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Staves of Servants
Items  (Wand/Staff/ Arcane)   (Magical)
Moonlake's comment on 2013-06-12 09:57 PM
A nice item for adding colour to a world.
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Cinque-Parte Polygnostic
Locations  (Establishment)   (Any)
Moonlake's comment on 2013-06-17 11:49 PM
I actually read this as a serious sub and I think it still does okay. As for this being a 5 in 1, I personally think that the 5 haven't been as tightly interwoven into this sub as the other Quest subs but then this could be due to the particular 5 used. Overall, I do like it but probably not as much as the others who commented before me.
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Chards Folly
Plots  (Mystical)   (Side-Quest)
Moonlake's comment on 2013-06-19 12:26 AM
Great formatting that makes it very easy to read and seamless integration of the 5 subs. A good piece of work.
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The Widerdonum
Plots  (Duty)   (Single-Storyline)
Moonlake's comment on 2013-06-18 11:21 PM
Everything that I want to say has been said before.
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Items  (Clothes)   (Non-Magical)
Moonlake's comment on 2013-06-02 06:18 AM
To me, a standard 3.0 piece although I agree the name is very fitting and has an enhancing effect on the piece.
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The Court of a Thousand and Nine Sorrows
Systems  (Divine/ Spirit)   (General)
Moonlake's comment on 2009-03-09 06:02 PM
As everyone said above, will HoH this tomorrow. Go to Comment
Children of the Lord of Black Pleasures
Society/ Organizations  (Religious)   (Local)
Moonlake's comment on 2013-06-12 10:03 PM
A good tie-in with Oni and Engel.
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The God of Small Things
Systems  (Divine/ Spirit)   (Defining)
Moonlake's comment on 2013-06-02 08:17 PM
Like the idea of this seemingly harmless god that could turn the balance of things. Esp like the poem thrown in the summary
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Median Forked Dagger
Items  (Melee Weapons)   (Non-Magical)
Moonlake's comment on 2013-06-22 08:47 PM
As a complete novice in weapons, I think this sub does great in that it's not just abt the weapon but also contains elements that adds colours to a typical fantasy setting. Go to Comment
A Tall Ship...
Plots  (Travel)   (Encounter)
Moonlake's comment on 2013-05-18 02:22 AM
A good utility sub.
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Water Dragon
Lifeforms  (Intelligent Species)   (Water)
Moonlake's comment on 2013-06-21 12:47 AM
I can see the issues in logic that others before me have raised but somehow I like this idea so much that I've decided to vote 3 rather than 2.5 although this is in the lower end of a 3. Go to Comment
City Image - UnderSkyWater
Locations  (City)   (Water)
Moonlake's comment on 2014-12-20 04:27 PM
Certainly a unique and fully fleshed out underwater city Go to Comment
Button's, magic buttons
Items  (Clothes)   (Magical)
Moonlake's comment on 2013-05-08 01:50 AM
Love utility items. Go to Comment
Town People
NPCs  (Extras)   (Mercantile)
Moonlake's comment on 2009-05-29 01:22 AM
Matron Maranisha Hopsham of St. Margaret’s chapel

Matron Maranisha is a woman in her middle ages who has aged gracefully. Of small slim build, she exudes an air of refinement, intelligence and quiet confidence. She is a figure that can easily melt into the background if she so desires.

Family and Life:
Matron Maranisha was the second of 3 daughters born to Frederick Hopsham and Heather Mayfair, who are both deceased now. Her sisters are Satrina who is married to the local baker Terry and Triasha who runs the apothecary along with her husband Philander. Maranisha also has an elder brother, Winelo Hopsham, who is father to the shrewd Finnea, Ferdinand Lenders’s wife.

From modest beginnings, St. Margaret’s chapel has grown somewhat under the direction of Matron Maranisha and is relatively well-off nowadays. It currently houses 8-9 nuns, several kitchen hands and a resident healer. While Matron Maranisha heads the service every morning, most of her time is spent outside helping the poor and outcasts. In addition, she has the confidence of many townspeople and often mediate in disputes. Most of the administration work at the chapel is now in the hands of the capable Sister Veronica. The two have become steadfast friends over the years.

