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MoonHunter's comment on 2008-09-19 03:49 PM
Londinium -- Core

Londinium is a planet most like Earth-That-Was and one of the first two planets settled. The planet needed only limited terraforming. The colonists were from the West Side of the Alliance (Europe and America). They took to preserving their Earth-That-Was heritage seriously. Monuments were rebuilt. Sections of towns were made to look just like sections of all Earth Towns. In fact, they maintain the look of Old Earth. buildings may be made of the most modern materials, but it will still be used in archaic designs. There are some that call the architecture, Imperial Gothic. Many artifacts from Earth-That-Was, historical and artistic line the wall of the hundreds of museums here.

It is implied that Londinium is rules by a constitutional monarchy, possible descendents from the English Crown. The local accent seems to bare that out.

Londinium is often chosen for political discussions and debates. The Parliamentary buildings are known for it security and its neutrality. The Alliance Intelligence Agency is located here, as are a number of governmental departments. Access to Londinum is severely restricted. Visitors may arrive only in special shuttles found on other Core planets. Only when the security procedures have checked out, may the shuttle be allowed to land. Go to Comment
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MoonHunter's comment on 2008-09-19 03:49 PM
Miranda -- very Rim

Please note this section contains spoilers for the movie Serenity just in case you haven't seen it yet.

Mirandas no longer in the records, if you do a wave search. You can find some older references to it. Then a mention of a failed colony something about a plague if you did deep enough. If you dig any deeper than that, and sometimes even if you didnt even dig that deep, you will be buried yourself by the Alliance equivalent of Men in Black.

Miranda is a planet located in the Burnham Quadrant, on the very edge of the 'verse. At one time, it possessed an infrastructure as large and as thriving as anything to be found on a central planet. However, Miranda also apparently had a good deal of civil unrest, since the Alliance government decided to use the planet as a large-scale testbed for a chemical known as G-23 paxilon hydrochlorate", or The Pax which was intended to calm the population and weed out aggression. For the vast majority of Miranda's unfortunate inhabitants, The Pax worked only too well, and millions of people stopped fighting...and then they stopped doing everything else. Including staying alive.

For the few survivors (1%), the consequences were even more horrific; they suffered a reaction to it which was exactly opposite to the one intended. They became raging, homicidal maniacs who engaged in cannibalism, self-mutilation, and torture. We know them today as Reavers.

After this, Miranda became a forgotten, inaccessible ghost planet until the secret of what happened there was accidentally gleaned from the minds of key Alliance Parliament members by a disturbed young psychic named River Tam. Go to Comment
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MoonHunter's comment on 2008-09-19 04:00 PM
New Hall -- Border

A new border planet, recently opened to standard colonization. The colonists have just been dropped there. They are dirt poor, but you never know what you might need.

Non Canon
This is one of the newer worlds terraformed with large oceans. Water is the planet's primary resource. The people live on small island chains. or on floating ocean towns. There's always a need for people working on the water plants, so there are generous incentives for working. Terraforming requires a lot of water and Newhall has it to spare. Processing the water and preparing it for shipping is what Newhall does best.

The secondary occupations is fishing. It's a good living on Newhall. And if that don't strike you fancy, there's always the tourist centers, for those who love the water.
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MoonHunter's comment on 2008-09-19 04:05 PM
New Melbourne -- Border
This border planet, is an ocean planet. It is famous for its water, storms, and fishing. The natives work in its extensive fisheries, either as fishermen or in a fish related field.

The existance of New Melbourne makes me question the info about New Hall Go to Comment
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MoonHunter's comment on 2008-09-19 04:09 PM
Osiris -- Core

Osiris is a wealthy core planet. It has the classic tall buildings, monorails, and beautiful architecture. The planet is 'advanced' enough to have developed truly disreputable areas in the urban sprawl -- places known as Blackout Zones where loyal Alliance citizens simply do not go.

The main city on Osiris is called Capital City (which is where Simon worked as a surgeon). On Osiris is the heart of the judicial branch of the Alliance. The Supreme Court resides here. Decisions made here have ramifications throughout the 'verse. The Court is housed in a large pyramid, honoring the Egyptian God for which the planet was named. Since the most important of the law agencies are here, so are the greatest, or the most successful of the law firms.

The University of Osiris boasts the most prestigious law school in the Core, as well as the most innovative and superb medical schools and facilitiesl.

