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Nano Khato
NPCs  (Minor)   (Mystical)
Mourngrymn's comment on 2005-05-20 10:19 AM
Where is that detailed comment I wrote up about if you do't like what your writing neither will anyone else? Maybe it could help here. Go to Comment
The Temple of the First Man
Locations  (Establishment)   (Forest/ Jungle)
Mourngrymn's comment on 2005-05-13 10:58 AM

Nice to have a blast from the past, even if it is from 69.

This I think is the most refreshing setting I have read thus far. Go to Comment
Octavius Brekaeil
NPCs  (Major)   (Political)
Mourngrymn's comment on 2005-11-11 12:50 PM
This NPC goes hand in hand with the Demon Gates and was detailed more for it's purpose than any real flesh. Which is why the rating was so low. Also the rating was low before an edit. It was never revisited after the edit. Thank you for your votes/ comments. Go to Comment
Demon Gates
Locations  (Ruins)   (Any)
Mourngrymn's comment on 2005-04-21 02:51 PM
Thank you to CaptainPenguin and Kinslayer for their assistance on this. Go to Comment
Demon Gates
Locations  (Ruins)   (Any)
Mourngrymn's comment on 2005-12-03 02:51 PM
The Lost Temple
Set beneath a crumbling ruin of a temple to Aduivo, the quiet halls of a forgotten temple rest undisturbed. Cobwebs and dust are it's only inhabitants for the last few centuries. The temple above having long ago been built and crumbled into history in the open view to the stars, while beneath it, the preserved hallways of a diabolic temple continued on. Waiting.

The temple was originally built by Caedmon and his first few followers. Having long anticipated the creation of the Demon Gates, the prepared a special place for them to rest. Deep below, a raging storm of energy constantly battled as the worlds life blood flowed freely, warming the temple unaturally. While above, the suns and the moon shone down on the earth where the temple rested, in full view of Caedmon, ever watchful.

It was simple, the temple was. A chamber for a priest and followers with a room set aside for holding slaves for sacrifice. The temple had a singular purpose, the opening of the Demon Gate. But due to the War of the Gods, Caedmon fell and was not able to see his vision through with the opening of the gates. And that is where they sit today, devoid of life, waiting to be found, waiting to be opened. Go to Comment
Demon Gates
Locations  (Ruins)   (Any)
Mourngrymn's comment on 2005-12-03 02:53 PM
The Demon Gates
A set of double doors block the hallway. A large relief sits in the middle of the doors barring passage. The doors are a silvery metal that seem to reflect any light as would a large mirror. Runes inscribed into the door confound the eye as if they move on their own.

The doors radiate warmth but are cold to the touch, and while they are not locked only someone knowing the ancient script of the Demons can decipher the runic script to open the door.

The room inside is a mental nightmare that will haunt the dreams of even the most stout of mind. A cold wind blows in the hot room, flickering torches to life. No direction can be determined from where it comes from however.

The floor is black stone polished to a near mirror shine with three two foot steps leading up to the main dias. The room is also noticably devoid of dust, dirt, or spider webs. As if the room has been taken care of through the centuries.

The steps lead to a central dias where a five foot long block of obsidian rests, the top having a slight curvature that holds the body of those to be sacrificed. behind the alter is a most terrible sight.

Two huge double doors take up the entire west wall of the room. They are carved with images of a mass of horrific beings pouring forth from a gaping maw of some unknown caricature to lay waste to defeated mortals whose sculpted expressions plead for aid and mercy. At the head of the tide there is a single being who stands above the roaring army of demons, cloaked in a deep-hooded cape, with a smiling mask. The whole is made from some sort of dark, slick stone that appears oily or wet in the lights, yet rough and dry to the touch.

The same runic script on the main doors also line these huge doors, detailing the glory of Caedmon and the mass he brings to the unworthy and supposed righteous. The single key made for each gate, enters into the gaping maw and opens wide to show a wall of fire and nightmare.

What comes through... open the gate and see. Go to Comment
Demon Gates
Locations  (Ruins)   (Any)
Mourngrymn's comment on 2005-12-04 10:18 AM
Read the NPC Octavius Brkaeil for more information on the history of this Demon Gate. Go to Comment
Demon Gates
Locations  (Ruins)   (Any)
Mourngrymn's comment on 2006-01-11 02:32 PM
The best version of this very thing I saw in a movie.

