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The Final Tests of All Tests Ever
Lifeforms  (Third Kingdom)   (Any)
Moonlake's comment on 2010-11-14 05:42 PM

idea 2lllllllllllllllllllllllllllfjalfjalfjla

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The Singing Wood
Locations  (Area)   (Forest/ Jungle)
Moonlake's comment on 2010-11-14 06:25 PM

Like the underlying idea and the execution of this sub.

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Memory Moths
Lifeforms  (Fauna)   (Any)
Moonlake's comment on 2010-11-09 05:43 PM

A good quality sub overall, with a coherent backstory. I also quite like the interweaving b/w the narrative story and the scientific/medical excerpts.

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Moon Razor of ManBeasts
Items  (Wand/Staff/ Arcane)   (Cursed)
Moonlake's comment on 2010-11-07 06:20 PM

Certainly a very atmospheric piece. A good spin on a werewolf legend.

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The Friends
Society/ Organizations  (Mystical)   (World Wide)
Moonlake's comment on 2010-11-07 06:38 PM

An interesting idea with solid write-up. But, I still need to ponder more before voting.

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30 Tieflings and the Gifts they bestow
NPCs  (Extras)   (Criminal/Espionage)
Moonlake's comment on 2010-10-25 03:19 AM

A very coherent set of 30s (as in a set that flows well together)

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Lifeforms  (Fauna)   (Plains)
Moonlake's comment on 2010-11-07 08:26 PM

A neat idea with solid write-up. Would be nice if it could be expanded in ways already mentioned above.

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Grandfather Pestilence
NPCs  (Mythic/ Historical)   (Mystical)
Moonlake's comment on 2010-11-07 08:10 PM

Like Muro, I also remember seeing this piece when it was in-work and was waiting to read it as a full sub. Not much personal comment to add to the above. Well and "intelligently" written as OIontur so elegantly sums this up.

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Moonlake's comment on 2015-02-19 06:17 PM
I'm not really knowledgeable of architecture but the idea presented here of these Uncuts just seems cool to me. Go to Comment
Chalice of the Silver Queen
Items  (Potion)   (Heroic)
Moonlake's comment on 2013-07-02 01:15 AM
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The Lockzennites
Society/ Organizations  (Religious)   (Regional)
Moonlake's comment on 2010-10-22 12:13 AM

I quite like the underlying concept. Execution is also solid. The itallic bits in particular do heighten the atmosphere well. However, this piece somehow left me logically impressed while its emotional content didn't seem to have come across much in the overall sense. In aggregate, I still think this is a decent piece, hence the median score.

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The Mirr of the Mirror-Folk
Lifeforms  (Third Kingdom)   (Other)
Moonlake's comment on 2011-02-10 09:23 PM

An intriguing concept. Overall, I think the sub brings out the evolution of the Mirror-folk very well. Also, I especially like the first paragraph of Closing Thoughts.

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Uriankhai Horsehead Fiddle
Items  (Art and Music)   (Magical)
Moonlake's comment on 2010-12-22 03:58 PM

A highly atmospheric piece. HoHing it so that more eyes can see this well-written piece.

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The Grand Order of the Reef
Society/ Organizations  (Combative)   (Area)
Moonlake's comment on 2009-05-31 05:03 AM
Only suggestion is to fix up the typos, I found a few:
Under History, 3rd paragraph- deemed "too" expensive;
Under Grand Order, I was under the impression that the proposition after the word "preside" should be "over" rather than "of";
Cuttlefish Order- "breathing" is spelled w/o the h
Coral Buckle- in the 1st half of the 1st sentence, you mean to say "Considered to be", right? the current phrasing is weird
Ray- should be "likened" rather than "liked"
Beyond Boshic- "fiery" spelled as firey

Other than that, I would say it's very structured and the details are very good. Go to Comment
NPCs  (Mythic/ Historical)   (Artistic/Performance)
Moonlake's comment on 2016-01-16 06:49 PM
Agreed with Val, quite good as an idea seed in fact. Go to Comment
The Fares Family of Deities
NPCs  (Mythic/ Historical)   (Religious)
Moonlake's comment on 2013-05-17 02:25 AM
I quite like the write-up of this family of Gods and the setting when you explained the inspiration for them. But I think some of the background needs to be expanded eg. who tempered with the contract b/w Retir & Dharina and why.
btw, I think the bracer thing that you mentioned are called armguards
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Dew Nettle
Lifeforms  (Flora)   (Plains)
Moonlake's comment on 2013-06-19 01:02 AM
Short and sweet. Go to Comment
The many ways to intelligence
Articles  (Resource)   (Gaming - In General)
Moonlake's comment on 2015-02-01 12:40 AM
Very informative for the purpose described by author Go to Comment
Items  (Melee Weapons)   (Campaign Defining)
Moonlake's comment on 2009-11-16 09:52 PM
I think all I want to say have been covered above. Go to Comment
Lifeforms  (Unique)   (Water)
Moonlake's comment on 2009-11-08 08:47 PM
Typo alert- 2 "ins" being typed as "is". 1st one- 2nd last line of 1st paragraph. 2nd one- 1st line of 2nd paragraph under Life of a Flaming Blot.

I think my vote is the essence of my comment- "Good solid idea. Nothing fancy, just a great, useable, quality submission"

Somehow, though, it reminds me of global warming. Maybe in the fantasy world, melting of ice in Arctic isn't due to global warming but rather to Ghlims'Kurch'En! Go to Comment
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