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When The Hail Came
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Murometz's comment on 2015-01-22 12:46 AM
Wow. You know ax, I didn't realize that I agree until I read your comment. It's true, the voice *doesn't* quite mature, does it? Still, I love this Spartan journal approach. Go to Comment
The Last Mind Flayer
Plots  (Crisis)   (Single-Storyline)
Murometz's comment on 2015-01-23 10:19 PM
Yeah, I love this sub so much! I have to echo Scras in that my immediate first thought was, this reads so retro! I love Rodchenko! This is just a fantastic pair brought to life! Everything really, the story, their personalities, the image of Rodchenko (I won't lie), even the format, is perfect. Is Illah supposed to be Ilya? If so, I'm hurt. I usually don't antagonize. :P

Rodchenko is the greatest natural swordsman in the world (somebody has to be). Go to Comment
7 Trains
Items  (Transports)   (Campaign Defining)
Murometz's comment on 2015-01-16 10:53 PM

Interesting set. #4 immediately instills thoughts of the Great Train Robbery and a session based on it. #5 screams Runaway Train with Voight and Roberts. #3 and #1 are nice and self explanatory. #6 nice touch. I don't think #7 is needed. Just filler words. We know what a train is for :)

#8? A rare collectible toy train (Lionel?) worth a small fortune!

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Hobbit Chair and Eat Racing
Systems  (Societal/ Cultural)   (Specific)
Murometz's comment on 2015-01-15 03:28 PM
Cute. Can see these competitions happening in the shire. Go to Comment
The Broken Peace
Plots  (Discovery)   (Single-Storyline)
Murometz's comment on 2015-01-28 12:51 PM
I never thought I'd live to see the day this sentence appeared in print...

"When goblins die it is usually of old age"

Interesting take on the whole you are what you eat trope. Go to Comment
Drofor's Grotesquery
Items  (Art and Music)   (Cursed)
Murometz's comment on 2015-01-14 03:18 PM

This one really piques my imagination, cruc. Love it. Creepy and, half-gods, orgies, cults, and the names!! A sense of the primeval/primordial mixed with an almost Renaissance feel. Would love to see the 30 paintings written up!

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The Holy Hovercraft of The Ice Bears
Society/ Organizations  (Religious)   (World Wide)
Murometz's comment on 2015-01-09 12:47 PM
Fun! space-faring polar bear mercenaries. Somehow it makes sense. Who is their leader? Enemies of note? Go to Comment
Murometz's comment on 2015-01-06 02:29 PM
Fun read and easy to understand even for the science-y laymen Go to Comment
Murometz's comment on 2015-01-06 02:46 PM
These are great! Mini sci-fi primers!! Go to Comment
The Dwarven Beard Explained
Lifeforms  (Fauna)   (Mountains)
Murometz's comment on 2014-12-17 02:27 PM
What Tuss and Stork said! Go to Comment
The Dwarven Beard Explained
Lifeforms  (Fauna)   (Mountains)
Murometz's comment on 2014-12-17 02:36 PM
Blood bladder is interesting too, and makes me think of...what else? Four-chambered hearts? Double stomachs? Go to Comment
The Dwarven Beard Explained
Lifeforms  (Fauna)   (Mountains)
Murometz's comment on 2014-12-17 03:28 PM
what? I'm referring to *other* potentially interesting Dwarven biological and/or physiological traits...but yeah, ok. Go to Comment
The Dwarven Beard Explained
Lifeforms  (Fauna)   (Mountains)
Murometz's comment on 2014-12-17 04:09 PM

Ah right. When I say "four-chambered" I mean "different number of chambers, not four" haha

The double stomach came from watching animal programs last night, where the langurs of Cambodia have an extra stomach full of fancy bacteria that help them break down the cellulose of leaves. Anyway, was basically contemplating Dwarven adaptations to the underground. How about this? An fish-like organ that regulates pressure/oxygen/something.. :P

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27/30 Bad Things about Treasure
Articles  (Humor/ Editorial)   (Gaming - In General)
Murometz's comment on 2014-12-17 03:26 PM

Nice job here, always fun to come up with ways to thwart PCs, even after they have found the "great treasure"! The links are nice, though I think if the same (your favorite) links are used for any new idea over and over again (Mathom, etc) it take a bit away from the piece.

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A simple start for a new dungeon
Articles  (Scenario)   (Game Mastering)
Murometz's comment on 2015-01-22 12:41 AM

or to phrase that another way...there are sure a lot of dungeons without enough history, background, proper npcs or common sense, but this here, is the history, background, npcs and common sense, minus the dungeon!!

Clever, stork. :)

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The Return of the White Deer- Prologue
Articles  (Fiction)   (Gaming - Genre)
Murometz's comment on 2014-12-13 08:11 PM

*the* Temujin? :) Cool. There's a "D" in the title you might want to slice off. So, is this an opening chapter type of thing? Will the Crunalan Empire tale reflect the Song/Yuan Empire time frame approximately?

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The Return of the White Deer- Prologue
Articles  (Fiction)   (Gaming - Genre)
Murometz's comment on 2014-12-17 03:22 PM
I'd maybe change this line..."“Watch out for each other.” With that he made an abrupt departure, leaving the three youths dumbfounded and staring at each other."

The "each other" twice sounds a bit awkward. Go to Comment
Why is Ireland such a Hotspot for Supernatural Activity?
Articles  (Campaign)   (Game Mastering)
Murometz's comment on 2014-12-13 08:16 PM
Interesting. The title made me think it would delve into fey, formorians, and that type of stuff. Go to Comment
101 Player Character Quirks
Articles  (Character)   (Players)
Murometz's comment on 2014-11-27 08:12 PM
Great! Never gets boring, reading quirks. Also, you have here an instant generator with your name on it, if you wish it. Welcome! Go to Comment
Swamps 101
Articles  (Regional)   (Swamp)
Murometz's comment on 2014-11-25 12:29 PM

I love swamps! I think this is a perfect "old school" entry actually! Excellent primer, hitting most of the pertinent points! I cant help but add...since its a 101 on swamps and would have been great if you included a little extra toward the beginning with a little info on the slight differences between...swamp, bog, marsh, and fen, with maybe an image of each. But that's just nitpicking. Great sub!

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