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The War Campaign
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MindForge's comment on 2007-05-18 11:45 AM
This is a scroll Moonhunter. I just tossed the idea out and made it a scroll. I thought there may have been another but after looking for a bit I didn't find one. I did cover spies with gather intelligence. Go to Comment
Poch’Agoura, the Dread Walker
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MindForge's comment on 2007-05-10 04:46 AM
Well, considering the fact that the mountain would continue to destroy all that was good, good characters would want to destroy the heart and in doing so would bring the creature down.
Also, I might add that inside he can spawn earth elementals or even create some of the creatures that act as his immune system. Yeah, I think I will go with that... I will look up how different cells in our body react in reality and make the creatures from that pattern. Go to Comment
Poch’Agoura, the Dread Walker
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MindForge's comment on 2007-05-14 04:53 AM
Definitely not. I don't at all see orcs and trolls as something that hatch from stone eggs at all. In the time before the mountain comes awake the internal dungeons will have become occupied perhaps though. Maybe for thousands of years, literally to the point that dungeons from deeper than the mountains could connect with entrances to Pox'Agora. When he awakens parts of his internal network might be protected but if the other creatures could survive then sure they could still exist there. I would see it as a horde of orcs just waiting for a chance to pillage and loot after Pox'Agora passes, they just get let off... it is a natural instinct to let evil creatures off his body. The elementals inside just serve as his "immune system" against deep intruders. Go to Comment
Radiation Sickness
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MindForge's comment on 2007-05-12 05:17 AM
Well, first off a person can get radiation sickness from a small dose over a long period of time developing into each rank slowly, even over a period of years.

The higher ranks like Rank 7+ usually would require an acute source of radiation and exposure.

Let's say that someone had a rock of uranium on a necklace. They might develop symptoms slowly, while someone with pure thorium that was buried with the gold in that chest might develop more acute symptoms in days. It is impossible to really say what rank you will achieve.

Imagine radiation is like a fire; small radiation sources might be akin to a small fire, the further away you are the safer you are. So if you are far away from a large source of radiation you would be safer than standing close to a small source of radiation. If there is matter between you and the fire, it also has less effect, especially concrete and lead. So, trying to create an actual exposure for each rank is difficult due to the complexities of radiation. Go to Comment
Dire Swine
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MindForge's comment on 2007-05-06 02:12 PM
I like the plot hooks, especially the Green Druid hook. I love antagonists that are not evil, their outlook is just different.
Another thing that could be added to it; perhaps some of the local men are vandalizing the holy cairn that lies nearby. I mean there are a million things you can do with that hook.
I also like the Dire Swine, but I think your hooks really gave more flavor to the post. Go to Comment
The Art of the Orcish War Drum
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MindForge's comment on 2007-05-05 09:17 PM
I can name 4 systems that are non-d20 that use Dire Boars; Original Warhammer FRPG, Quest of the Ancients (Black Unicorn Publications; no longer in business), I believe Rolemaster (might be MERP though) has one in the older big book Monsters and Treasures (not sure on that). The Dire Boar from the d20 system is actually open content, you cannot copyright it either. Oh yeah, the new Tunnels and Trolls has a dire boar too, I believe or monstrous boar or something. Go to Comment
The Art of the Orcish War Drum
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MindForge's comment on 2007-05-05 09:24 PM
You gave me "+1 for taking time and trouble" it came out in less than 20 mins, I never even reread it yet. Thanks though. Go to Comment
The Art of the Orcish War Drum
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MindForge's comment on 2007-05-06 04:37 AM
We should get together on this and actually form a solid foundation for the Orc and what they really are. I mean I think we both have a great feel for what they should be. Go to Comment
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MindForge's comment on 2007-05-05 09:23 PM
I love cliche, but I like to make something cliche a bit original. I have people in forums say that is cliche and this is cliche... You would probably have some pretty boring games if you did not include something cliche. I don't think the bread and butter of a campaign should be cliche, but if you didn't get cliche sometimes players would take you for a Taratino or a M. Night Shammy (cut it short not gonna look it up to spell) GM... where everything is purposely not cliche just for the sake of avoiding cliche... then all your players are always looking around what is cliche all the time. I like to keep 'em guessing.

Weapons and Items are probably my forte... NPC's are not. Go to Comment
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MindForge's comment on 2007-05-07 10:04 PM
The old school part probably comes from the fact that I am old school. Started at 7 years of age, literally bred to be nerd - I never had a chance. I also try to infuse newer gaming theory and ideas into my stuff. I actually am a subscriber to the best Game Theory blog I have ever found, you can check it out on my LJ (live journal) (Mindforge - Barbarian's and Space Aliens?)
I am really into a lot of classic fantasy too, I derive a lot of stuff from that... especially Robert E. Howard and Lovecraft... but also so many more from that same generation, the fathers of sci-fi, horror and fantasy IMHO. Well, anyway I am rambling and far off topic.
This post wasn't actually trying to be old school, just the opposite with this one. In a lot of newer RPG's I am seeing attempts to purposely break the "stereotype" and "cliche", that to me is what cliche is now. I mean dark elves that go good and come to the surface is a perfect example of a cliche breaker - in it's time of course. Now that is considered cliche... I like finding cliche and going with it if it feels right, then trying to alter it in subtle ways to really make gamers or readers think. I believe that to purposely change something that is good because it will be cliche is wrong; fantasy is all about cliche. Go to Comment
Corpsehaven: A Necropolis
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MindForge's comment on 2007-05-06 11:56 AM
I think it would be a game to the Lich King and in my mind he is more trying to get someone that would set up trade for them in a larger city. This was done off the hip after reading one of my "next to the toilet books"; Libris Mortis, a D&D book.