Roleplaying Notes:
Since Matron Maranisha spends most of her time with the poor and outcasts, she might have gained the trust of people such as Stepanich, who might pass her information that could potentially be useful to adventurers. In addition, given that Matron Maranisha herself can be easily overlooked when she chooses and the confidence that many townspeople have in her, she is very familiar with any intrigues going on in the town. Go to Comment
Town People
NPCs  (Extras)   (Mercantile)
Moonlake's comment on 2009-06-10 12:26 AM
Ryan Archiletta
Resident Healer at St. Margaret’s chapel

Ryan is in his 30s, an amiable man who is well liked in the town. Ryan is tall and somewhat thin but not weak. In public he often acts reserved and yet to his patients, he always appears cheerful.

Family and Life:
A very distant cousin of Gavin, Ryan was orphaned early along with his sister Vanessa and were taken in by an old healer who taught Ryan everything in the practice of healing. Ryan’s childhood playmates included a handful of the brewers that now work in Bercherd’s as well as Veronica Luckshorn. In fact, Ryan has always had a crush on Veronica but was too shy to reveal his feelings. Subsequent to Veronica’s taking the veil, Ryan married the youngest of Winelo Hopsham’s girls but unfortunately, she died in childbirth soon after, along with the stillborn baby. Ryan has remained a bachelor ever since. In contrast, his sister Vanessa married early to the local carpenter and is already the proud mother of 2 boys.

Ryan used to live and work in the old healer’s cottage but after the old healer died, his son sold the cottage, leaving Ryan with no place to live and practice his craft. Luckily, Matron Maranisha has kindly offered the chapel for his use. Ryan leads quite a busy but fulfilling life in caring for patients and visiting his two nephews (Ryan is very fond of them).

Special Equipment:
His healer’s kit that contains herbs that are frequently used in treating illnesses

Roleplaying Notes:
Ryan would be a useful contact if information is required on illnesses, poisons and effects of herbs etc. Go to Comment
Town People
NPCs  (Extras)   (Mercantile)
Moonlake's comment on 2009-06-19 01:09 AM
Yvonna Jolly
Spice Merchant’s wife and Town gossip

In her mid-30s, Yvonna is short and plump but not too hard on the eyes. With a mane the colour of honey, large round eyes and a sensual mouth, Yvonna managed to capture a few stares before her once trim figure was destroyed by 3 child births and a soft life as a merchant’s wife. Besides gossip, Yvonna loves extravagance and is seen in her best attire at all times with lots of jewellery.

Family and Life:
Yvonna is Milton Redfern’s younger sister and married to Joshua Jolly the spice merchant. She has 3 teenage children- a son by the name of Jonny and 2 daughters, Jasmine and Jenny.

Although her husband’s spice shop is one of the most profitable businesses in town and the Redfern family too is well-off, Yvonna is not above associating with womenfolk of lower social class than herself. Yvonna is particularly friendly with Vanessa and Triasha. As the town gossip, Yvonna spends the majority of her time visiting people all around town and chatting with them.

Roleplaying Notes:
Other than being an annoying information source for PCs (she would be more likely to talk gibberish all day on petty things but once in a while she just might happen to know that glimmer of something that the PCs need), Yvonna would be a prime murder victim. Go to Comment
Town People
NPCs  (Extras)   (Mercantile)
Moonlake's comment on 2010-10-17 09:48 PM

Daunton Sedwick

Retired court advisor/mage


Although once a magician by profession, Daunton is broad shouldered and has a warrior’s physique. Currently in his early 50s, Daunton has blond hair that is just turning to light ash. To most, he might appear grim at first glance, which is partly due to the fact that he is hardly ever seen to ‘smile’. Yet, those who knew him well would notice the slight upturned corner of the mouth that is his signature smile and the glint in his eyes that betrays the warmth hidden behind the stern ‘façade’.

Family and Life:

Although bearing the title of Court Mage, Daunton showed more capability at military tactics and hence was in effect more akin to an advisor on defence. Tired of court intrigues, Daunton has retired early to lead a quiet and idyllic life.

Daunton currently lives with 3 apprentices: his niece Yilmina, a free spirited girl on the verge of womanhood; Erik Tinton, a young man with a serious disposition; and a shy boy still in his teens who is only known as Tainu.