The corporate offices of the Blue Sun Corporation are located here. Originally on Sihnon, they were recently moved into a massive structure that is attached to a combined manufacturing plant, distribution center and spacedock. The corporation is off-limit to all except employees. No one enters without a serious background check.

Most likely the location of the Tam Family estate shown in various flashbacks in the episode "Safe". "Osiris" is also the unofficial name of HD 209458 b, the first extrasolar planet to be discovered by the transit method. Go to Comment
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MoonHunter's comment on 2008-09-19 04:10 PM
Non Canon
Paquin Border

Known as the gypsy planet, Paquin houses more carnivals and sideshows, galleries, and theatres that you could visit in six months of serious playtime. The planets unique atmosphere allows for such incredible sunsets and sunrises they are renowned throughout the Verse.
Like all the worlds, Paquin is more than glitter and gold. The carnivals and circuses provide honest entertainment. But there are the more darker entertainments, the ones for the jaundiced world-view looking for what cannot be found in almost any place. It is said, that if you have the coin or credit, you can find whatever you are looking for, here on Paquin.

Babylon: This moon has an uneasy relationship with Paquin. They have restricted access to landing, in the hopes of stemming the tide of what they see as corruption. It is only nominally successful, but it doesn't stop them from trying.

Highgate: the name of this moon comes from the first settlement. The moon is rich in minerals in the mountains with fertile fields surrounding. Initial settlements led to groups conducting frequent raids on each other. This began to change when Samuel Potempkin rallied his neighbors into building a fortified city. They ensured that the only way into his city was through a series of high porticullises for which they named both the moon and the first city: Highgate. Other territories followed suit, with various local minor lords ruling. But for the Alliance, the ruling hierarchy would rule with almost unlimited feudal powers as of old. So far, there excesses are kept in check by the Alliance though, for the most part, they keep a light touch due to some significant business arrangements with the local government.

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MoonHunter's comment on 2008-09-19 04:12 PM
Persephone -- Border/ Core

Persephone is a civilized planet with heavily stratified societal structure. The Eavesdown Docks are located here, a commercial port and Badger's base of operations. Civilized planet with heavily stratified societal structure (and, as a result, a large slum population; see Eavesdown Docks). (Serenity and Shindig)

Looking at the image, one can also see that San Fransico appears to have an influence on architecture here. Note the tall building on the left looks like the Transamerica pyramid.

As we see in Shindig, Persephone has a local monarchy. Nobility is indicated by wearing a sash.

The Serenity crew lands here periodically to resupply and pick up work. Simon and River Tam, Shepherd Book and the Alliance villain Dobson were picked up here in the episode "Serenity". Book had been living on Persephone at the Southdown Abbey. The planet was also the site of a swordfighting duel between Malcolm Reynolds and Atherton Wing in the episode "Shindig. Go to Comment
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MoonHunter's comment on 2008-09-19 04:18 PM
Regina - Border

Regina is known for its massive mining operations. The ore processors and atmospheric conditioners of Regina have created conditions for a disease called Bowden's Malady, a degenerative affliction of the bone and muscles that leaves victims weak and in constant pain. Regular treatments of Pasceline-D halts the progression of the disease.

The Alliance sponsors regular shipments of the drug to Regina, which depends on the shipments for continued prosperity. Go to Comment
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MoonHunter's comment on 2008-09-19 04:19 PM
Santo -- Border
Non Canon
The epitome of the perfect terraformed world. From space, it has a bluish-gray color and its orbit matches closest to Persephone. The principle landmasses are a series of huge islands. It has clear blue seas, lovely blue skies, white sandy beaches and perfect weather. The original settlers successfully marketed it's promises and drew in many a tourist to the perfect vacation spot.
The war disrupted its business, profoundly, as few would travel in disputed territories while the conflicts raged. Hotels and casinos failed and closed most had to find other means to make ends meet and attract clients, which more often than not was exclusively Soldiers. Brothels, strip clubs and other places abounded and slavers are still fairly common here.
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MoonHunter's comment on 2008-09-19 04:20 PM
Shadow -- Rim

Non-canon This was also the site of the very last battle in the Unification War, though ironically that had little to do with Mal.

Shadow was a prairie planet that took well to terraforming. It was known for its farms and ranches. The planet was almost entirely rural: no cities and only a few towns dotted the surface. The people of Shadow were hard workers and independent-minded. It was one of the first to stand against the Alliance. Most of the planet's young people volunteered to fight for Independence.

