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Music during a game
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Michikawa's comment on 2005-12-08 11:35 AM
Our gaming group uses music very much and I think it plays a really important part in the atmosphere. Without music, any game especially if the rhythm is wrong feels a bit "empty". For scifi games we often use ambient soundscapes, electronic music, synthesizer music like Vangelis (Blade Runner soundtrack is exceptionally good - Cliff Martinez does a great work on the modern Solaris etc)

But I have also fiddled around in my home studio for a few years now, mainly making orchestral soundtrack -pieces and ambient atmospheres. I have myself used the material as a background music in my pen&paper -roleplaying sessions so I thought it would be nice to offer the music for everyone to use. All of the stuff is free so you can copy, modify and use it as you like.

I'll update the projects as often I can, so feel free to check back every now and then. is finnish page, so some of the texts are probably not understandable, but I have written everything I can in english, so I hope the pages are browseable.

Here's one sample song from Essence -project, called Hope for rebirth

Essence is the main project which contains mostly orchestral soundtrack-pieces

Divinity is the ambient project, which contains mainly soundscapes and background atmospheres.

Frozen Silence contains improvised solo piano pieces.

So feel free to browse the material and if you find it useful, hopefully it will bring something new to your games also! Go to Comment
It is not a Genre (Sci-Fi)
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Michikawa's comment on 2005-11-09 04:03 PM
A good point. I think I have used genre in wrong connections quite often - haven't really thought about it's true meaning a lot. But when you mentioned the word/term "setting" it became quite clear.

If one had time, one could for example write sort of an interactive novel - after a few pages, the reader could choose from different options, what happens next or for example, what decision the currently active character does. And depending on his/her choice the story branches to different line.

The trick would be, that even though the first part would define the setting sci-fi, the first choices would decide, what kind of atmosphere, or what genre the story itself represents. One choice would make it a horror novel, one would make it romantic drama etc. Setting stays the same but the whole story would be completely different.

This could of course be demonstrated with actual role-playing campaign or one-shot. Scifi setting, but what kind of game - possibilities are endless. Go to Comment
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       By: tinypoisonousfish

Bag on a Stick

Very simple gag but a great one, since it can be used multiple times over, even in the same adventure. Great for tribal natives gone restless and humanoids, but anyone can have set this up. Just what the header says, a simple bag over a stick stuck in the ground or floor.

As GM you can place the bag on a stick anywhere, in a floor crack the heroes have passed before, outdoors in a clearing or path, or at the edge of the PCs' encampment the following morning, what have you. Place anything on the stick - a coiled yellow viper angered by the bag removal, mini crossbow w/poison, transdermal hallucinatory drug dusted on the bag, yellow mold colony, an NPC ally's head, a weapon, scroll tube or satchel, what have you.

The idea is to build tension and/or stall for time/distract the party. Provided it's used properly, you'll be amazed at how paranoid players will get from this simple gag.

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