I never put a lot of thought into it, I thought it was a cool idea and I had just read the "Undead Economy" posts, those felt more focused on a mortal society utilizing the undead as a workforce. This is different by along similar lines. As far as my greatest work, I already know this is far from it. Go to Comment
Undead Economy
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MindForge's comment on 2007-05-05 05:12 PM
You know, what if the nation or city were a Theocracy of a god of life and death. Say a god that believed the bodies should be used to aid the living. It is a mandate of the religion that these bodies aid the living. Very low level members of the church, basically acolytes and initiates of the church run the everyday maintenance of the creatures. Any member of the church is allowed to own a specific amount depending on their standing with the church.

I believe that this is a great way to answer the "is it right or wrong?" Go to Comment
Undead Economy
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MindForge's comment on 2007-05-06 02:28 PM
That is a really good point. I think that good people would resort to undead easier than we might think. Especially if it made life a lot better. Of course there would be people that argued. I just wonder how many things the undead could really do and what technologies would be changed by an empire or region depending on the undead for labor.

Zombies can mine. In my games and most of the systems I have played zombies are usually very powerful, that strength doesn't depend on muscle... it is just there.

You could also have a mill away from rivers and not rely on wind. You just get a couple zombies turning a big wheel... done.

Zombies or other powerful undead could pull wagons, relieving the horse as the beast of burden.

An undead delivery and mail system. You could just give exact directions to a zombie and send it off to a nearby town with a package or pack full of mail, anything. Go to Comment
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MindForge's comment on 2007-05-05 01:42 AM
Why keep money at the point that the sword forces that stigma upon you, if you are not somewhere where there are plenty of demons you are going to die faster than you can starve. At that point the character should be marching into hell, to die most likely. That is the curse of the sword. They may have to beg for food at a soup kitchen. Their ideals are far beyond thinking about saving money for food. They are probably more worried about finding a demon to kill.
How is the character always in uniform? A good cloak. Well, the only thing that will probably really give it away are your questions like;
"Have you seen any creatures that smell of Brimstone?" If they say no, you probably move on to the next area as fast as possible.

You know when the Balrog comes out in Lord of the Rings (sorry to bring it up, just a good visual I guess), the wielder would probably turn, laugh and charge. If he doesn't kill the demon he is dead anyway, and beyond that... the demon can't kill him. Good is greater and no matter how powerful, hope lies on the edge of his blade. Go to Comment
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MindForge's comment on 2007-05-06 04:33 AM
I have one more sword I will probably submit... Belaraize. Go to Comment
Tree of Cognizance
Lifeforms  (Intelligent Species)   (Swamp)
MindForge's comment on 2007-05-03 03:02 PM
I almost see this as a sort of ancient evil in a marsh. It consumes the living. While not undead, it is very close. It hates life and probably only lives to crush flesh and bone in it's roots, feeding on the rotting corpses, using illusion magic to cover the stench of death.
They could be old, ancient treants that have become twisted and evil. Go to Comment
Tree of Cognizance
Lifeforms  (Intelligent Species)   (Swamp)
MindForge's comment on 2007-05-04 03:09 AM
The key word is "Ancient Evil".
I believe that sometimes there is just no way to explain why something is evil. The tree was just a bad seed (pun!) growing up. Ok, maybe it isn't evil, but it needs to feed on the blood of the living and in a most excruciating way, preferably fresh. It enjoys grinding the bones of its prey within its roots. So, it might not be evil, it just loves to feed on people. It is easy to ask what makes something evil. In some sense of the word, no it isn't evil. It just needs the blood of sentient life to survive and thrive. Do cows view us as evil? You better bet they do. Go to Comment
Dream Eater
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MindForge's comment on 2007-05-03 01:20 AM
These are cool, good job. What about their social activity among one another? If they tend to congregate in areas that become hunting grounds, do they travel in packs or are they solitary?
Another thing, why is a single skein priceless, all it does is cover the scent of a creature, I would think that something that was priceless would be very, very rare and have more uses than that of masking a scent. Could their oily secretion also allow faster healing, like a salve, or maybe prevent infections and minimize poison, something else to actually make them a bit more valuable. Most hunters and campers know something so simple as a fire or even their own noise will scare off dangerous wildlife. I just think the pungent oil should have a little more use is all. Good job overall. Go to Comment
Renik Kavios – Master of the Docks
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MindForge's comment on 2007-05-02 06:17 PM
First off, for someone that has been around on this site so long I would think that you would give newer people here constructive criticism. Thanks, my image of you is just that a mindless yawn.
Second, Cliche is sometimes very fun, I thought the character was sort of cool when I thought of him, if rather cliche.

I was kind of excited about coming back to Strolen's and posting more, that excitement was shattered, I doubt I will be returning any time soon, it's not a big deal, nothing lost, just nothing gained. Well, I am not really that offended just jaded I guess. Have fun yawning. Go to Comment
The Negasek
Lifeforms  (Intelligent Species)   (Any)
MindForge's comment on 2007-05-02 01:48 AM
This is still in work kind of, mainly in the fact that I need some direction. I know the appearance is a little lacking and I will try to fill more in on that later. Suggestions? Go to Comment
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