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A man becomes a bow, a bow a man.
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Murometz's comment on 2015-04-28 04:47 PM

Good questions. I should have written more here.

Actually, I think I gave the wrong impression with the "corpse rising" stuff. I meant that the body of Lyuk Bowen survived the battle (though he lost consciousness there for a while literally and figuratively) and lives on as a normal looking man (not a literal zombie nor undead in any way, his flesh is not slowly rotting or anything ). But he is brainless. That is to say his brain is the equivalent of a wooden bow. Lol.

So he's a bag of flesh the bow controls with its thoughts, but not literally, since the flesh bag is brainless. The bow meanwhile, possessing Lyuk's memories and thoughts merely nudges the living husk along through unexplained magic, and perhaps some sort of latent muscle memory on the husk's part.

If the husk is killed the bow would be rather screwed as it can't move around on its own. I'm guessing the bow would eventually go mad too, and I don't mean the angry variety of mad.

Which brings us to what would happen when the the inevitable occurs and a PC gets her hands on the bow. I would imagine the dynamic would be similar to an intelligent weapon and its owner with the bow having its own thoughts, goals, and desires. But not having an overly large "Ego" the bows influence wouldn't be of the corrupting variety on its wielder. After that, who knows. One thing it would definitely do is try to talk its new wielder into getting revenge against a certain Long Lord. Another thing it could do that just came to me, is actually teach it's new wielder archery and improve their ability with a bow.

Oh boy, I've typed too much and reading this back it doesn't quite make perfect sense to me lol

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Ezalim the Fallen
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Murometz's comment on 2015-04-28 04:34 PM
Geez, this was a heavy and heady read for a warm, sunny afternoon :)

I'm left trying to wrap my mind around the concepts presented. "Cut a swathe through reality". What does cutting a swathe through reality actually look like, I wonder, etc...

Nicely written and tight. First sentence is downright poetic.

I can't help but imagine being a "PC" in this world, hiding in a corner meekly squeaking "meep" as these events unfold. Lol.

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Feather-Dusters of Dra'Solme Tsolyul
Items  (Melee Weapons)   (Magical)
Murometz's comment on 2015-04-22 09:10 PM
tried uploading a pic inside the main sub. Failed. So here is sort of what they look like...

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Feather-Dusters of Dra'Solme Tsolyul
Items  (Melee Weapons)   (Magical)
Murometz's comment on 2015-04-22 11:34 PM
I suppose :) Go to Comment
Skeleton Bow
Items  (Ranged Weapons)   (Cursed)
Murometz's comment on 2015-04-22 09:28 PM
Read the title and would have bet money the bows were crafted of Skeleton spinal columns. I stand corrected! Nice amount of detail with few words~ Go to Comment
Vaakri's Empyral Bow
Items  (Ranged Weapons)   (Heroic)
Murometz's comment on 2015-04-22 09:26 PM
Concur with the lads. Great legend/myth! Almost doesn't matter what it does Go to Comment
30 More Pirates
NPCs  (Minor)   (Criminal/Espionage)
Murometz's comment on 2015-04-26 09:03 PM
What Cheka said!

A pirate for every class is a fun twist. I'll try to add a few. Go to Comment
30 Barbarians
NPCs  (Extras-Horde)   (Combative)
Murometz's comment on 2015-04-26 08:52 PM

This grew on me the more I read. Lovable bunch! Love the this one likes that one and that one fears this one stuff. Makes them come alive and feel real. The names based on traits/personalities is a nice touch as well.

I get a bit of a Black Company vibe too.

Zerk is Hulk! Bones is Rattleshirt (GoT)! And you have to love gramps!

I have to ask though, why is Rock the secret laughing stock of the group? We're not offered a clue as to why.

Great job!

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Circlet of Cerberus
Items  (Jewelry)   (Magical)
Murometz's comment on 2015-03-10 12:55 AM
I really like how you weaved (wove? woven?) greek myth and mermen. Seamless. Good read, and nicely balanced item. Go to Comment
Ballad of the Malconvoker
Locations  (Area)   (Plains)
Murometz's comment on 2015-02-25 07:52 PM

Nice twist, nice poem, and nice add-on explaining the options!

Have random questions on the fascinating wording...

1. "The clergy unable reconcile" there's no "to" between unable and reconcile on purpose right? 2. "Her infernal servant fond" what is meant by fond here?

I don't care about grammar, vocabulary and spelling, I'm just asking because I like the style.

Anyway, good job!

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Downington Sphere
Items  (Other)   (Campaign Defining)
Murometz's comment on 2015-02-22 07:19 PM
This was a fun read!! Not sure how to explain why, I guess it's all the somehow fitting names for things, the lingo and nuance. Oh yeah, and the bizarre space lifeforms! Go to Comment
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Murometz's comment on 2012-02-15 12:30 PM



Once you're done with the foundation, brainstorming, format and logistics, I'd like to PLAY this game! :)


And once youre done with this, please consider...Thundercats, He-Man, Space Ghost, etc

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Queen Llaewyn Reborn
Plots  (Event)   (Multi-Storyline)
Murometz's comment on 2015-02-11 10:55 AM

I was just going to add, some nice use of prose in this piece! I like the campaign thoughts as well. And welcome Isharii!!

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Articles  (Fiction)   (Gaming - In General)
Murometz's comment on 2015-02-07 10:06 AM

Wow, fancy writing!! The opening grabbed hold of me and wouldn't let go. Going to read this again with floyd's waiting for the worms softly playing in the background

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Slang and Jargon Beneath the Waves: The Big Under
Systems  (Societal/ Cultural)   (Specific)
Murometz's comment on 2015-02-26 02:27 PM
This is pretty darn impressive axle!! Love the slang etymology explainers! Strong shades of Burgess' Nadsat. Go to Comment
Xue Ren (Snow/Blood Blade Edge)
NPCs  (Character Sheet)   (Combative)
Murometz's comment on 2015-02-05 01:08 PM

Reads like a nice Wuxia plot, and a likable assassin :)

The deviant art link no worky.

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The First of Cities
Locations  (City)   (Other)
Murometz's comment on 2015-02-05 01:39 PM
Good world tale, nice amount of detail. I enjoyed it. And what LW said, too! Go to Comment
The Tale of Solomon Soulhammer Pt. I
NPCs  (Mythic/ Historical)   (Mystical)
Murometz's comment on 2015-02-02 10:45 PM

Well this is nice. Well-written, concise, and consistent greco-roman "Namery" (new word, means same-sounding naming). Looking forward to part II, in which I'm guessing, Solomon goes on to do something epic.

And bless you for splitting this into parts. Wise.

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Apocalyptic Vampires
Lifeforms  (Intelligent Species)   (City/ Ruin)
Murometz's comment on 2014-01-18 11:07 PM
What madness this? :P Go to Comment
Castle Kaukenn
Dungeons  (Other)   (Rooms/ Halls)
Murometz's comment on 2012-03-10 07:20 PM

In the old forest that Kaukenn was originally built under, such a pattern acted as simple camouflage among the sun-dappled shadows thrown by towering trees. Each marble block holds an enchantment subtly enhancing that effect, causing the veins to undulate slowly in a breeze or the colors to darken or lighten to match the ambient light.

A deceptively simple yet evocative detail!

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