In the Mouth of Madness

A strange pulp horror movie that told tales of H.P. Lovecraft from the start. What made the movie all the better, you never saw any of the monsters coming from the bad place. You say glimpses of them, like form the corner of your eye but that is it. That is how you do a horror story. Tell them everything up to the point where imagination takes over. Our own imagination is far worse then what someone else could come up with. Go to Comment
Demon Gates
Locations  (Ruins)   (Any)
Mourngrymn's comment on 2014-11-17 03:51 PM
It became the inspiration to the cover of the Hewdamia manual... Go to Comment
Crystallised Dragon Blood
Items  (Jewelry)   (Magical)
Mourngrymn's comment on 2005-04-19 11:53 AM
Very interesting solution to a well known basic concept. I like this version far better than simple crystals being used as mana or magic batteries.

I have a similar history regarding dragons in my world. They hybernates for 2000 years and are forgotten in all but folk lore until their return.

I like it and may use something similar to this in the future. Go to Comment
Emma's Choker
Items  (Jewelry)   (Non-Magical)
Mourngrymn's comment on 2005-04-20 11:59 AM
I love the idea and the concept and plan on using this against my party soon but one question.

If there is no magic cast on the choker how is it not determined to have a blade inside and how big is it? A blade big enough to slit a throat to the bone as you said would have to be at least two inches or longer since it is a choker. How is it propelled to slice the throat if not with magic?

If it was checked and rechecked by a trio of aged wisemen who an look for such things, how did it pass their scrutney? Or did it? Did they find the flaw when they looked at it and just didn't tell their Heavy Handed Queen of it's real purpose? Or is it designed in a way not to tell a blade is hidden within? I like the former reason better for the storyline of the item. To know that they knew yet didn;t tell her is priceless.

Once again good job.

4/5 - The confusion with the examination and the process with which it works. Otherwise it was perfect. Go to Comment
Emma's Choker
Items  (Jewelry)   (Non-Magical)
Mourngrymn's comment on 2005-04-20 01:55 PM
Absolutely Checka, I'm just looking to understand how it is intended to work.

Does it reset itself after each use or is it manually set. I forgot to ask that last time. Go to Comment
Emma's Choker
Items  (Jewelry)   (Non-Magical)
Mourngrymn's comment on 2005-04-20 10:44 PM
I understand in a technilogical era such as ours, I was trying to get an idea for the type of equipment needed for a low tech society. Go to Comment
Market Brawl
Plots  (Duty)   (Side-Quest)
Mourngrymn's comment on 2005-04-18 05:05 PM
Edited for content... Go to Comment
Market Brawl
Plots  (Duty)   (Side-Quest)
Mourngrymn's comment on 2005-04-19 10:38 AM
Point taken... fixed and altered to add more of a moral issue.

I had assumed to throw in a seemingly pointless encounter in a city market that the players could react to or not. Obviously if they do not they may be forced into the situation if they do not leave the city. However, they will not know that unless they get involved. If they do get involved they could potentially stop the murder of the Baron and help in stopping the assault, or simply leave and let the city to it's own devices. Obviously there is a moral issue at stake.

This is one of those encounters that seems small and unimportant but can boil into a few nights of adventure or a whole campaign twist. Go to Comment
Market Brawl
Plots  (Duty)   (Side-Quest)
Mourngrymn's comment on 2005-04-20 12:41 PM
I actually had thought about making the players have had previous contact with Nalov the thief to make it a more personal component issue.

I like the addition of the furthing the plot when the invaders arrive Moonhunter. I will endeavor to add some spice into the entire event.

I will edit the NPC's and put them into the other thread as you requested and try to add a more flavorful background to add a more personal note to each.

Thanks again. Go to Comment
Market Brawl
Plots  (Duty)   (Side-Quest)
Mourngrymn's comment on 2005-04-29 09:33 AM
Updated with info suggested by Moonhunter and others. Thanks again. Go to Comment
Market Brawl
Plots  (Duty)   (Side-Quest)
Mourngrymn's comment on 2005-10-19 11:47 AM
I have actually begun this in my game this past Saturday, the beginning of the plot where the introductions have been made and friendships are being established. They fell for it fairly easily and with all the rumors floating around at the taverns it should be rather easy to throw down a fight in the street with at least half the PC's getting involved. Sort of a requirement on one players part and a backup buddy system on the others. Go to Comment
Market Brawl
Plots  (Duty)   (Side-Quest)
Mourngrymn's comment on 2005-11-02 08:57 AM
Updated: Updated information regarding player knowledge and interaction. Go to Comment
Spirit Beacons
Items  (Other)   (Magical)
Mourngrymn's comment on 2006-05-31 03:33 PM
This is a wonderful submission. A fresh idea, to me anyway since it began back in 05, but it can be used for so many things. The 'salting of the fields' remark is a great idea and could even be used as a plot idea.

The players are sent to an area to find out why there is an increase in problems, undead, spirits, etc and must find the beacon and get rid of it or destroy it. Great ideas. Go to Comment
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