, requires a certain sociopathic bent as well as patience and focus. (In other words, they would make excellent, coldly calculating, villains.)

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Lazarus Lightward
NPCs  (Major)   (Religious)
MysticMoon's comment on 2013-09-08 07:30 PM
An intriguing character with a lot of good details, like the white suit with the tiny drops of blood and wearing symbols of his old faith. Excellent work. Go to Comment
Locations  (City)   (Desert)
MysticMoon's comment on 2013-08-31 10:14 PM
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Halan Of Gimirrai
NPCs  (Major)   (Mystical)
MysticMoon's comment on 2013-08-26 08:12 PM

I feel like I get some teasing glimpses of a larger world here. References to the Plague, using sorcery to induce vampirism, groups such as "Masters of the Tomb", the vampire god (whether real or not), etc. Color me intrigued in the setting.

Aside from that, I think this could benefit from some plot hooks. Halan seems like a major player in this world and I would like to see how you view that in terms of the players.

I hate to say it but the name Oleastra puts me in mind of the food product olestra (not really your fault and I know I'm not really one to talk when it comes to odd names, it just seemed important to point out; of course it could just be me.)

Overall, I like this and look forward to reading more.

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Lifeforms  (Unique)   (Desert)
MysticMoon's comment on 2013-08-28 08:21 PM
This is an exceptional idea. I love those kinds of primal forces. I also love the the relationship between belief and power. Once again, an excellent addition to the intriguing Ouzquin Dremorix. Go to Comment
The Church of the Exquisite Blade
Society/ Organizations  (Religious)   (Regional)
MysticMoon's comment on 2013-08-26 08:26 PM

I had to read through it a couple of times but I think it finally sunk in. I like the idea of an order of Paladins fighting for good while unknowingly working for an evil entity. It's the kind of twist a skilled GM of evil intent could do much with :)

The plot hooks seem like good ways to get the PCs investigating something that would otherwise remain hidden to them. A party could fight their way up the food chain after they learn the truth. Tactically minded PCs, however, might seek to turn the lowest order of Paladins against their god.

I especially like that Krunuth holds his followers in such low esteem. It's a nice touch.

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The Other Side
Plots  (Divine/ Spirit)   (Defining)
MysticMoon's comment on 2013-08-27 09:03 PM

We need a "save the cultist" movement. For too long have the forces of good and right trampled upon the simple, hardworking, and downtrodden cultist; those whose only collective desire is to unleash world-destroying demonic forces. Is that really so worthy of being harried in their homes and put to the sword in their places of worship? Have we no tolerance?


Ok, seriously, this is one of those great ideas that seems like it should have been completely obvious, yet has never occurred to me before. Great work on this. 5/5

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NPCs  (Minor)   (Combative)
MysticMoon's comment on 2013-03-25 12:05 PM
This is the kind of NPC that can drive a plot in so many unpredictable directions. Ally, enemy, easily underestimated; I likey.

Can someone missing such pieces of their soul know what they do not have? I imagine fear would keep Snap from taking that final step to being whole if it were actually in front of her. Wouldn't that be a death of sorts for her? Would she still be who she is afterward?

I wouldn't mind seeing more about the type of magic used by the witch and how she was able to provide some kind of soul. Was it a created soul? Some sort of trapped demon? A ghost? A patchwork of elemental or nature spirits? This is purely curiosity as the sub works fine on its own. Go to Comment
But they're only minions...
Articles  (Character)   (Game Mastering)
MysticMoon's comment on 2013-03-20 03:26 PM
A nice, thought-provoking first sub. Kudos. Go to Comment
But they're only minions...
Articles  (Character)   (Game Mastering)
MysticMoon's comment on 2013-03-21 03:28 PM
Another solution to this is to avoid the use of minion-type encounters by making the PCs less powerful overall.

Even though I do not play any D20 games, I am fascinated with the concept of E6: (Note: I've read only enough to understand the basics, not the whole thread.) Basically, characters cannot advance beyond level 6, making the world a deadlier place and keeping challenging monsters challenging.

By capping PCs development there are no more simple minions that can be swept aside with impunity. Encounters stay meaningful and there is always danger. Go to Comment
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