Shadow was aggressively bombed during the war in an attempt to break the Browncoats & teach them a lesson; it had the opposite effect.

Today, Shadow is a ghost planet. No one lives there. No one can.

Mals birthplace; his mom owned a large ranch here. Go to Comment
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MoonHunter's comment on 2008-09-19 04:23 PM
Sihnon -- Core

Shinon is known for its beauty. At night, it is said to be an ocean of light - especially if seen from space.

Here is the heart of the Buddhist religion, a fact made obvious by the many monasteries and temples located here. Those seeking to learn more about Buddhism travel here to study.

Sihnon is also the central planet for the Guilds, all of which either have their headquarters here or maintain a significant presence. Disputes are conducted by registered arbitration houses. The city of Chang'Pei is given over to trade administration, making it the largest civil bureaucracy in the 'Verse.
Penalties for bribes, taking or giving are harsh, but that doesn't stop some folk. Still, you might have to answer to the Officers of the Sihnon Trade Commission. They know that can't stop corruption, but they still take their work very seriously. And, they are very well trained in combat, interrogation, as well as espionage and accounting.

The capital of Sihnon is Lu'Weng. Local legend says that Lu'Weng was once a fire-breathing dragon that fell from the sky and was bound to the planet with ribbons. It nicely explains the prevalence of hot springs, and every home traditionally has a silken awning or a curtain across the door to keep the dragon bound. The city is the largest producers of silk in the system. Raw sil is farmed all over the planet and then sent to Lu'Weng, where it is refined and bolted or made into beautiful clothing that never falls out of favor with the rich though out the system.

Landing here is restricted, but there is so much heavy traffic that regular or frequent visitors are often issued passes. Such passes aren't hard to get, nor are they hard to forge. Go to Comment
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MoonHunter's comment on 2008-09-19 04:27 PM
St. Albans -- Rim

St. Albans is an icy world, one of the coldest in the 'verse. It consists almost entirely of mountains. It snows almost all solar cycle round. The entire terrain is covered in ice floes and drifts, even during high summer, and it is extraordinarily hazardous to travel.

The people here are extremely hardy. The principal work is mining the rich mineral deposits deep inside the mountains. The Consortium has declared the effort of taking the ore as considerably less that cost-efficient. Thus, independent groups work together in their claims and prospect what they can.

Each community is isolated and self-sufficient and as a result, they've built strong ties amongst themselves. If you offend one, you offend them all. Fortunately, the reverse is true; if you make a friend of one, you've made a friend of all. This is Traceys home planet, and it isolated about 2 days from the Space Bazaar Sky Plex. A federal station is located nearby.

Tracey's home planet. Located at times about two days away from the Space Bazaar Sky Plex. There is apparently a single Federal Station located somewhere on the planet, reasonably close to a huge gorge through which Serenity flies in an attempt to outrun an Alliance gunship. Tracey is brought back to this planet in the episode "The Message". Go to Comment
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MoonHunter's comment on 2008-09-19 04:36 PM
Verbena -- Rim

Due to the planet's heavy involvement in the Independents' side of the Unification War, Verbena is scarcely surviving, barely more than a piece of barren rock. Recently, the Alliance has been making an effort to show the population the error of their ways by leading them back into prosperity through government-funded improvements to the planet's economy.

Verbena was a lush world of thick forests. The world was largely underdeveloped until the Alliance made it a centerpiece for its "rejuvenation after Unification" campaign. Government incentives funded new construction, including a factory to supply parts for military vehicles. However, an Independent soldier-turned-terrorist bombed the factory, killing hundreds and destroying the structure. The bombing sent the world into an economic depression and created an atmosphere of paranoia, fear and hatred for Browncoats and the Independence movement.

Legislation to aid the troubled world is being discussed in parliament and will be voted on once the committees have determined what course to take.

