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The City of Asylum
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MoonHunter's comment on 2005-10-27 02:57 PM
Madness can be quite liberating. There is a fine line between madness and genius, and sometimes that line is very, very, blury.

Mad people see the world in different ways, not constrained by binding (or blinding even) paradigns. They can see solutions to problems or innocvations that so called sane people can not seen. It is only those who see the world different who can't relate to those who see the world normally that we lock up (well we should lock up, but now they waunder the streets in and out of halfway houses and medical facilities). Those who can vaugely relate, we pay large sums of money for their interesting ways of looking at the world and the problems that their way of looking at the world can solve. Go to Comment
The City of Asylum
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MoonHunter's comment on 2005-10-27 02:58 PM
I think Asylum is an intersting fantasy idea. It is certainly different from most fantasy entries. If you have an idea for a plot or idea revolving around Asylum, feel free to add it. PM me, MoonHunter, and I will add it to the Asylum post so it will come up.

All I ask is that you "don't solve the mystery" of the place. Every GM who runs this should make up their own reason for why this occurs.

As for reasons, we have a angry God, something in the water, an insane magik user/ psionic creature, one of those glowing balls in Star Trek Original Series that eats madness rather than hate or death, or an ORB of Corvus. Pick one of ours, or make it up for yourself. Go to Comment
The City of Asylum
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MoonHunter's comment on 2006-01-21 10:58 AM
Thank you Cheka, it is one of mine as well. It is a great addition to any setting. It provides background and drama and a place of mystery. Really what more can you ask for? Go to Comment
The City of Asylum
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MoonHunter's comment on 2006-05-08 09:55 PM
Plot Lines:
Another outbreak of madness has occured. Do we make a new city or try to herd a town's worth of mad people to this one? Of course, the PCs are involved in some way...

An army of barbarians is invading the land. They are approaching Asylum. What to do? Leave it to its fate or defend it to the last man, just in case the madness might expand. And the Barbarians do not know about Asylum's special history.. and the defenses of the city are to keep people in... not out. Go to Comment
The City of Asylum
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MoonHunter's comment on 2008-02-04 05:54 PM
I saw this as a random today. It has been a while since it has seen the light of day. You would be crazy not to comment on it ;)

This was one of my first submissions on the Citadel. It does show. However, this one has a lot of potential. It is one of those defining elements for a game world, as it is so "odd" that society has to have a response to it. Go to Comment
The City of Asylum
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MoonHunter's comment on 2011-07-27 03:23 PM

I forget about some of these old posts.  I like this one, as it is very useful.  So much fun can be had with it.  Add some Orbs and you have some additional history.

Go to Comment
The Mystery of Cicero Talaten
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MoonHunter's comment on 2003-07-13 02:37 AM
We all know there has to be magikal mcguffins there to be had. Or portals to other places. So of course you have to brave it.

The entire broken and haunted place could of just been a ploy. Certain people might of needed to go "undercover" in an attempt to avoid the Witch's wrath. They magiked the place to appear haunted and shuttled themselves into a portrait of a mannor and lovely place, where the clan Talaten has aged only slightly, waiting for her Witch's vengence to wear out. The Witch, had reached the home and engraged that someone else had apparently killed them... broke some things in range and cast a terrible curse upon anyone of the Talaten bloodline that enters the keep/ grounds. (Of course if you take the portrait away from the grounds, the Talaten can emerge.)

One more thing, Jackie....
Of course the Current Archmage might have a problem being replaced by the wonderous Talaten.

And the Witch's decendents might try to follow up on their ancestor's curse.

Of course one of them will try to prevent that conveluting things more.

And perhaps Talaten is not as perfect as people said he was when he was dead, or as good. Go to Comment
Bag of Other People's Stuff
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MoonHunter's comment on 2003-07-09 01:49 AM
I would make stealing rings and bracers easy.

Actually pick pockets would love this thing. You spread the dust on the catch and your "bag man" has the item. You, the pickpocket gets nicked by the Watch or the Mark and they can't prove a thing beause you don't have it on you. Go to Comment
Pouch of many (un) usefull things
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MoonHunter's comment on 2003-07-09 01:46 AM
Somebody probably failed a die roll somewhere and you get this bag of wimsy.

Or the other possability is the number of chaotic wizards out there...

I would suggest a bigger chart through, since items inserted can be eventually returned and found. Go to Comment
Pouch of many (un) usefull things
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MoonHunter's comment on 2007-07-16 03:27 PM
The Conspiracy
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MoonHunter's comment on 2003-07-23 02:21 AM
It sounds more like a movie/ campaign synopsis than an adventure. Go to Comment
Masque of Confusion
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MoonHunter's comment on 2003-06-19 02:24 AM
This is a great scenario. A

GM will need to create a number of descriptive "bits" before hand. That way the GM can just "pull them out of his sleeve", and drop them liberally into the game, to reinforce the visual imagry of the scenario and add to the chaos with the deep description.

