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Mnogos, the historian of spirits
NPCs  (Scenario Based)   (Knowledge/Lore)
Moonlake's comment on 2013-05-29 01:27 AM
I believe everything I want to say has been covered by previous comments already. Good work. Go to Comment
Lifeforms  (Fauna)   (Forest/ Jungle)
Moonlake's comment on 2013-07-05 09:10 PM
I also agree abt the length of the myth section, otherwise a good piece that is well written. Go to Comment
Locations  (Country/ State)   (Mountains)
Moonlake's comment on 2010-11-11 11:28 PM

Good descriptions and overall good execution.

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The Knights of The Lady
Society/ Organizations  (Combative)   (Country/ State)
Moonlake's comment on 2012-05-17 07:48 PM
Only voted Go to Comment
The Book of Remembrances
Items  (Books and Scrolls)   (Cursed)
Moonlake's comment on 2011-02-10 05:29 PM

I quite like the basic idea and the write-up. It was an enjoyable read.

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The Magic of Food
Articles  (Resource)   (Gaming - In General)
Moonlake's comment on 2013-07-05 11:07 PM
Fantastic formatting and very comprehensive article on the topic.
The formatting for the Appendix table, however, is slightly messed up towards the end (from no. 5 onwards after the Magic Allegy section). Also, for scroll 5 and 7, extra line break tags probably needed since there are bolded word that should go onto the next line. Go to Comment
Lifeforms  (Fauna)   (Tundra/ Arctic)
Moonlake's comment on 2013-07-03 02:16 AM
Well written, but like MJS, would have liked more details on mythic origin and legends etc. Go to Comment
Maug, The Bitter God
Society/ Organizations  (Religious)   (Country/ State)
Moonlake's comment on 2011-02-10 10:43 PM

A refreshingly different God

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Andrew Wells, Storyteller-General
NPCs  (Major)   (Artistic/Performance)
Moonlake's comment on 2015-01-11 05:55 PM
A solid sketch of how this royal singer came to be found among outlaws. Bonus marks for the links. Go to Comment
Tools of the Faithful
Items  (Other)   (Magical)
Moonlake's comment on 2013-05-23 01:34 AM
I like the basic idea for this scroll. Also, like Manfred, the Tools of the Skyfather are what I think the best part of this sub. Go to Comment
30 Hammers
Items  (Melee Weapons)   (Non-Magical)
Moonlake's comment on 2009-01-28 11:29 PM
28- Twin Lotus
This set of lightweight hammers are fashioned to be used by female warriors in battle, with a spell of quick movement ensorceled into the weapon. As the name suggests, each of the two hammer heads are fashioned into the shape of a lotus flower. Crafted by a female smith, name unknown Go to Comment
The Pirates' Map
Dungeons  (Forest/ Jungle)   (Puzzles)
Moonlake's comment on 2013-06-19 10:45 PM
A nice puzzle to confound/frustrate players. Go to Comment
Twin goddesses of the Medusa
Society/ Organizations  (Religious)   (Area)
Moonlake's comment on 2013-05-23 01:42 AM
I do like these two goddesses but the write-up leaves me with one major question: how did the goddesses spawn out of a race who's forsaken religion altogether? I mean, first you said the some of Medusan race developed different traits and how the goddesses were discovered (meaning they were always there. If so, I buy the story that the unusual traits that some Medusans develop were the twin Goddess' attempt to get their attention) but then in the ending, you said sth abt the Yuan-Ti being responsible for the Medusans' suffering and that's what led to the Goddess' creation? In this case, my question arises and I just don't see the logical link b/w the two. Go to Comment
30 Exotic Birds
Lifeforms  (Fauna)   (Any)
Moonlake's comment on 2009-04-16 10:00 PM
21. Spiralow
A Sprialow is a breed of Swallows that when migrating, fly in a spiral pattern radiating ever outwards from a specific point in the sky. According to folklore, such behaviour came about as a result of a flock of swallows accidentally flying into the Mazewood, a strange forest where all creatures lose their sense of direction upon entering. Apparently, this particular flock got out of the Mazewood by flying in such a spiral pattern and has ever afterwards flew in this way. Go to Comment
30 Exotic Birds
Lifeforms  (Fauna)   (Any)
Moonlake's comment on 2009-06-19 12:08 AM
Birds with unusual ways of defending themselves:

26. Mimic Bird
Mimic birds are versatile creatures that are known to nest in a variety of habitats and terrains. A mimic bird resembles a parrot a lot in looks but is only the size of a robin. Unlike a parrot, though, it can only mimic the sounds of animals. In particular, it is capable of mimicking the sounds of a whole range of different predators in order to scare off whatever hunts them.

27. Foliage chirpers
So named because they can camouflage themselves by blending entirely into a bush, the foliage chirpers have feathers that are dark green in colour normally and capable of changing shades to matching their surrounding environment. Hunters from the local tribes wear cloaks woven from the feathers of foliage chirpers and thus enjoy far greater success in capturing game.
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30 Exotic Birds
Lifeforms  (Fauna)   (Any)
Moonlake's comment on 2009-06-30 01:27 AM
28. Yawningale
This breed of exotic birds is not remotely related to the nightingales, being substantially larger in size (at around 25-30cm in length), greyish-blue in colour and having a fan-like tail. However, it shares the tendency of nightingales of frequently singing, with its song being particularly noticeable at night, hence the locals have named it “Yawingale”. As its name indicates, the song this bird makes very closely resembles the sound of humans yawning.

According to local belief, these birds are the messengers of (insert local god of sleep/children) sent out to help children sleep better at night.
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30 Exotic Birds
Lifeforms  (Fauna)   (Any)
Moonlake's comment on 2009-07-01 10:10 PM
29. Canyon Darters (aka Dawn Divers/Golden Pigeons)
These unusual pigeons have feather that appear golden in hue when sunlight fall on them but otherwise not much different from normal pigeons. They nest in cliffs and have the unusual habit of diving towards surrounding canyons in flocks at dawn.

It is rumoured that the first flock of Canyon Darters are found in the neighbouring region of the Canyon of Dreams. Given that many have felt a strange emanation from the Canyon, it was hypothesised that these birds’ behaviours might have been the result of a call originating from deep within the Canyon…

30. Needle Egret
A needle egret is an egret whose plumes are lavender in colour. It is found in tropical swamps where it nests in colonies, often with other herons, on platforms of sticks in trees or shrubs.

While many desire its plumes for decorating hats, the hunting of needle egrets are extremely dangerous as it can excrete a poisonous chemical that hardens its feathers at will and often shoots out some of these hardened feathers in defense when hunted.
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Grue - An Explanation
Articles  (Resource)   (Gaming - In General)
Moonlake's comment on 2013-05-30 03:10 AM
Had never heard of the other ref to grues (that is, besides the one on this site) before I read this article. A good article. Go to Comment
Lifeforms  (Third Kingdom)   (Forest/ Jungle)
Moonlake's comment on 2013-07-03 02:41 AM
Not a fan of zombies normally but this creature is refreshing and I can see the logic behind why they arise. Good work overall. Go to Comment
The Insides
Articles  (Resource)   (Gaming - In General)
Moonlake's comment on 2015-01-14 06:19 PM
Muro, is this another in-work mistakenly ending up in advice/collaboration requested? This makes me think of Chinese medicine somehow because of the first three that are part of the 5 internal organs. Go to Comment
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