Since then, those that could, left for other pastures. Those that were left behind have steadily declined, economically and socially are sliding into a hillbilly outlook towards anyone infringing on their property. Go to Comment
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MoonHunter's comment on 2008-09-19 04:50 PM

Whitefall is the fourth moon of Athens, a large percentage of which is owned by a woman named Patience. Whitefall is said to not be civilization "in the strictest sense." The crew visits Whitefall hoping to sell their cargo to Patience in the episode "Serenity". According to the RPG, a Blue Sun facility is rumored to be underneath one of the mountains. A security outpost on the planet was later seen in the film Serenity. Go to Comment
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MoonHunter's comment on 2008-09-19 04:50 PM
Whittier -Rim

Another in a large number of Rim mining planets to feed the voracious appetite for raw materials to sustain the massive growth of the Core and the Alliance. Completely under the thumb of the Corone Mining Consortium, Whittier is part of that corporations increasingly growing monopoly. Go to Comment
Piel -- Border
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MoonHunter's comment on 2008-09-29 03:39 PM
There is the classic conflict between Rich (Highs) and and poor (Stilts). There is the conflict between the Piel Clans, which is only slightly covert. The Piels hiding their secerts can lead to "dead".

The conflicts tend to be on personal level, like most Firefly plots. Being outside agents they become new pawns in the local power games. If you get them entangled in local politics, "family matters", or religious elements, you get to play "in middle" with two rocks.

The various sets of players have been there "just to drop some stuff of" and they thought about joing the reaces. Each time, by not knowing what is going on, they have nearly got themselves killed off. There is enough drama.

It does have Lucas Syndrome. That is fact. There are hot and cold latitudes, just not intensly so. The shallowness and mass of water is that their won't be an icey area (or overly warm) as currents will move through nearly unobstructed evening things out. Minimal temp exchanges mean less weather. Go to Comment
Piel -- Border
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MoonHunter's comment on 2008-09-29 03:46 PM
Nope, no volcanos. Welcome to the joys of terraforming.

I thought about how they might do that. However they have issues of not having enough materials to conviently hold it and proper equipment to hold them. And given the regular surges, the water table, the degree of wetness, lack of useful rock materials, and the locals finding it easier to adapt than to reshape, the factors are against it.

You might have a few small projects, but nothing of note. Go to Comment
Madeira -- Border
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MoonHunter's comment on 2008-09-29 03:47 PM
There are two subs and stubs for terraforming, aeliforming, etc.Check out World and Planets for the links. The terms are used and linked often in the scoll. Go to Comment
Deseret -- Rim
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MoonHunter's comment on 2008-09-29 03:48 PM
It has a chromal relationship only. The color was adapted by the fans. Go to Comment
Deseret -- Rim
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MoonHunter's comment on 2011-02-18 05:42 PM
Just noticed this huge entry... so let me reply

Did you have an idea regarding a charismatic figure or leader of this planet?

No. It is up to what the GM needs for this planet. I would think there is a charismatic leader or two among the elder council, but that would just be me.

How about the history of the planet?
Hmmm. Colonists were dropped off. They built it up. Really, that is as much history as most Firefly planets have.

Who is that 0.01% of the population?
Other odds and ends of the Firefly Universe. A few souls who lost their ride home. A few chinese that are trying to make a living. A few others who came here for possible jobs.

Does the alliance recruit from or tax this planet?

What if some valuable mineral was discovered on the planet? Do you think the populace would seek to exploit the wealth or avoid it?
They would exploit it. It would make their world as wealthy as Nob or one of the central worlds.

Is charity still one of the virtues upheld by this faith?
I do not see why it wouldn't be.

The strict and potentially oppressive religious setting has its place in any game that champions the roving adventurer. I just didn't think this setting or its presentation did a lot improve on this Utah in space idea. But assuming you are GM who wants random setting this one gives just enough details to be save you some time, and it is a familiar enough idea to most western fanboys that it doesn't require a lot of explaining. It wouldn't have taken much to push this into a really interesting idea.

Fair enough. This is a stub for a reason. It is an organizational point. Most people actually don't know much about Utah, so this is their starting point.

Every GM is going to use this planet for different effects in their game. While it was "okay" in my campaign, another Serenity GM of my aquaintance turned into a religious fascist society, just short of "The Will of Landru ( ). It is what your group is going to be comfortable with.

What if this use to be a Casino planet but got reformed. So you got a lot of reformed whores and gunmen hanging around the church socials?
Never happened in Los Vegas, but it is an intersting idea.

What if there are still old prospectors out in the hills who hate this town and church crap and they make up sort of shadow society?
That is interesting, but the old prospectors would not have enough wealth or population to deal with the town folk.

What if one of the old Primus rewrote parts of the bible and then rather deny him and change there way of life they some start worshiping him?
You have been reading wayyy to much "Dogs in the Vineyards", but it is possible. Again, that would be a plot the GM would add to the setting, rather than something I would list as "This is cannon for the world". Go to Comment
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