These descriptive bits are setting and character riffs that the GM should think about. These descriptive bits should be put on "cue cards" for ease of use.

Examples: The Jonguleers currently have the Contessa Di'Martheen trapped between them as they throw a variety of sharp objects. Her husband to be is screaming in rage, while she resplendent in a red and black harlequeen check inspired dress, is laughing hysterically.

There is a crash around a juggler. He stops and catches all his plates, making a show of counting them. The poor servant who did drop all those plates is currently being abused by a noble, while other servants are trying to clean the plats off the dance floor... where people are still dancing.

etc... etc...etc Go to Comment
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MoonHunter's comment on 2005-01-09 11:25 AM
How did this one escape our notice for so long? Who also voted for this thing, all these times and so high. Who ever they are, they need to have their voting privlages revoked.

A couple of things besides the obvious of "too short", not enough description, about as interesting as drying paint...

There is no plot, no drama, and no hook to this character. Nothing to make this character more than a cypher.

At least your English skills are better than PAR.

I want you to think about the Gold Standard:
If the character (item/ setting/ plot) is not as well described or as well developed as a character (item/ setting/ plot) in a novel (excluding horrible game fic novels), then it is not yet ready to be posted. If it is not the equal of said characters, then you need to do more work on it. Go to Comment
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MoonHunter's comment on 2003-06-07 04:01 AM
Just got tired of Corvus Orbs. It could be used in a campaign where the players are losing to the "Evil" and they want to take it out... at the price of their own life.

There should be a WillPower or Piety save made before using this weapon. After all. Nobody will remember you for doing this. Go to Comment
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MoonHunter's comment on 2003-06-12 05:24 AM
Actually can easily be incorporated.
1) Evil Dark Lord Looming in the wings... someone sends you to find it... just in case.
2) Somebody wants to know where it is, so they can control it, so it can't easily be used against them. Thus troupes are hired to look for it.
3) In response to 2), other people start hiring troupes to look for it and prevent those others from having it.
4) Item has gone missing from royal treasury, find it.

I mean the joy of this thing is that no matter how many times silly people use it, it does not really effect the campaign, as everyone forgets all the related events and problems.

But yes, another epic/ background sort of item. Go to Comment
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MoonHunter's comment on 2006-07-12 02:12 PM
It is the balancing factor. It also requires someone very internally dedicated to the removal. After all, in a few weeks... nobody will know that YOU ever existed, not even your mother. Nothing else you have done will be known. If the results of your previous actions still exists, someone else gets the credit. This would stop so many people, as you are not "making your mark" on history. Go to Comment
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MoonHunter's comment on 2006-07-13 11:08 AM
Well yes. You also have to be able to sufficiently visualize and comprehend your target. This limits the number of people who could, even remotely, target a God (unless said being manifested upon the world and you saw them) (or large enough group). One of the game functions of The Weapon is to give an explanation why the Gods do not manifest on the world any more.

Imagine what would happen if one removed that god's impact from the world....

Imagine the time between the instance of destruction and the settling of time, especially if that God did something important (like create a part of the world). The world would start coming apart. I assume another deity might travel back in time and undo the guy who was going to use the weapon... or another deity might be forged from the rush of energies entering that god based vacumn.

The world changes. The GM gets a moment of edit.

This is the joy of this weapon for a GM. Continuity is a watch word for GMs. Yet, here is the perfect mechanism of edit. The GM could radically alter their world, removing something that bothers them, ... perhaps letting the player and characters remember the world the way it was before (for a while)... and the edit could be simply a use of GalwaEnchena. The players investigate this dis-continuity and discover the "End of all Conflict". Go to Comment
Shouts in the Night
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MoonHunter's comment on 2003-06-01 02:41 AM
Have you played L5R or Bushido?

The reason I am asking is have you ever tried to play all Ninja game? There is a reason that most Nipponese fantasy games suggest you don't. It becomes a difficult game to play because you are entirely outside the social norm of Nippon and you have to contend with all the Ninja special abilities and tech.

A good plot for a story or book though.... Go to Comment
Shouts in the Night
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MoonHunter's comment on 2003-06-02 04:04 AM
Have you run one? Go to Comment
Umbral Clot
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MoonHunter's comment on 2003-05-25 04:56 AM
Where does it come from and why does it exist? Go to Comment
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