Having come into contact with Sir Midian of Ranulphens during Daunton’s court days, the two have acquired a somewhat uneasy friendship. Daunton now sits on the town council and together with Gavin oversees the defence of the town. Being a capable swordsman, he also closely supervises the training of the local militia and youngsters showing promise at a military career.

Roleplaying Notes:

It might be a bit intimidating to approach Daunton if you don’t know him well. However, if an acquaintanceship with him can be cultivated and he approves of the person, he can be quite useful as an information source on military tactics, basic court etiquette etc.

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Town People
NPCs  (Extras)   (Mercantile)
Moonlake's comment on 2010-10-28 08:01 PM

Deneir Skoda



Sandy-haired and blue-eyed like most of the local population, Deneir is distinguishable through well proportioned features that are the basis of his good looks. Through subtle encouragements from Deneir, most people feel at ease when talking to him, especially females.   

Family and Life:

The Skoda name is attached to one of the local families that were part of the initial settlers at the town and with extensive tributaries in terms of descendants. Hence, some form of distant kinsmanship can be traced between Deneir and most of the current town residents. Of his immediate family, Deneir has 5 siblings, all of which are still living in town. Invariably, through their own occupations or marriage, Deneir’s siblings are all plain individuals wielding little power over their surroundings. Deneir is the only one in the family who has risen above the common and, through his work, come to be respected across different rungs in the town society.

Seen by many as a ‘womaniser’, Deneir has had his share of troubles with secret admirers and jealous lovers/husbands. To Deneir, these are simply part of the ‘hazards’ that come with the job and so far has managed to skillfully fend off these unpleasantries. In terms of his genuine lover life, feelings are starting to develop between him and Yilmina. On the other hand, such feelings are so tentalisingly close to love and yet… not quite.

Other Connections:

One of the valued informants that Deneir has cultivated over the years is Yvonna and he has developed a highly efficient way of sorting the gem from the rabble in her often pointless chattering. Nevertheless, Deneir is still driven to the border of his sanity half the time when he approaches Yvonna for information because with her, any hold one manages to gather over the flow of the conversation is always tentative.

Roleplaying Notes:

Deneir would be very useful either as a link to other NPCs or a key NPC for a whodunit session set at the town (either part of the NPC investigative party or the ‘set up to be framed’)

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Town People
NPCs  (Extras)   (Mercantile)
Moonlake's comment on 2010-10-28 08:12 PM
One more character fortcoming to complete my contribution to this particular scoll. It's been both a challenge and fun to write about mundane (and yet not too much so) people. Go to Comment
Town People
NPCs  (Extras)   (Mercantile)
Moonlake's comment on 2010-11-08 06:59 PM

Sir Lloydlyn Sanmadran

Noble’s son in ‘Exile’


Tall and lean, Lloydlyn is plain looking in an entirely nondescript way. He often has a glazed look in his eyes when he is preoccupied with his own thoughts. However, once he starts talking of his collection, this will quickly be replaced by a almost childlike expression of glee.

Family and Life:

A recent arrival at town, Lloydlyn is the youngest son of Duke Sanmadran who has only recently risen in power. Having committed the ‘2 Great Sins’- incompetence and sloth (at least in the eyes of his father), he was ‘sent’ to the town to prevent the Sanmadran name being further stained by his embarrassing actions. Ostensibly, Lloydlyn was installed in the town to oversee the collection of taxes due to his father. In reality, he is mostly seen around various taverns conversing with adventurers or in the library seeking out obscure references. For Lloydlyn is neither incompetent nor lazy but rather an enthusiastic collector of curios absorbed in his own pursuits most of the time.

Lloydlyn is acquainted with Daunton from his days in court and is a steadfast friend with Tainu. In terms of social life, so far Lloydlyn has been rather successful at escaping the clutches of aspiring parents who want to present their daughters to him as eligible wives by making himself scarce. He does attend the one or two social events that are unavoidable when one belongs to the upper class.

Roleplaying Notes:

Always eager to talk to adventurers to gather news of various curious items, Lloydlyn would occasionally ask for help in procuring certain items in return for monetary reimbursement.  In addition, Lloydlyn might be willing to purchase particular items off PCs if said items take his fancy.

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